Paddington tram depot fire, 1962.

Paddington tram depot fire, 1962.
Photo: K Howard; wikipedia
On this day forty-eight years ago, Brisbane residents awoke to news of a terrible fire that would cause public transport chaos in the days ahead.
On the night of 28 September 1962, one of Brisbane’s fiercest ever fires blazed away at Paddington, destroying the Paddington Tram Depot and with it, 65 of Brisbane’s trams.
The photograph above shows people coming to see the remnants of the depot.
The sudden loss of almost one-quarter of the tram fleet caused both immediate and then lasting damage to Brisbane’s public transport network because it was a precursor to the end of trams in Brisbane.
That finally eventuated in 1969.
Source: Your Brisbane: Past and Present: Paddington tram depot fire and Ithaca Fire Station

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