Ocean Crunch, Castlerock Pier.


A wave crashes against Castlerock pier as professional surfer Al Mennie waits on a break in the swell in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.
Storm Barbara is expected to cause major travel disruption when it hits the northern parts of the United Kingdom later, with 90 mph winds predicted.
Photograph by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images
Source: Photos of the Day: Dec. 22 – WSJ

Huge Waves hit the Harbour Wall at Whitehaven.

Winner public vote: Monster Waves at Whitehaven.
Photograph by Paul Kingston.
The Inner harbour wall at Whitehaven, Cumbria, being hit by a monstrous wave, dwarfing the surrounding man made structures.
This occurred on the day I travelled from County Durham to the west coast of Cumbria when the United Kingdom was being hit by a series of Atlantic storms sending tidal surges and strong gale force westerly winds.
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Apocalyptic Morning Fogs.

amazing-fog-painted-capital__880by Makro86
I have taken these photographs over the past three years using a lot of care, patience and putting up with some very cold conditions.
I call this process “fog-hunting”, because you never know where you will get the best picture.
Every year, in the second part of October until the beginning of November the mornings look much more amazing than other times of the day.
It’s time for some fog.
The weather is getting colder, the fog covers the city, especially in the morning hours and it’s time to create some amazing and sometimes apocalyptic moments which remind us that the most beautiful thing on earth is nature.
I don’t need more words, just let the pictures speak.
More info: Facebook.

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Rain and Dark Skies, Russia.

  • Eduard Gordeev’s cityscape scenes distinctly capture the moody ambiance of dark skies and rain-soaked streets.


‘Mammatus Clouds at Sunset’, Montana.

Image Credit: Photograph: “Mammatus Evening Glacier” by Harry Lichtman.
Location: Glacier National Park, Montana.
“One of the memorable sunsets along the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake reflecting the orange glow of mammatus clouds at sunset,” explains Lichtman. “I used this composition several times under very different lighting combinations.
A thunderstorm had passed earlier and the streaking clouds put on a show that evening as Grinnell Peak stood guard across the lake.”
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Rainy Australian Cityscapes by Mike Barr.

Australian painter Mike Barr focuses his work almost exclusively on rainy cityscapes, the moments of hazy gray that become illuminated by a city’s cars and traffic lights.


There is a unity found in these dreary urban landscapes, a similarity of imagery which it makes it difficult to pinpoint which city is being captured.
The city featured here however is Melbourne, a city Barr often focuses on in his umbrella spotted pieces.
You can see more of Barr’s paintings on his Facebook and website.
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