Vale Bruce Watts Lockier.

Photograph: Bruce and Joan Lockier.
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Bruce Lockier on Sunday, 15 March, 2020.
Joan Lockier has advised that there will be a Private Funeral and a Memorial Service at an appropriate time.
Bruce was born on 24 June 1928 to parents John and Lilian Lockier at a Maternity House in Maylands.
His twin sister Nancy was born half an hour before him.
Bruce began his education at Magill Primary School and later attended Norwood Tech where he gained his Technical Certificate after two years which included subjects in woodwork and sheet metal work.
At 15 years of age Bruce arrived at The Old Guv Printing Office in May 1943 and started out as a “shitboy” in the Comp Room, sweeping the outside pavement, filling the wash basins in the ladies rest rooms and enamelled jugs with clean water for the overseer and foreman.
On completion of his apprenticeship Bruce worked as a practical joker, compositor, linotype operator, Hansard proof reader and at times acted as a Clicker.
I was a great shock to all when Bruce tendered his resignation in the mid 1960s and left for ‘better things’.
He joined the Apple and Pear Board as a Section Organiser.
Some say he couldn’t tell an apple from a pear.
However Bruce became highly successful in improving that organisation.
Don Woolman

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