Tornado Alley, Julesburg, Colorado.

While on storm chasing expeditions in Tornado Alley in the U.S. I have encountered many photogenic supercell storms. This photograph was taken while we were approaching a storm near Julesburg, Colorado, on 28 May, 2013.
The storm was tornado warned for more than one hour, but it stayed an LP [low precipitation] storm through all its cycles and never produced a tornado, just occasional brief funnels, large hail, and some rain.
National Geographic Traveler Director of Photography Dan Westergren, one of this year’s judges, shares his thoughts on the first-place winner:
“This winning photo of a supercell over the plains of eastern Colorado stopped the judges in our tracks.
When we first saw the picture we guessed that the photographer probably had dedicated quite a bit of time chasing storms to capture such an amazing sight.
But what makes the picture particularly strong is that except for the cloud, the rest of the scene is quite ordinary. The crazy UFO-looking shape gives the impression that it’s going to suck up the landscape like a tablecloth into a vacuum cleaner.
The unresolved tension in the image makes me want to look at it over and over.”
Location: Julesburg, Colorado, USA
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Iceland in Winter by Erez Marom.

Erez Marom is a professional nature photographer, fascinated with the arctic.
He’s spent over 3 months of his life in Iceland, all during winter, and captured many images of its magical frozen landscape.
Black beaches adorned with countless diamond-like icebergs, glacial lagoons, ice-crusted waterfalls, Northern Lights, ice caves…
Iceland in winter is a true paradise for photographers, one to go back to every year to shoot and guide.
via Images Of Iceland In Winter By Erez Marom | Bored Panda.

Riding Home under an Icy and dramatic Swedish Sky.

Noctilucent clouds stretch across the Swedish sky, illuminating photographer Ruslan Merzlyakov’s ride home in this dramatic display.
Noctilucent clouds are the highest clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere and form above 61km above the surface.
Thought to be formed of ice crystals, the clouds occasionally become visible at twilight when the Sun is below the horizon and illuminates them.
Source: In pictures: Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017 – BBC News

Wintry Weather, Black Forest, Germany.

Hofsgrund, Germany: A car passes snow-covered trees in the Black Forest
The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of the best photographs from around the world, including a beautiful shot of snow in the German Black Forest.
Image Credit: Photograph by Patrick Seeger/EPA
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The Hailstorm, Floreat, Western Australia.

by Robert · · From Snapped:
Last group, last to putt out. I couldn’t understand what the roaring noise was.
Then it hit. I cowered next to a tree under my umbrella waiting for it to pass so i could finish the round.
Floreat WA 6014
via ABC OPEN: Hailstorm || From Project: Snapped: Your Top 3 in 2014.

Shelf Cloud over Darwin Northern Territory.

Shelf-Cloud-over-DarwinShelf cloud over Darwin. (Credit: Nolan Caldwell)
A shelf cloud over Darwin is this week’s AG Flickr shot from contributor Nolan Caldwell. “Each evening my wife and I head to a spot around Darwin for sundown and a refreshing beverage,” Nolan says.
“The location is usually determined by the tide and what’s going on with the weather.
This night there was a small weather cell that came out of nowhere and had a lot of potential.
Quickly this shelf cloud formed and came across Fannie Bay towards us.
As I took this shot, a couple said to me they hoped that the camera was waterproof, and I replied that it wasn’t but I could run fast.
Well, I needed to as we got absolutely got drenched by this storm: even nuts from the casuarina trees hit the car like hail. It was very intense.
Source: AG Flickr photo of the week: shelf cloud – Australian Geographic