Parallel Worlds by Michal Karcz.

TO-THE-THRESHOLD-OF-SILENCE-v2__880by Michal Karcz “Karezoid”
Please join me in my never ending voyage through my world.
This land is constantly expanding. My world is what’s inside me, what really defines who I am. Here’s the key…
I was born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland and I graduated from High School of Art in Warsaw.
My passion for photography began in early childhood. My father had a camera and when I was just a child I liked to look at the world through the lens, crop it, select the best shots.
I always had ideas of mixing photography with paintings.
My serious journey into my own world of photography and photo manipulation began in 2004 when I opened “the door” with a different key.
I combined painting and photography into one piece using digital tools.
That digital photography and software gave me the opportunity to generate unique realities that were impossible to be created with an ordinary dark room techniques.
Most of my work is like a journey to the places which don’t exist.
Places from my dreams, desire, imagination and fears. This is my escape from reality which is not enough for me.XOPANCUICATL__880
My inspiration comes from many artists and it doesn’t matter if they get through to me by the sense of vision or hearing.
I can tell that music has the biggest impact on my work.
Music creates sound illustrations to the pictures I carry in my mind.
These two things hit me with the strongest intensity.
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Reverie, the Art of Tom Chambers.


‘Winged Migration,’ 2009. Tom Chambers
In a new exhibit, ‘Reverie,’ on view at the photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe, N.M., artist Tom Chambers fuses photography with graphic arts in a series of dreamlike photomontages.
“I like to say that instead of taking a photo, I am making a photo,” Mr. Chambers told Anne Kelly, the gallery’s Associate Director. His work, styled in the tradition of magic realism, brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘making photos.’
His process begins with creating a concept sketch. Over time, he photographs each element of the scene.
Once he has created the components, he combines them digitally to make photomontages, which are comprised of two or more photographs to create one final image.
The images are enhanced using Photoshop to emulate a dreamlike tone, in the tradition of magic realism. According to the gallery, Mr. Chambers “modernizes Renaissance painting techniques with his camera…while drawing from pivotal works in the lineage of art history.”
The images, inspired by ‘dreams and reverie,’ aim to present narratives that engage the viewer and provoke curiosity. “My rule of thumb is to create images that are possible, but improbable,” Mr. Chambers said.
‘Pennants Over Pienza,’ 2012.Tom Chambers
“Because I am adjusting one or two elements, the resultant photomontage is intended to appear almost real,”
Mr. Chambers told Ms. Kelly. “In addition, creating a photomontage involves a tremendous amount of post-production. I have to be very thoughtful about honoring my idea for the final image.
I want to avoid over-manipulation of the pieces that are included in the final image and ensure that the final gestalt feels authentic, yet a bit disturbing, and not too forced.”
‘Pretty As Me,’ 2013.Tom Chambers
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‘Robots’ show Up in Iconic Images.

GEOFFREY-GERSTEN03Surrealistic works, with robots the recurring theme, influenced by a wide range of classic and modern paintings.
Painting is who I am. There was always something in me that was going to grow into an artist.
As a youth, two images profoundly impacted me; I will never forget the fear and distraction I felt when I first took in the eternal repose of the characters in Grant Wood’s great American Gothic.
Then, I saw The Persistence of Memory, or Soft Watches, by Dali. I have a romance with the old memory.
GEOFFREY-GERSTEN07I cannot remember many details of the painting, but I saw it differently then.
When I view the painting now, my mind goes hastily to work, examining perspective, composition, atmosphere.
I cannot help but conduct automatic analysis. This is how I learned to create.
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‘A Walk through the Line’ by Chiharu Shiota.

Paphos, Cyprus
A visitor views an art installation, A Walk Through the Line, by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, that is on display as part of the European capital of culture 2017 exhibitions programme in Cyprus.
Image Credit: Photograph by Katia Christodoulou/EPA
Source: Best photos of the day: ‘duck plague’ and a Delhi demo | News | The Guardian

Women with a Warm Glow by Audrey Kawasaki.


by Christina Nafziger
The artwork of Audrey Kawasaki is completely irresistible in its portrayal of stunning technique and beautiful women.
Her skilled illustration using ink, oil paint, and graphite is a sharp contrast to the natural grain of the wood panel in which she paints on.
The warmth of the wood combined with the reds and oranges found in her work create a soft glow that radiates from her work.
Each of her women contains an iridescent aura that invites you in, pulling you closer into the frame.
There is an unmistakable seductiveness in their eyes, or in one case, the third eye, that is both intriguing and mysterious. As you examine Kawasaki’s work, something begins to feel peculiar.
Kawasaki12The beauty of her women blinds us before a strange, bizarre element creeps up on us.
We slowly realize something is off, when we see things like pink, glowing rabbits circling around the figures or even a snake skeleton sprouting out of the roots of a woman’s hair.
Kawasaki flawlessly offers us women of quiet beauty that leaves us questioning each situation.
She pulls her inspiration for her gorgeous paintings from both the distinct style of Manga comics and the swirling, elegance of Art Noveau.
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