Ray Caesar’s Fantastic Digital Art.

RayCaesar7Ray Caesar’s digital art is some of the best I’ve ever seen.
His pieces almost look like paintings due to their unique emotional impact and seamless blending, but each piece is exclusively created using a 3D modeling software called Maya.
Some of Caesar’s artistic inspiration came from working for 17 years in the Art and Photography Department of The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto.
Ray documented things such as child abuse, surgical reconstruction, psychology and animal research.
The artist explains, ”I often awake in the middle of the night and realize I have been wondering the hallways and corridors of the giant hospital. It is clear to me that this is the birthplace of all my imagery”.
His images are classical, yet at the same time very contemporary. His figures are otherworldly – a beautiful fusion of sci-fi fantasy, lush landscapes, and Victorian sensibilities.
Born in London, England on October 26 1958, Caesar currently lives in Toronto, Canada.
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Wonderful Worlds by Erik Johansson.

784993104541092523Landfill by Erik Johansson.
Photographer and retouch artist Erik Johansson who is based in Berlin produces some remarkable illusions.
He works on both personal and commissioned projects and sometimes creates street illusions.
 Also, have a look at another of Erik’s talented works below,
785141732821020818You can visit his personal website at:
via The beautiful surreal worlds of Erik Johansson.

Parallel Worlds by Michal Karcz.

TO-THE-THRESHOLD-OF-SILENCE-v2__880by Michal Karcz “Karezoid”
Please join me in my never ending voyage through my world.
This land is constantly expanding. My world is what’s inside me, what really defines who I am. Here’s the key…
I was born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland and I graduated from High School of Art in Warsaw.
My passion for photography began in early childhood. My father had a camera and when I was just a child I liked to look at the world through the lens, crop it, select the best shots.
I always had ideas of mixing photography with paintings.
My serious journey into my own world of photography and photo manipulation began in 2004 when I opened “the door” with a different key.
I combined painting and photography into one piece using digital tools.
That digital photography and software gave me the opportunity to generate unique realities that were impossible to be created with an ordinary dark room techniques.
Most of my work is like a journey to the places which don’t exist.
Places from my dreams, desire, imagination and fears. This is my escape from reality which is not enough for me.XOPANCUICATL__880
My inspiration comes from many artists and it doesn’t matter if they get through to me by the sense of vision or hearing.
I can tell that music has the biggest impact on my work.
Music creates sound illustrations to the pictures I carry in my mind.
These two things hit me with the strongest intensity.
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The Impressionist Experience by Richard Forestier.


Photographer Richard Forestier collaborated with art director Aurélien Bigot to create a photo project titled “The Impressionist Experience”.
impressionist-experience-9The series tries to capture and turn real life into still images.
Bigot uses the key characteristics of famous painters: religious pose, nudity, antique drapery, etc.
“If we recreate scenes with those elements and shoot them with this special technique that imitates the painting texture, we can bring together impressionist art and photography creating the first impressionist photographs.
This will lead the observer to doubt, unsure if faced with a painting or not, eventually realizing that it is indeed an absolutely unedited photograph,” explains the artist.
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‘Illuminated Fruits & Vegetables’.

zaciu7Photographer Radu Zaciu illuminates fruits and vegetables from the inside out in his unique photo series, “The Light Inside.” The project was spawned when Zaciu began experimenting with lighting techniques and decided to try putting light bulbs inside hollowed-out edible items.
zaciu2 The concept is similar to a Jack-o’-Lantern, except instead of cutting directly through the skins, Zaciu left thin layers of the external walls intact.
This allows the light bulbs to illuminate the natural fibers of the skins, providing a new look at the makeup of the things we eat.
For his subjects, Zaciu chose a mix of popular and harder-to-recognize foods.
Cauliflower, green and red cabbage and a sprouting potato appear alongside the more photogenic pear, strawberry and pineapple.
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Fixing a Graf Zeppelin mid Flight, 1934.


German photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt—one of the greatest artists in the history of the medium—used his Leica to take this stunning photo of a crew repairing the Graf Zeppelin in mid-air, after a storm in the middle of the Atlantic damaged the airship’s skin en route to Rio de Janeiro in 1934.
It looks so surreal—like a Magritte painting.
via Men fixing a zeppelin in mid-flight over the Atlantic.