“Green Gourmet Giraffe”.

street art hosier lane-7After posting a series of street art posts, I have continued to photograph street art when possible. I enjoyed doing the series so much that I want to continue it on an occasional basis.
Today I bring you street art from one of Melbourne’s most famous street art locations, Hosier Lane.
It is a small lane in the block bounded by Russell St, Flinders St, Swanston St and Flinders Lane in the CBD or city of Melbourne.
After taking photos of so much street art recently I was really struck just how touristy this lane seems compared to other street art locations.
Where usually I find it pleasing to go off the beaten track and take photos in peace and quiet, Hosier Lane is busy with people wielding cameras.
Likewise the walls of Hosier Lane are busy – with artwork. I haven’t visited often but from a few infrequent visits I think the art there changes far more regularly than in other locations.
I suspect if you go there today, a few months after my visit, much of the artwork you encounter might be different.
via Green Gourmet Giraffe: Street Art in Melbourne #9 Hosier Lane June 2014.

Birmingham Street Art.


Birmingham street art by Goosensei

All pictures provided by Street Art Birmingham

The city – particularly around Digbeth – is attracting talented artists who use the urban landscape as their canvas.

And the good thing about street art is, it changes from month to month.

In December we spoke to street artist Rebecca Wright – who runs http://www.streetartbirmingham.co.uk with fellow artist Karl Paragreen – she said: “Street art is all around us, in urban spaces across the world.

“It is a a creative phenomenon and its form is not only focused on the artwork but on the environment that it surrounds.


Birmingham street art by Gent48

“Our website is dedicated to showcasing the amazing work of the cities local street artists.

“Spray paint, stencils, paste-ups, stickers, installations…whatever its shape or form, this is where it’s at.

“Over time a catalogue of photos will grow and develop to document the diverse Birmingham scene.”


Birmingham street art by Gent48

See more Images via 23 new must see Birmingham street art works – Birmingham Mail.

“Monzter” Murals in Berlin.

Monzter_Artwork_02__880by max preti
Berlin artist Kim Kwacz aka Kim Köster presents his new work “Monzter”.
Like in his internationally known art projects “99 rooms” and “Ana Somnia“, Kim blurs the boundaries of reality and fiction by transferring mural artwork into the digital world.
“Monzter“ is a picture book for the iPad. It is Kim’s first work focusing on children.
He created the numerous pieces in abandoned factory buildings outside of Berlin.
More info: lab.zentralnorden.com

Source: Monzter: Artist Hides Monster Murals Inside Abandoned Buildings In Berlin | Bored Panda

“Paris Street Art”.

2014-08-18-TreeAlignmentI like the way street artists now glue paper on Paris walls instead of painting them with spray paint.
It allows passers by to discover new artists without damaging the walls, nor costing money to tax payers (for the city has to clean these walls eventually, no matter what).
I really love this one, shame that it’s not signed.

via ParisDailyPhoto: Street art.

Street Art in Seoul.

IMG_3261Emerging from the diverse settings that can be found in Seoul are new forms of street art also known as graffiti. Unlike traditional graffiti, these pictures are quite dazzling. While skyscrapers and apartment complexes overshadow the horizon in Seoul, young artists have found homes among the concrete walls, that have allowed them to express their inner thoughts.
Specific districts have now been set up, where people are welcome to paint their graffiti on the wall.
Graffiti was a serious crime in the past, but authorities now have a new outlook on the art form. Projects such as the Naksan Art Project and the Seoul Urban Art Project have helped shape the resentment that residents had towards street artists in the past. Policy makers have adjusted their conservative views to allow graffiti to be an accepted form of expression upon the city.
This has constructed a city full of beautiful images upon every turn. The residents who once hated the artwork, now welcome it as they see the benefits that it brings such as huge revenues from tourism.


“Creative Art in the Streets”.


Nowadays you don’t have to go to a art gallery to see creative art, in this collection we’ve gathered examples of Street Art, which showcase how important street art is to the community.
Imagine turning the ordinary fence, wall or column into something creative by adding in street art. Not only can it brighten up an otherwise dull area, but it can attract visitors to the location.
Bringing smiles to peoples faces and even raising eyebrows, street art can help bring life to a city.
The opposite to street art is usually known as graffiti, this can have a devastating impact on a community.
Attacking abandoned buildings and run down communities, bad street art can lead to neighborhoods uninviting leading to vandalism.


via 100 Creative Examples of Street Art | Design BumpDesign Bump.