Black & White Images by Winram.

Laurence-Winram01An ongoing series of double exposure portraits by Scottish photographer Laurence Winram.
When I was out shooting the background bushes image I had some guy come up to me asking why I’m shooting ‘dead trees’. Laurence-Winram06I did explain how it would be used but his face never gave that look of understanding of what the hell I was on about.
I just have to live with it that someone out there thinks I shoot dead trees for fun.
I just should have said I was a twitcher, is that less weird?
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Humans versus Nature.


Fine art photographer Tina Schultz makes worlds on camera which skillfully combine the raw power of nature with the beauty of the female form.
Gaze in awe as her models and their dresses are distorted into a variety of fabulous shapes: wisps of black smoke caught in the wind and silver-blue rivers stretching off into the horizon.
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Rising from the Ashes.

Bojan-Jevtic-09There is definitely an air of Daenerys Targaryen in the artwork by Bojan Jevtić.
And in the same way she rose from the ashes with three baby dragons in her arms, the woman in Jevtić’s piece looks like someone reborn in red fire.
There is a fantastical element to his digital art, one which combines computer effects with portraiture.
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De Pasquale the Wizard.

From his studio in Buenos Aires, Photoshop wizard Martín De Pasquale creates all kinds of digital wonders and illusions for the world to see.
His work is witty and full of surreal flourishes, from invisible bicycles to lawn mowers cutting away a man’s beard.
The human body is where he is most effective, transforming the everyday into the fantastic.
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Women Amid a Primordial Landscape.

Image Credit: Photograph by Miss Rosen From Where We Came
“At dusk and dawn, the edge of slumber and first light, these figures awaken out of the darkness and live in the hours when others dream,” LilIi Waters writes in the artist statement for her disquieting series,
Others Dream, which features women amid an otherworldly landscape that is equal parts foreboding and curious.

Photographed across Western Australia, the images from Others Dream offer a mystical, mythical portrait of the primordial essence of life that begins in utero before being launched upon the earth.
They offer themselves as wordless poems, silently revealing secrets to us, offering a moment of meditation where we can escape the artifice that civilization demands and return to something infinitely simpler albeit impossible to fully comprehend.
Here Waters shares her journey, revealing the path that brought her to the creation of this body of work, offering insight on the effortless synergy of life and art.
Source: A Breathtaking Portrait of Women Amid a Primordial Landscape – Feature Shoot

Miniature Dioramas by Didier Massard.

Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-3by Justina Bakutyte
French artist Didier Massard creates eye-deceiving miniature dioramas depicting surreal, mystical landscapes. From a first glance, these sets remind of extremely detailed, hyper-realistic paintings or digitally rendered images.
The striking effect unfolds after closer examination, when the viewer is exposed to careful layering and thoughtful light arrangements.
Massard explains his inspiration comes from real and imagined places. The limits of real life infuses his imagination to create mythological and romantic scenarios, which he then calls “the completion of an inner imaginary journey”.
China, India, the cliffs of Normandy and many other locations have been depicted in Didier’s works.
“There were many places in the world where I’d never gone that I wished to photograph. I realized that they would not at all look like the images I had of them.
Reality was different from my imagination. So I started building and photographing in a studio what I had in mind.”
Artist spends months constructing his miniature worlds, thus the collection is only slowly growing in size.
Massard started his career as a commercial photographer for fashion and cosmetic companies like Chanel, Hermes and others. After his first series of dioramas, titled “Imaginary Journeys”, his work was acknowledged and now Didier works exclusively on his personal projects.
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