Carnival Season Parade 2011.


 Children revellers of Nene de Vila Matilde samba school get ready at a concentration area before the start of the second night of Carnival parades at the Sambadrome, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2011.
Image Credit: (MAURICIO LIMA/AFP/Getty Images)
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Solar Balloon Festival, Columbia.


Some photographs of the Solar Balloon Festival, an event which is held annually in the city of Envidago in Colombia, and that brings together many artists around the creation of gigantic balloons.
This year the theme of the Solar Balloon Festival was the history and culture of Mexico, resulting in colorful creations around Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican folklore and popular culture of the country.
(all images © Fredy Builes / Reuters).Solar-Balloon-Festival-10
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‘Trees of Light’ by Vitor Schietti.

VitorSchietti0-900x600Brazilian photographer Vitor Schietti, creates light painting artworks in nature and cities by using trees, rocks, pontoons and even water.
VitorSchietti4-900x600He immortalizes light movements through long exposure and ornaments his work with light rain.
Source: Light Painting Photography in Nature and Cities – Fubiz Media

Perito Morena Glacer Santa Cruz, Argentina.

Santa Cruz, Argentina
A block of ice falls from the Perito Moreno glacier at Los Glaciares national park.
An arch of ice that had formed at the tip of the Perito Moreno, between the glacier and the shore of Argentino lake, started collapsing into the water last week.
It is a natural display that happens every few years
Photograph: Walter Diaz/AFP/Getty Images
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The Stark Beauty of Patagonia Dreaming.

This photo is from Andy Lee’s series called “Patagonia Dreaming”.
Andy Lee has been taking pictures most of his life, but began seriously about 10 years ago.
“I had an old Hasselblad film camera with me and between scenes I started to photograph everything around me,” he reminisced.
Since becoming hooked, he fuses medium-format photography with travel.
Lee recently took a journey to Chile where he captured spectacular views of the breathtaking landscape.
This particular shot is taken from the road, and he inquires from the viewer, “Where would your dream road trip be?”
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Swing at the End of the World.

imageContributor: penelopeelizabeth
Deep in the Ecuadorian wilderness is a seismic monitoring station known as Casa del Arbol or “The Treehouse” because it is simply a small house built in a tree used for observing Mt. Tungurahua, the active volcano in the near distance.
While the simple wooden room is a sight to behold, the real attraction is the crude swing hanging from one of the tree’s skinny branches.
With no harness, net, or any other safety feature the swing (itself nothing more than a thick stick suspended by two ropes) arcs riders out into the void over the canyon.
Adventurous visitors are welcome to take a ride on the swinging seat, which may have been updated recently, adding a small, fabric belt to hold you in a bit.
You’re not actually swinging out over a void, but over a steepish hill, about 100 feet up.
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