The Art of Waldemar Kazak.


Monster House (2008).
Waldemar Kazak, is an illustrator from Tver, Russia. Mr. Kazak is very active in the media. There are just a few dieselpunk-related works in his portfolio, but quantity doesn’t really matter: Mr. Kazak is a house name in the diesel crowd and his art is appreciated by the dieselheads all over the globe.
Here is one of his works from 2008, when his Deviant Art gallery was discovered by the dieselpunk community – Monster House by Waldemar Kazak (2008)
Dystopian dieselpunk can be fun. It is possible to turn horror into a cartoon. And humor can provoke serious thoughts without being too weird or too bitter.
old-factory-by-waldemar-kazak-2008Old Factory (2008).
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The Haunted House by Christine McConnell.

halloween-decorations-parents-house-christine-mcconnell-1Christine McConnell, the incredibly talented artist and photographer whose terrifying cakes we wrote about earlier, has just shared a creepy set of Halloween decorations that she created for her parents’ home. Using hand-painted foamboard designs, she turned her parents’ house into a giant, fanged, sleepless house-monster.
Fortunately for other Halloween enthusiasts, she also shared photos of the process.
She used foam-core boards to create eyes and teeth for the house, making them light, inexpensive, and easy to work with.
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Source: Artist Turns Parents’ Home Into Haunted House Straight Out Of A Tim Burton Film | Bored Panda

Body Art by Chooo-san, Japan.

Can you believe that these body modifications are created without using any digital editing software?
They are the painted works of a Japanese artist known simply as Chooo-san.
We first came across the unusually realistic body art of the 19-year-old Musashino Art University student this past summer and in a matter of months she has completed six new surreal body art pieces that continue to blow our minds.
Equipped with some acrylic paints and raw talent, Chooo-san has once again proven she is a master manipulator.
There’s even a hint of humor in the new works. On a lean torso of a man, she depicts a series of neatly fastened buttons and the same set of buttons appear to be popped open, unable to close shut, on the belly of a heavier set fellow.
And, yet again, the artist incorporates a modest prop (in this case a cord) to heighten the believability of the skin illustrations.
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Surreal Landscape by Da Cunha.

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015.
Second Place.
Image Credit: Photograph by Ricardo Da Cunha/
International Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition 2015.
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An Adventure In Unknowing, France.

Totally Amazing Illustration by Sylvain Sarrailh.
Sylvain Sarrailh is an illustrator and artist, and works in Toulouse, France.
He’s part of a workshop called “Atelier Spark,” which he shares with other graphic designers and artists.
Sylvain’s talent is impressive, but then, so is his list of clients, because it includes Sony, Ubisoft, Oculus Rift, Insomniac Games, and a host of other big names in the entertainment industry.
For more info: Artstation, DeviantArt, Facebook
Source: An Adventure In Unknowing: Totally Amazing Illustrations By Sylvain Sarrailh

Surreal Art by Cliff Cramp.

balloonsDo you own the complete Star Wars saga on blue ray? If so, then you’re already familiar with Cliff Cramp’s awesome work.
Influenced by artists such as John Singer Sargent, Howard Pyle, and Harvey Dunn; Cliff’s work spans a wide range of genres and has caught the attention of clients such as LucasFilms, 20th Century Fox, Nickelodeon TV Animation, Disney Entertainment, and much more.
His illustrations can be seen on covers such as Lucasflims/ 20th Century Fox Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu Ray, Hollywood Records Plain White T’s Wonders of The Younger CD, and 20th Century Fox Marilyn Monroe Special Anniversary Collection.
So, if you are ready to be blown away by some amazing art, take an exploratory trip with me through these incredible illustrations done by Cliff Cramp.
And don’t forget to check out his awesome gallery for more of his stunning art (I promise, you won’t regret it).
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