Come & Celebrate 100 Years of the October Socialist Revolution.

Come and celebrate 100 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution with us!

Ten days that truly shook the world!

What’s happening? Speakers, Dancers, Singers, an Exhibition, Food and a great door prize.

  • Peter Goers – ABC Local Radio personality.

  • Warren Smith – Federal Assistant Secretary, Maritime Union of Australia.

  • Martin O’Malley – Former Secretary, CFMEU South Australia.

Entry – $15 full waged, $10 low income

Organised by the October Revolution Centenary Celebrations Preparatory Committee

For Tickets and further information –

Ring Bob Briton 0418 894 366.

Bob’s Email Address:

Sunset shines through Solitary tree, Barmera, South Australia.

Sunset through tree
I was in the right place at the right time, as the heart of a tree sings as the rays of a beautiful sunset shine through.
Photograph taken at Barmera in South Australia’s Riverland Region.
Image Credit: Photograph by ABC Open contributor joshua.milne.
Source: Sunset through tree – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Bonsai Exhibition, 28 October, 10 to 4 pm McLaren Vale.

David Walker, Retired Printer and Lawnmower Man has advised that a Bonsai Exhibition is to be held in McLaren Vale on Saturday, 28 October, 2017 at the McLaren Vale Institute, 10 am to 4 pm.

David for those who don’t know is a skilled and successful Bonsai Plant Grower and would like any Old Guv worker who’s interested to come along.

Contact David on 0422 788 831.

Rod Parham

Balfours Tea Rooms, Adelaide.

The name Balfours has been associated with Adelaide for more than a century.
For many baby boomers the name brings back memories of a trip to ‘town’ with mum or grandma and a lunch in the tea rooms that remained a fixture in the city until 2004, although it had been sold by Balfours in the late 1980s I believe.
It all began in 1856 when Scottish immigrant James Calder established a bakery and shop on Rundle Street, Adelaide, called the City Steam Biscuit Factory.
He was joined shortly after by his nephew, John Balfour, in 1877 and the company eventually traded under the name Calder and Balfour.
Photo courtesy of San Remo Macaroni Company Pty Ltd Balfours Tea Rooms in Rundle Street.
In the 1890s a new factory was built in Caldwell Street (off Carrington Street) but tea rooms remained in Rundle Street.
Further expansion occurred in the early 20th century, seeing Balfours move to a new factory site, on the corner of Morphett and Franklin Streets.
Balfour’s son-in-law, Charles Wauchope, entered the business in the 1890s and later the company name became Balfour Wauchope Pty Ltd.
Balfours maintained this presence in the city until 2003 when manufacturing was moved to Dudley Park, a suburb in the inner north-west.
Photo from State Library of SA. The Balfour Wauchope Factory was a well known landmark in the city, on the corner of Franklin and Morphett Streets
Please read on via Balfours Tea Rooms in Rundle Street | Adelaide Remember When.

Brief History of Port Pirie in South Australia.

pp3The Town of Port Pirie:
1885: First load of ore received at Port Pirie from Broken Hill by road in August.
1889: British Broken Hill Pty Co Ltd blew in first blast furnace on June 27. Refinery established by The Broken Hill Proprietary Co Ltd (BHP).
1890: British Broken Hill Pty Co Ltd discontinued smelting at Port Pirie in June and later began smelting at Broken Hill. Pirie Smeltery leased to syndicate including BHP.
1892: Smeltery purchased by BHP.
1897: BHP transferred all smelting activities to Port Pirie
1905: The Zinc Corporation Limited (ZC) registered in Melbourne in September to treat zinc bearing tailings at Broken Hill.
1915: Port Pirie works resulted in the formation of The Broken Hill Associated Smelters Proprietary Limited (BHAS) on May 7. Port Pirie plant taken over in June.
1917: New central power plant commissioned in November.


1919: Beginning of the big strike at Broken Hill, May 20, and discontinuance of ore supplies for Port Pirie. Lead smelting operations ceased at Port Pirie.
1921: Production resumed at Broken Hill. Smelting recommenced at Port Pirie on January 17.
1922: Granulation of blast furnace slag introduced.
1924: EZ Contact Acid Plant commissioned in March.
1925: BHP sold its shareholding in BHAS to the other partners .System of round table conferences established at Broken Hill and Port Pirie for industrial agreements.
1928: Delivery of molten bullion to Refinery commenced in January. Telpher system placed in operation in July.
1929: Furnaces fed direct from Telphers as from January.
1931: First Plant Scale unit (Softener Furnace) brought into operation in what was to become the new Continuous Refinery.
1934: Parting Plant brought into operation, virtually completing the new Continuous Refinery.
1936: First double row furnace came into operation, October.
1938: Mechanised transport fleet replaces horses.
1939: Broad gauge rail line laid in Works area.
1941: New Dwight and Lloyd Plant brought into operation.
1944: First ore production on limited scale by New Broken Hill Consolidated Limited. Port Pirie connected to Morgan – Whyalla pipeline.
1946: Oil Replaced coal in Power Plant.
1949: BHAS Adelaide office opened.
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The Peterborough Print Museum and its Wooden Type Collection.

Most people would know of the magnificent collection of wooden type housed in the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, Two Rivers, Wisconsin in the United States.
Also, A lot of Old Guvvers would realise that the Government Printing Office in Adelaide had a terrific collection of priceless wooden type which magically disappeared when it was put up for auction. Only the wooden type cases remained.
Well it’s a pleasure to let you know that the Peterborough Print Museum (pictured above) in Peterborough, South Australia has the best collection of wooden type that I have personally seen since my Old Guv Days.
Thanks must go to Mary Zimmermann and Judy Evans for the Photographs and the wonderful work that they do along with their History Group Committee members in maintaining and displaying all the fascinating history of this charming old Print Shop.
Some samples of the wooden type can be seen below:



Print Shop Address: 9-11 Jervois Street, Peterborough.

Open for Tours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 10 am to 2 pm. or by Appointment.


Judy Evans 0408 220 248; Heather Parker 0400 461 100; Mary Zimmermann 0427 188 023.

Entry: $5 per person.

Rod Parham