“Fantasy Art.”

Julie-Dillon-Illustrations-1The illustrations of Julie Dillon, a talented American freelance illustrator who leads us into a fantasy world populated by strange creatures and references to famous legends and fairy tales…Julie-Dillon-Illustrations-17
Julie-Dillon-Illustrations-14Images © Julie Dillon
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Women with a Warm Glow.


by Christina Nafziger
The artwork of Audrey Kawasaki is completely irresistible in its portrayal of stunning technique and beautiful women.
Her skilled illustration using ink, oil paint, and graphite is a sharp contrast to the natural grain of the wood panel in which she paints on.
The warmth of the wood combined with the reds and oranges found in her work create a soft glow that radiates from her work.
Each of her women contains an iridescent aura that invites you in, pulling you closer into the frame.
There is an unmistakable seductiveness in their eyes, or in one case, the third eye, that is both intriguing and mysterious. As you examine Kawasaki’s work, something begins to feel peculiar.
Kawasaki12The beauty of her women blinds us before a strange, bizarre element creeps up on us.
We slowly realize something is off, when we see things like pink, glowing rabbits circling around the figures or even a snake skeleton sprouting out of the roots of a woman’s hair.
Kawasaki flawlessly offers us women of quiet beauty that leaves us questioning each situation.
She pulls her inspiration for her gorgeous paintings from both the distinct style of Manga comics and the swirling, elegance of Art Noveau.
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The Perfect Companion.

Image Credit: Photograph by Myriam Beatriz Mahiques.
The perfect companion.
When I came back to my car at this parking lot, I found this fancy old car with a serene Golden looking straight at me.
It let me take lots of pictures. I have selected this one because the dog looks so human and the perfect companion for his master, who must adore him or her.
The sun was blinding me, and this is the result, a little Surrealist quick pic.
Source: The perfect companion Photo by Myriam Beatriz Mahiques — National Geographic Your Shot

Fota’s Surrealism.

Cosmogony-series-Surreal-spacey-sci-fi-oil-paintings8__880Hello, my name is Victor Fota,
I’m a visual artist from Romania.
I started working on this series of oil paintings, 2 years ago.
They mostly combine science facts and theories that are illustrated with a twist, using my personal, artistic perception of reality.
The concept is based on the objective or rational observation of reality which is distorted by our senses and personal understanding in a subjective way, the result being the world we know.
More info: Behance
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Bird Drawings by Kiefer.


Surreal drawings of birds that convey a sense of powerlessness as they are being observed by doctors, scientists, and other people in some sort of museum-like setting.

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Nati’s ‘World of Chaos.’


Visual artist Barbara Nati attempts to analyse the chaos reigning underneath the surface of reality combining conceptually interesting visual landscapes that blur fantasy and reality.
In her new photographic series entitled ‘The House of This Evening, All Mine’, stunning post-apocalyptic ‘tree houses’ made of shattered buildings tower in desolated and beautiful landscapes.
Her digital manipulation work can be described as surreal, futuristic, imaginative, dreamy, playful and a little dark – all be it in a good way – yet still confronting the viewer with current social and environmental issues.
A recurrent obsession for ordinary objects allegorically camouflaged as other shapes implicitly invites the viewer to look again and never take for granted, offering the opposite point of view from the expected or predicted one and pulverizing the naïve trust in what we consider real but may not be.
History, visual art and advertising flair mix up in her cross-contaminated and very own stylistic approach where art ultimately fulfills its goal becoming a playful tool, speaking in a versatile and universal alphabet.
Barbara Nati lives and works in London. She trained at the Parson School of Design in NYC and the IEAO in Perugia, Italy.
She has exhibited her work in Italy, Ireland and the UK.
Previous projects include No Farewell Only Endless Goodbye, Futuristic Revivals and The Footsteps of Silence.
Barbara Nati’s Website can be found  at:
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