The Peterborough Print Museum.

Most people would know of the magnificent collection of wooden type housed in the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, Two Rivers, Wisconsin in the United States.
Also, A lot of Old Guvvers would realise that the Government Printing Office in Adelaide had a terrific collection of priceless wooden type which magically disappeared when it was put up for auction. Only the wooden type cases remained.
Well it’s a pleasure to let you know that the Peterborough Print Museum (pictured above) in Peterborough, South Australia has the best collection of wooden type that I have personally seen since my Old Guv Days.
Thanks must go to Mary Zimmermann and Judy Evans for the Photographs and the wonderful work that they do along with their History Group Committee members in maintaining and displaying all the fascinating history of this charming old Print Shop.
Some samples of the wooden type can be seen below:



Print Shop Address: 9-11 Jervois Street, Peterborough.

Open for Tours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 10 am to 2 pm. or by Appointment.


Judy Evans 0408 220 248; Heather Parker 0400 461 100; Mary Zimmermann 0427 188 023.

Entry: $5 per person.

Rod Parham

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