Smog covers Tianjin City.

Tianjin city in China, is blanketed by smog in January, 2017.
Tianjin (formerly romanized as Tientsin, is a coastal metropolis in northern China and one of the nine national central cities of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), with a total population of 15,621,200 as of 2016.
Image Credit: Photograph by Reuters.
Source: This Week in Pictures Photos | Image #1 – ABC News

Autumn Fog in the Kemeri Bog.

JekabsAndrusaitis-Kemeri-0023__880My husband and I frequently travel to beautiful places outside of our country, but this time we decided to explore the home country Latvia and visited Kemeri bog.
It is more than 8000 years old and is one of the largest moss bogs on the Latvian cost.
This place has become increasingly popular in the past two years since the footbridge was renovated, especially since it’s only about an hour’s drive from the capital city of Riga.
For the best morning sights, come to the tower at least thirty minutes before sunrise!
Sky turns bright orange and you can appreciate the beauty of the thick fog. Small, delicate looking trees, spider webs covered in dew and absolute silence.
Autumn is the best time to visit!
The dark, clear nights without moon are perfect for viewing the Milky Way and the early mornings for fog covered scenery.
All of the pictures were made by my dear husband Jekabs Andrusaitis.
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Pilot snaps stunning Images of Storms.

When it comes to spectacular scenery, few people get a better view than airline pilots.
But instead of keeping those beautiful panoramas to himself, 747 pilot Christiaan van Heijst take stunning photographs that he kindly shares with the rest of us stuck in economy.
“From an early age on I have found great joy in capturing the beauty of natural light in all its forms,” writes Heijst on his website.
“Later on, I combined that with flying and a new passion emerged.
Seeing the entire world in my job, I feel privileged to be in a position to capture many different parts of the planet through my camera and immortalize the beauty of the places I visit.
” Shooting with a Nikon D800, the flying Dutchman captures beautiful pictures of thunderstorms, sunsets, full moons, and even the northern lights.
More info: Christiaan van Heijst (h/t: petapixel)
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Winter In Lofoten, Norway.


by Mikołaj Gospodarek
Hi. I would love to share with you my pictures from one of the most wonderful place in Europe I have ever seen.
I spent one week in Lofoten, Norway.
I had sleepless nights because of auroras. I took pictures in the rain, in the snow, in the wind. I’ve been photographing landscapes for 10 years now, however Lofoten beat all the records. Mountains, beaches and sea – it’s a wonderful connection.
Just have a look at my pictures that I took during one week I spent in Lofotem. It’s really worth getting frozen, getting wet and notsleeping.
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Foggy Sunrise at Snowdonia.

Image Credit: Photograph by Justin Saunders
After a 5 am start on Saturday morning, I was hoping for sunrise, but the forecast was for fog.
I decided to try something different, using the fog to create atmosphere and tranquility from this scenic spot.
We made a short trip through a small wooded area, then to our delight the landscape opened up and we were stunned by this landscape before us.
At 7 am it was truly magnificent.
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