Underwater Scenes of Giordano.

afac849474c91b3f62eb914f64591670a1011980_660by Laura Collinson
Neko Dream is a series of acrylic paintings on wood board by illustration artist Philip Giordano.
The surreal scenes feature dreamlike characters in the setting of an underwater forest, enjoying a cup of tea and one another’s company.
The images were exhibited at the Pinpoint Gallery in Omotensando, Tokyo.
You can see more of Giordano’s work over on his Behance profile.453dead14ea63afb511d231960bfb5786985d708_660
via Surreal underwater scenes beautifully illustrated | Creative Boom.

The Impressionist Experience by Richard Forestier.


Photographer Richard Forestier collaborated with art director Aurélien Bigot to create a photo project titled “The Impressionist Experience”.
impressionist-experience-9The series tries to capture and turn real life into still images.
Bigot uses the key characteristics of famous painters: religious pose, nudity, antique drapery, etc.
“If we recreate scenes with those elements and shoot them with this special technique that imitates the painting texture, we can bring together impressionist art and photography creating the first impressionist photographs.
This will lead the observer to doubt, unsure if faced with a painting or not, eventually realizing that it is indeed an absolutely unedited photograph,” explains the artist.
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‘It’s in the Stars’.

If you don’t hail from one of the big cities, it can be challenging for an artist to graduate from hometown hero status and be widely recognized in the broader world.
Somewhere like Portland, Oregon, for example, can be difficult to decipher creatively when you’re not a resident. While visiting a few years back, I felt curious about what spawned in PDX, so I texted a friend and asked for suggestions about local artists.
She was silent for a minute or two and then replied, “Check out Olivia Bee.
At the time, Bee had already graduated from hometown hero, but not from the local high school. Through early internet exposure, Bee had amassed a huge following, earning a campaign shoot for Converse at age 16 and publishing work on the cover of the New York Times the following year.


She exhibited in multiple European cities and even spoke at a TEDx conference in Amsterdam, all before turning 18. No need for a career counselor!
Her insanely successful trajectory working with both editorial and commercial clients on countless campaigns for some of the most recognizable name brands runs parallel to a veteran photographer.


Her work is distinctly personal. Saturated in cinematic color, it captures the nostalgia of romance, intimacy and the emotion of burgeoning adulthood.
Now 22 and living in Brooklyn, Bee recently published her first monograph through Aperture.
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The Iconic ‘Candy Cigarette’ 1989.

Sally Mann’s Candy Cigarette is one of the most iconic photographs of the 20th century.
Featuring a young pre-teen girl gazing directly into the camera, cigarette in hand, the image is striking and resonates with the viewer in its drastic colour contrasts.
Through her clever use of background images and subtle body language, Mann is perhaps telling the story of a defiant young woman straying from the straight and narrow path.
Source: “Candy Cigarette” (1989) by Sally Mann ~ vintage everyday

‘Illuminated Fruits & Vegetables’.

zaciu7Photographer Radu Zaciu illuminates fruits and vegetables from the inside out in his unique photo series, “The Light Inside.” The project was spawned when Zaciu began experimenting with lighting techniques and decided to try putting light bulbs inside hollowed-out edible items.
zaciu2 The concept is similar to a Jack-o’-Lantern, except instead of cutting directly through the skins, Zaciu left thin layers of the external walls intact.
This allows the light bulbs to illuminate the natural fibers of the skins, providing a new look at the makeup of the things we eat.
For his subjects, Zaciu chose a mix of popular and harder-to-recognize foods.
Cauliflower, green and red cabbage and a sprouting potato appear alongside the more photogenic pear, strawberry and pineapple.
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‘Two Faced Full Moon’ by Elizabeth Scott.

Two Faced
Image Credit: Photograph by Elizabeth Scott · · From Pic of the Week.
I caught this surreal image of a full moon, enveloped by a rare array of dainty fluffy and well placed clouds on my way to the gym late one night.
If you look closely you will see that the full moon has two amazing faces.
Busselton, Western Australia 6280
Source: ABC OPEN: Two Faced || From Project: Pic of the Week