1950s Men’s Hairstyles.

All I can say as an old Aussie who was a youngster in the 1950s is that I wish our Aussie barbers were as good as these American barbers back then.
So I put I put a picture on the front of  Vincent D. “Gomer Pyle” from Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” which is more like the Australian Crewie that I used to be given back then.
Crew cut hairstyle.
The crew cut style has a significant meaning for the men choosing to wear it. This haircut held symbolic meaning that meant hard work ethics.
In fact, this style was adopted by the military to replace the old style, traditional buzz cut.
The reason for this change was how well the meaning behind the crew cut was taken by those around the wearer.
The man with a crew cut had the appearance of being stable and responsible. Because of this appearance, the style became popular with government officials and other men that held roles of leadership.
The fifties spawned this cut and it is still as popular today as it was back then.


Flat-top haircut
The crew cut and flat top styles are cut close on the sides of the head above the ears and on around the head.
The hair on top is box shaped and flat, giving the style a distinguishing look. The top cut slopes into a shorter length in the back.
The 1950s men’s hairstyles are still popular today because they have a neat and presentable look.
Many of these styles, even the wildest ones, can be consider to be the epitome of the clean cut man.
Source: Most Popular 1950s Mens Hairstyles – Cool Men’s Hair