The Quietness of Fog in London.

London weather is a big part of the culture; a common topic of conversation with a big impact on how the city feels.
I like the fog. It slows down the pace of life to make everything quieter and more mysterious.
(If you look closely, you can just about make out the Tower Bridge in this image.)
Image Credit: Photograph by Andrew Burrows.
Source: London – Fall in love with this picturesque city, from the eyes of visitors and veterans. – Pictory

Misty Morning – St. Marys Pass in Tasmania.

Image Credit: Photograph by Jason L. Stephens
An early morning fog rolls through the trees in St Marys Pass State Reserve, Tasmania.
This week’s reader photo was taken by Jason L. Stephens in St Marys Pass State Reserve, Tasmania.
“A stunning foggy morning during winter.
Tasmania sure does get cold, yet is so amazingly beautiful.
It sure made up for the 400km round-trip for a clouded out sunrise on the East Coast!”
Source: Misty morning: Tasmania – Australian Geographic

View from above a Pacific Storm, Panama.

Image Credit: Photograph © Santiago Borja. All rights reserved.
An isolated cumulonimbus (an extremely dense, vertically developed cumulus with a low dark base and fluffy masses that extend to great heights, usually producing heavy rains, thunderstorms, or hailstorms) overshoots the tropopause as we deviate around it at 37000 FT south of Panama City, Panama.
The only light source is the powerful lightning within the storm.
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The Stunning Beauty of a Deadly Monsoon in Arizona.

In Arizona, Veteran storm chaser and photographer Mike Olbinski captured the stunning beauty of monsoons in timelapses and stills while chasing storm systems across America.
After years on the road the photographer has perfected his set up and takes every setback in his stride as he tries to get ahead of every storm.
Image Credit: Photograph by Mike Olbinski/Barcroft Images
A monster shelf cloud moves towards a small community in San Manuel, Arizona.
Thousands of rain drops merge to form mammoth travelling sheets of water in these breathtaking monsoons.
More info: Mike Olbinski/Barcroft Images.
Source: Veteran Storm Chaser Captures The Stunning Beauty Of Deadly Monsoons In Arizona

The Night Skies of Winter in New Zealand.

lighthouse2-58013ae2a525f__880by Jake Scott-
We are Jake and Jo – astrophotographers based in Queenstown, New Zealand who spent Winter photographing the night sky in some of New Zealand’s most beautiful locations.
We are passionate about shooting the stars and often stay out till dawn in freezing temperatures to make the most of a clear night.


On our adventures we have managed to capture meteors, the Aurora Australis, zodiacal light, air glow, satellites, shooting stars and of course the milky way.


We are constantly trying to find new locations and planning our next adventure – we never thought that we could become obsessed with chasing the stars!
More info: Facebook
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Woman walks her Dog in a Snowfall near St. Petersburg. Russia.

A woman walks with her dog during  a snowfall in the Podolye Village, which is 70 km (43 miles) east of St. Petersburg, Russia. 
North winds brought snow to the east of the St.Petersburg Region.
Image Credit: Photograph by #Dmitri Lovetsky / AP.
Source: Photos of the Week: 5/6–5/12 – The Atlantic