Clash of Two Storms, New Mexico.

Clash of the storms, New Mexico, United States.
Image Credit: Photograph by Camelia Czuchnicki
A clash between two storm cells in New Mexico, United States, each with its own rotating updraft.
The curved striations of the oldest noticeable against the new bubbling convection of the newer.
It was a fantastic sight to watch and it’s the rarity of such scenes that keep drawing me back to the United States Plains each year.
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Storms over & around Australia.

Here are a selection of photos sent in by ABC Open audience members from around Australia. 
A shelf cloud rolls over Sydney on the afternoon of 6 November, 2015. – ABC Open contributor louise76
A lightning storm rolls across the Queensland town of Emerald. – ABC Open contributor Michael Gaskin
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A Rainy Day Road Trip.

2700When he’s driving, Gregory Thielker takes in the views that change from moment to moment: the road, the sky, other cars. “Inside the car it’s easy to forget the outside temperature, humidity, the noise of the road,” he says.
“But something happens when rain interrupts the view: the lens through which we are seeing is revealed.
Water both obscures and highlights the landscape.
” The New York-based painter captured these moments in a series of paintings, Under the Unminding Sky, named after a line in Dylan Thomas’s poem This Side of the Truth.
The images are composites of different photos.
“Painting water can take on so many arrangements of colour and light, so I see the raindrops as individual paintings.”
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Rain Drops by Joni Niemela.

IMGP7562_new__880by Joni Niemelä
This series consist of  photos of dew and rain drops creating their own mini-galaxies.
This was actually my main goal – to get this kind of cosmic atmosphere and feeling in macro scale.
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