‘Guerilla Art’ from Around the World.

A selection of street art creations by Australian artist Fintan Magee, based in Brisbane, who plunges us into a world both dreamlike and unconventional, yet very critical about the problems of modern societies. Paintings created around the world, from Buenos Aires to Bogota via Hong Kong, Dublin or London. Note that Fintan Magee also appears […]

Eyes that follow You Down the Street.

by Stu Black Being blatantly eyeballed in public can put anyone off their guard, but what if it’s a building that’s giving you looks? The Wellcome Trust has set up two massive pairs of eyes in the windows of their London headquarters to watch over Euston Road and react to people passing by. The artwork, […]

Mushrooms adorn Brunswick Pub.

Shivvy Archer, Trix and Ray Harland at the Brunswick PSYCHEDELIC mushrooms may soon be joined by shotgun-wielding badgers on the façade of a Gloucester pub. Artist Trix has already spent 14 hours emptying 36 tins of spray-paint on the white walls of the Brunswick which is changing its image. While it will still cater for […]

Women on Walls Festival, Jordan.

What Ajjawi wants to articulate with her artwork is the idea that women are not objects to gaze at but rather full-fledged human beings with intellectual depth. If this seems like a banal point to make, consider that an estimated 80 percent of Jordanian women have experienced street harassment, according to Asma Khader, secretary general […]

A PerfectlyTimed Street Shot by Taggart.

 Photographic Credit: Photograph by David Taggart. by Šarūnė Mac Capturing the perfect photograph is all about being in the right place at the right time. Things can happen in the blink of an eye without ever being repeated, and it takes a special kind of photographer to know where to point the camera in that […]

Mona Caron’s Wall Murals of Plants.

Muralist Mona Caron (previously) has continued her worldwide Weeds series, with colorful renderings of humble plants growing ever taller on buildings from Portland and São Paulo to Spain and Taiwan. The San Francisco-based artist often partners with local and international social and environmental movements for climate justice, labor rights, and water rights, and selects plants, […]

The Colourful Underpasses of Brisbane.

The pillars along Merivale Street in South Brisbane have become open air art spaces for some of the world’s leading street artists. The Pillars Street Art Gallery at South Bank includes seven-metre tall artwork created by street artists all hailing from Brisbane. Many of the homegrown artists including Fintan Magee, and Gimiks Born (aka JB) […]

Weed Murals take over City.

by mona caron I’m inspired by the resilience of weeds. I look for them in the cracks of the sidewalks near the walls I’m about to paint, and then I portray them at a scale that is certainly bigger than the attention we pay them. “Weeds” is the bad name given to plants found in […]

Art in Bushwick, NYC.

I have been doing my best to explore each of the neighborhoods of New York City. I’ve seen a lot of the ‘international’ neighborhoods, as well as a few others, but have been recently trying to visit a few of the ones closer to where I live. This weekend’s choice was Bushwick. I only had […]

3D Art From DAIM.

Born in Lueneburg, Germany, it was a love of hip hop that initially piqued an interest in graffiti for street artist DAIM. He started listening to the music at age 15 and two years later found himself using spray cans as a mean of expression in nearby Hamburg. That was in 1989 and by 1991 […]