Fog gives a Ghostly Glow to Old Gums.

Image Credit: Photograph by Wayne Clancy · · From Pic of the Week I woke up early on the weekend and went for a drive along the gravel roads where the black top ends and into the fog. The beautiful life-giving cold air flowing through my lungs as I take in the views of ducks […]

‘Hunter in the Mist’ Walnut Grove, California.

Image Credit:: Photograph By Garry Everett Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Hunter in the Mist” by Garry Everett. Location: Walnut Grove, California. “This large mob of snow geese was feeding in a field on a foggy morning,” says Everett. “Rising sun on the fog made for some interesting light, and an invisible coyote in […]

London’s Apocalyptic Sky.

Amazing photo of London’s apocalyptic sky. More apocalyptic images emerged in October 2017, when Hurricane Ophelia left a strange haziness in parts of the UK. Looking “more like a cinematic special effect than an actual atmospheric phenomenon”, the skies above Britain were filled with Saharan dust swept up by the storm. Grovier said that “silhouetted […]

Wet Night in Times Square, New York.

Image Credit: PHOTOGRAPH BY SAMPA GUHA MAJUMDAR, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC YOUR SHOT New York, New York On a rain-soaked night the cacophony of Times Square coupled with the intensity of people avoiding the rain and with the Square’s flashing billboards and densely packed skyscrapers—can easily evoke the neo-noir world of the science fiction movie Blade Runner. […]

‘Stranded’ by Fang Peng-Gang.

‘Stranded’ This photograph was taken off the Taiwanese coastal city of Kaohsiung by photographer Fang Peng-Gang/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year. More than 5,700 images were submitted overall in this competition. Source: 2019 weather photographer of the year winners | Environment | The Guardian

A Misty Bluff at Sunrise, Tunnack.

Sunrise over The Bluff in the mist Image credit: Photograph by Andrea Claire Scott · · From Pic of the Week This is a view from my parents’ Tunnack sheep property, “Gettington” at sunrise. There are fat lambs grazing in the foreground, mist and functional windmill in the mid-ground, backdropped by the sun rising over […]

Train running through Frozen Woods.

It’s a rare occurrence when the forest is wearing such enchanting colors, so I jumped at the opportunity and get there to eternalize that. The forest retained its beauty all day, because of the cold, -5 degrees Celsius. Only the narrow gauge broke the silence sometimes. See more great images via I Spent A Whole […]

Breeding Climate Change Denial.

Regardless of political inclinations, worry and action are two different things. Across the U.S., meaningful action in response to this harsh reality is scant. Research shows clearly that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere–now at an unprecedented 401.33 parts per million–is a direct result of the process of capitalist industrialization that has unfolded […]

Marble Bar where it’s bloody Hot.

It’s Marble Bar – it’s hot all the time’ Despite the mercury being tipped to hit 49 degrees in the small Western Australian outback town of Marble Bar, it is just another day for locals. On Friday, the temperature had already reached 47.5 degrees at midday. The manager of Marble Bar’s Iron Clad Hotel, Thomas […]

‘Rainy Manchester Again’ by Simon Buckley.

‘Rainy Manchester Again’ The heavens open and photographer Simon Buckley snaps the city in a summer downpour. There is a narrow window during which Simon Buckley likes to photograph his surroundings: the handful of minutes in which night becomes day and day becomes night. Dawn and dusk provide the backdrop to his ongoing Not Quite […]