Airships and Tentacles.

How can we not feature something that boasts airships, Arctic wastes, tentacles and sensuality – all at once? Impossible, I say! So here is the “Airships and Tentacles” Series by Myke Amend, combining Vernian and Lovecraftian atmosphere and concepts into strange-fiction fantasy horror mashups: —- What are your influences, besides the obvious Lovecraft references and […]

Dire Consequences for the Future.

Michael Kerbow is an artist based in San Francisco who works in a variety of mediums including painting, assemblage, drawing and digital photography. Of particular note are his large oil and acrylic paintings that depict surreal and at times nightmarish visions of the future, where industry and human development has grown without regulation or care […]

Early Science Fiction in the “Age of Discovery.”

Portrait of Margaret Cavendish in the frontispiece to her Grounds of Natural Philosophy (1668). The image is also used as frontispiece to some editions of The Blazing World — Source. It is the middle of the seventeenth century and a Bear-man is helping an empress attempt to examine a whale through a microscope. After this […]

‘Transport the Soul’ by Brad Goldpaint.

Overall winner and people and space category winner Transport the Soul Image Credit: Photograph by Brad Goldpaint 2018 Astronomy Photographer of the Year Source: Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018: the winning images | Science | The Guardian

Dystopian Worlds by Alex Andreev.

Trying to categorize or summarize the genre of Alex Andreev’s digital paintings is nearly impossible. Part science fiction, part dystopian future, the scenes are equally disturbing and beautiful, his characters inhabiting a world Andreev tells me is deeply influenced by Soviet-era literature, music and movies. via Paintings of Dystopian Worlds by Alex Andreev.

Star Wars Masks from the 1800s.

More than 30 years ago, my wife, Helene, and I started collecting. She loved tribal masks—African, Oceanic, Indonesian, etc.—while I focused on medical, scientific, and industrial artifacts. “George Lucas’s designers must have found inspiration in these smoke helmets.” I’ve spent my career as a creative director, painter, and sculptor, so I always approached collecting as […]

1939 Prediction: The Bearded Man of the 21st Century.

The February 1, 1939 issue of Vogue ran this photo of the 21st Century man. The caption appears below. The picture can also be found in the book Exit to Tomorrow: World’s Fair Architecture, Design, Fashion 1933-2005. Gilbert Rhode banishes buttons, pockets, collars, ties. The man of the next century will revolt against shaving and […]

Circular Runways designed to catapult planes Skywards.

The January 10, 1960 edition of Arthur Radebaugh’s Sunday comic “Closer Than We Think” includes a curious invention that was supposed to literally catapult us into the Jet Age: The circular runway. From the Chicago Tribune: The heart of tomorrow’s airfield may be a circular catapult-like mechanism for sending planes into the air. It would […]

‘Machine Dreams’ by Sauer and Prosavec.

Fascinating surreal illustrations by the artist team of Sven Sauer and Igor Prosavec (SA-PO) that places a robot in megacities such as Tokyo, Shanghai or New York as a metaphor for the rapid development of technology—which has exceeded what society can absorb. The artists combine the dilemma of “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” with […]

Dystopian Worlds by Michal Karcz.

Digital illustrations of dystopian worlds by Polish artist Michal Karcz. Starting out as a painter and photographer, which helped him develop his own vision, he left the paintbrush and switch to digital tools “to generate unique realities that were impossible to create with ordinary dark room techniques.” Karcz’s inspiration comes from listening to music and […]