“Tornado Country.”

Photographer Jason Weingart was here when the wildest tornado ever recorded struck El Reno, Oklahoma in the month of May, 2013.
It was the same tornado that killed three researchers.
Two years earlier, he had nearly been hit by positive lightning, escaping death by only a few feet.
By the time he was safe, he noticed the wax leaking from his ears.
Source: nature photography Archives – Feature Shoot

“The Mist.”

Image Credit: Photograph by René Pronk, National Geographic Your Shot.
Photograph taken from the viewing point at Lovic Prekriski, which gives you an amazing opportunity to capture the morning mist.
The little chapel at Ferenci can be seen just piercing through the mist.
Source: Zumberak dreamland Photo by René Pronk — National Geographic Your Shot


Tianjin city in China, is blanketed by smog on 3 January, 2017.
Photograph by Reuters.
Source: This Week in Pictures Photos | Image #1 – ABC News

“Beautiful Strange Clouds.”

Image Credit: Photograph by Alan Tough.
In late January and early February 2016, unusually cold Arctic stratospheric air reached down as far as the United Kingdom.
This triggered sightings of rare and beautiful Polar Stratospheric (Nacreous) Clouds (PSCs).
I had to go down to Alloa for a course and took an old compact digital camera with me, just in case any displays were visible from that part of the country.
PSCs have a sinister side, though: chemical reactions on the surface of the clouds destroy ozone.
Source: Weather Photographer of the Year 2016 – in pictures | Travel | The Guardian

Rarely Seen “Clash of Two Storms.”

Clash of the storms, New Mexico, United States.
Image Credit: Photograph by Camelia Czuchnicki
A clash between two storm cells in New Mexico, United States, each with its own rotating updraft.
The curved striations of the oldest noticeable against the new bubbling convection of the newer.
It was a fantastic sight to watch and it’s the rarity of such scenes that keep drawing me back to the United States Plains each year.
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“Fog on the Golden Gate.”

Fog and mist blankets the South tower of the magnificent and iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, United States.
Photographic credit: AP Photo/Eric Risberg.
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