Farmer Works hard to protect the Land, Coominglah Forest.

Working hard to protect the Land
This exhausted farmer just spent the whole day widening fire breaks with his tractor.
Next day he fried up a batch of banana fritters for firefighters at Coominglah Forest, in Queensland.
Image Credit: Photograph by ABC Open contributor p.carlsen
Source: Working hard to protect land – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Milky Way over the suburbs of Toowoomba.

Milky Way in the suburbs
The Milky Way spectacularly lights up the skies above the suburbs of Toowoomba in Queensland.
Image Credit: ABC Open contributor menover
Source: Milky Way in the suburbs – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Sun meets the Ocean at the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Pic of the week Sun meets the ocean.
There are rare moments when the sun seems to meet the ocean, off Queensland’s Gold Coast.
Image Credit: Photograph by ABC Open contributor getoutandwalk.
Source: Pic of the week Sun meets the ocean – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Happy Quokkas of Rottnest Island.

smiling-quokka-rottnestImage Credit: Jeanne Winarta / Elderflower Photography by AG Staff.
A curious Quokka and her tiny joey check out photographer Jeanne’s camera gear on Rottnest Island, Western Australia.
“My husband, Bing, and I live in Sydney and we travelled around Western Australia for seven days. Our journey started with the drive along the Coral Coast to Exmouth to snorkel at Ningaloo Reef where we luckily saw a whale shark.
Then we spent three days around Perth, including a day at Rottnest Island.
Our aim at Rottnest Island was to finally meet the famous, always-smiling quokkas, and to explore the beautiful island. We were very pleasantly surprised to find quokkas to be extremely trusting, gentle and inquisitive, with seemingly permanent smiles on their faces!
They were truly one of the highlights of our trip to Western Australia.
Quokkas, along with other Australian marsupial natives, are truly the precious gems of Australian fauna.
In all honesty, we reckon quokkas are underestimated and they deserve the worldwide recognition that other more well-known Australian marsupials enjoy (eg kangaroos and koalas),” she said.
Source: Smiling quokkas of Rottnest Island – Australian Geographic

Dance at Sydney’s VIVID Festival.

Pic of the week dance at VIVID
This week’s ABC Open Pic of the Week goes to Just Breathe Photography for capturing this colourful moment in time at Sydney’s VIVID festival.
ABC Open contributor kar1981
Source: Pic of the week dance at VIVID – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Sunsets Down Under, New South Wales.

7766166-3x2-940x627There is nothing better at the end of a glorious bush walk than to see the sunset over this view of the Blue Mountains, in New South Wales.
ABC Open contributor wanderer_rachel


Sheep graziers in Brewarrina, western New South Wales penning up their sheep at the end of another day.
ABC Open contributor Jessica Payton
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