2020, Lockdowns & Friends.


Alex, Polly Waffle, Jenny, Jude and Me wish you all


What a Year 2020 has been mega bushfires, covid 19, unemployment, grinding poverty and the rich get richer.
AND two times we tried to organise an Old Guv Get Together, only to be torpedoed both times by the virus.
Let’s hope we will be on a winner in March 2021.
T’was a week before Christmas,
And all through the town,
People wore masks,
That covered their frown.
The frown had begun
When a global pandemic
Changed everything.
They called it corona,
But unlike the cigar
It didn’t bring good times,
It didn’t bring cheer.
Air flights were grounded,
Travel was banned.
Borders were closed
Across air, sea and land.
As the world entered lockdown
To flatten the curve,
The economy halted,
And folks lost their nerve.
We rode the first wave,
People stayed home,
They tried to behave.
When August emerged
The lockdown was lifted.
But away from caution,
Many folks drifted.
Now it’s December
And cases are spiking,
Wave two has arrived,
Much to our disliking.
It’s true that this year
Has had sadness a plenty,
We’ll never forget
The year 2020.
And just ‘round the corner –
The holiday season,
But why be merry?
Is there even one reason?
To decorate the house
And put up the tree,
Who will see it,
No one but me.
But outside my window
The sun gently blazes
And I think to myself,
Let’s deck the halls!
So, I gather the ribbon,
The garland and bows,
As I play those old carols,
My happiness grows.
Christmas is not cancelled
And neither is hope.
If we lean on each other,
I know we can cope,
Rob Powell❤💚

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