The Wilds of Panama City by ROA.

The streets of Panama City are now crawling with exotic birds, iguanas, lemurs and other creatures measuring up to three stories in height after a visit from famed Belgian street artist ROA. Following his exhibition in Brussels, ROA made his way to the Latin American nation to work on new mass-scale pieces in his signature […]

The Pygmy Marmoset.

The pygmy marmoset is a tiny primate that is native to rainforests of the western Amazon Basin in South America. At just 100 grams, the pygmy marmoset is known to be the smallest known species of monkey in the world. It averages at about 15cm in height with a 20cm long tail behind it. The […]

Toucan Keeps a Watchful Eye.

A Beautiful Keel-Billed Toucan Keeps a Watchful Eye in Panama by Robert Montenegro It turns out there’s a lot more to toucans than pitching Fruit Loops and Guinness. Check out the Sites below to learn all about these very popular, very colorful tropical birds. Via WAZA (the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums): “Their beak’s […]

Vibrant Art of Buenos Aires.

by Emily Baillie Here it isn’t hard to find empty walls on high rises, garage doors or abandoned factories. Like Rio de Janeiro, where graffiti is legal, Buenos Aires has few regulations around graffiti art. Most of the time, all the artist needs is permission from the building owner. In many cases, artists are sought […]

‘Paper Birds’ by Diana Herrera.

Diana Beltran Herrera is a Colombian designer and illustrator who creates realistic, vibrantly colored paper birds. Diana Beltran Herrera hand-makes the paper birds by building up layers to form the base structure, then glues on delicate feathers that are curled and splayed once attached. Wire legs are added and feathers are painted to make the […]

Colourful Masks at Indigenous Festival.

Indigenous children dress in traditional outfits in preparation for the Rey Curré festival. Courtesy The Culture Ministry The moment tourists arrive at a Costa Rican airport, they see artifacts of the Boruca people: elaborately painted balsawood masks hang in the souvenir shops, sculpted like monsters, jaguars, and playful demons. Travelers stop, lean into the masks, […]

Traveling through Cuba – in a 1950 Chevrolet.

Image Credit: Photograph and caption by Lorraine Yip / National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest Traveling through Cuba in a vintage 1950 Chevrolet with a speedometer which no longer works. We were passing by the city of Camagey known for its winding streets. The modern American Hawaiian hula figure and yellow taxi cab […]

The Last Handwoven Bridge.

Contributor: Dylan (Admin) Known as keshwa chaca, this is the only remaining example of the Incan handwoven bridges once common in the Incan road system. Made of woven grass, the bridge spans 118 feet and hangs 220 feet above the canyon’s rushing river. The Incan women braided small, thin ropes, which were then braided again […]

A Good Place to Eat, Lima.

“As a chef, I’ve always been fascinated to see not only how food can be a bridge between cultures but also its connection with history and politics. Lima shows how Peru embraces the world through culinary influences from Africa, Spain, France, Italy, and Asia—especially Japan and China. Everyone should taste Lima’s innovative food, visit markets […]

Villa Epecuen Argentina.

In the 1920’s, Villa Epecuén and its delightful salt lake were a popular tourist retreat for Buenos Aires vacationers. Arriving by train, as many as 5,000 visitors at a time could relax in lavish quarters after taking advantage of the therapeutic waters of Lago Epecuén. The mountain lake was usual in that its waters were […]