Loss and the Transient Beauty of Rone.

The opening of Melbourne street artist Rone’s exhibition, Empty, in Fitzroy. (Supplied: Sophie Argiriou) by Julia Baird For the artistically stunted among us, the idea of labouring intensely on murals while perched on ladders, cranes and cherry pickers for days or weeks, only to have our beautiful images tagged with graffiti or smashed to rubble, […]

The Work of OakOak, France.

Street artist OakOak doesn’t look for an empty wall when seeking a canvas for his creations. In fact, it’s the structures that jut out of the wall and the imperfect cracks and peels that OakOak uses to form his creative scenes. A chain becomes a funambulist’s tightrope; a manhole cover becomes a fencer’s mask; a […]

The Wilds of Panama City by ROA.

The streets of Panama City are now crawling with exotic birds, iguanas, lemurs and other creatures measuring up to three stories in height after a visit from famed Belgian street artist ROA. Following his exhibition in Brussels, ROA made his way to the Latin American nation to work on new mass-scale pieces in his signature […]

‘Artmossphere’ in Moscow.

The Artplay Design Center in Moscow was the host to the opening of the Artmossphere Street Art Biennale. This is the first event like this in Russia. The exhibition included an indoor portion, presenting work and installations by participating artists, as well as outdoor murals created especially for this event. These are painted by Momo […]

The Art of Hospital Muralist Scribe.

If you have ever taken a child to Children’s Mercy Hospital, you can’t miss the colorful murals in waiting and exam rooms. The artist who creates the vivid and whimsical animal characters, landscapes and seascapes in vibrant colors is Donald Ross. Ross also goes by Scribe, a name from his roots as a graffiti artist. […]

Young Esme’s Anti-Littering Message.

Germantown Friends School second grader Esme Fa Harrison helps install her artwork at the corner of Germantown Ave. and W. Coulter St. by Brian Hickey Esme Fa Harrison, an adorably introspective Germantown Friends School second grader, just saw a picture she’d drawn last year become a work of “street art” outside her school. via Second […]

Whiteladies Road Pub Mural, Bristol.

Image Credit: Photograph by  © Paul Green 2015 / Via paulgreenphotography.com Street Artist: Zase. Check the Artist out on Twitter. There is terrific detail, colour and sunny styling in this work decorating one of Whiteladies Road’s most popular pubs. Source: 30 Jaw-Dropping Pieces Of Bristol Street Art

‘Guerilla Art’ from Around the World.

A selection of street art creations by Australian artist Fintan Magee, based in Brisbane, who plunges us into a world both dreamlike and unconventional, yet very critical about the problems of modern societies. Paintings created around the world, from Buenos Aires to Bogota via Hong Kong, Dublin or London. Note that Fintan Magee also appears […]

Eyes that follow You Down the Street.

by Stu Black Being blatantly eyeballed in public can put anyone off their guard, but what if it’s a building that’s giving you looks? The Wellcome Trust has set up two massive pairs of eyes in the windows of their London headquarters to watch over Euston Road and react to people passing by. The artwork, […]

Mushrooms adorn Brunswick Pub.

Shivvy Archer, Trix and Ray Harland at the Brunswick PSYCHEDELIC mushrooms may soon be joined by shotgun-wielding badgers on the façade of a Gloucester pub. Artist Trix has already spent 14 hours emptying 36 tins of spray-paint on the white walls of the Brunswick which is changing its image. While it will still cater for […]