Surreal Inspired Images by Johansson.

We’ve always enjoyed Erik Johansson’s surreal photo-manipulations. Here is a collection of his Escheresque “paradoxical geometry” optical illusions… via petapixel via Juxtapoz Magazine – Erik Johansson’s Escher-Inspired Photomanipulations.

‘The Towers of Babel’.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder – The Tower of Babel (Vienna) – 1563. From the Book of Genesis (KJV). “Metropolis is a 1927 German film in the science-fiction genre directed by Fritz Lang. Produced in Germany during the Weimar Republic, Metropolis is set in a futuristic urban dystopia . The Tower pictured in  Lang’s film bears […]

The Iconic ‘Candy Cigarette’ 1989.

Sally Mann’s Candy Cigarette is one of the most iconic photographs of the 20th century. Featuring a young pre-teen girl gazing directly into the camera, cigarette in hand, the image is striking and resonates with the viewer in its drastic colour contrasts. Through her clever use of background images and subtle body language, Mann is […]

‘Atmospheric Collages’ by Becky Baier.

by Laura Collinson These striking collages are the handiwork of freelance illustrator, designer and mural artist Becky Baier. The images present a sense of unease to the onlooker, but are nonetheless beautiful. After completing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Trowbridge College, Baier landed a place on an Illustration course at Brighton University, […]

The Art of Michelle Araujo.

Artist Michelle Araujo used acrylic on wood to paint these brilliant and detailed pieces. Beautiful and Surreal. Well done Michelle. See More Images via Michelle MIA Araujo | EMPTY KINGDOM.

A PerfectlyTimed Street Shot by Taggart.

 Photographic Credit: Photograph by David Taggart. by Šarūnė Mac Capturing the perfect photograph is all about being in the right place at the right time. Things can happen in the blink of an eye without ever being repeated, and it takes a special kind of photographer to know where to point the camera in that […]

Rising from the Ashes.

There is definitely an air of Daenerys Targaryen in the artwork by Bojan Jevtić. And in the same way she rose from the ashes with three baby dragons in her arms, the woman in Jevtić’s piece looks like someone reborn in red fire. There is a fantastical element to his digital art, one which combines […]

‘Beauté Aviaire’ by Howell.

A series of conceptual fine art prints by Lee Howell, exploring the connection between the aesthetic beauty that visually lies in the delicate luxurious opulence of avian plumage and the sexual femininity of the female form. via Beauté Aviaire by Lee Howell » Design You Trust.

Laurent Chehere’s Flying Houses.

Rue Disparue / Missing Street The town that took off: Laurent Chehere’s flying houses. Homes, hotels, caravans, circus tops – even the peeping toms have taken flight in Laurent Chehere’s gorgeous photographs of structures suspended mid-sky. It’s time to go up, up and away. See more Images via The town that took off: Laurent Chehere’s […]

Fantasy Art by Julie Dillon.

These are the illustrations of Julie Dillon, a talented American freelance illustrator who leads us into a fantasy world populated by strange creatures and references to famous legends and fairy tales… Images © Julie Dillon See more Images via The fantastic illustrations of Julie Dillon |