Uproar over Katherine Switzer running in 1967 Boston Marathon.

A very brave Katherine Switzer made waves when she entered the Boston Marathon in 1967, at a time when women were not “supposed” to run marathons. This iconic shot shows Boston Marathon organizer Jock Semple vehemently accosting Switzer to get out of the race. According to Switzer’s own personal account of the event, Semple swiped […]

‘Surfer in Silhouette’, Biarritz.

Biarritz, France Guillermo Satt of Chile in action whilst competing in the Men’s Qualifying Round Two during day five of the ISA World Surfing Games 2017. Image Credit: Photograph by Michael Steele/Getty Images. Source: Best photos of the day: violin playing protester and dragon boat races | News | The Guardian

‘Floodlit’ at Millmoor Stadium.

Around the floodlit grounds, by Ian Hughes As he drove past the old Rotherham United stadium of Millmoor in 2004, photographer Ian Hughes was so captivated by the light pouring out of it that he jumped out of the car to take a picture. See more Images via Pictures of the week: Around the floodlit […]

Surfing a Record Breaking Wave.

Your Shot photographer Tó Mané captured this iconic image of Garrett McNamara, a professional big wave surfer, in Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal. This image features McNamara breaking his own world record of riding a giant wave by surfing this 100 foot wave. His original record was riding a wave of 78 foot just two […]

Horses work out – Lady Bay Beach.

Image Credit: Photograph by Vince Caligiuri / Getty Images. Riders give horses from the Darren Weir stable at Lady Bay Beach a workout ahead of the Warrnambool Racing Carnival in Warrnambool, Victoria. Source: 23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of The Week

Wilson’s ‘History of Tennis’.

It perhaps says something of tennis’s slightly misshapen role in the national consciousness that a grown-up book documenting the sport’s entire history doesn’t seem quite so ridiculous. It’s hard to imagine a publisher going for a social history of football such is the wealth of knowledge already out there. But tennis, as Elizabeth Wilson explains […]

Pietri’s Heart Breaking Finish in the 1908 London Olympics.

Photo: Dorando Pietri being helped over the line by officials to come first in the marathon at the London 1908 Olympic Games, only to be later disqualified. There have been many exciting Olympic contests, but the 1908 race which came to be known as Dorando’s marathon has passed into legend as the most heart-rending. The […]

Surfing under Northern Lights.

Photo: Mick Fanning was “screaming with excitement” in between riding waves. (Supplied: Emil Sollie, Mats Grimsæth, RedBull) by Anthony Pancia In terms of ticking things off the bucket list, Mick Fanning may have trumped just about every surfer on the planet with a once-in-a-lifetime surf under a stunning Northern Lights display in Norway. Fanning — […]

House of David Baseball Team.

The House of David was an apocalyptic cult that formed a commune community which focused on clean, hirsute living, celibacy, and most memorably their minor league baseball team. Founded in the late 1800’s on 1,000 acres of land, the new society farmed and developed a shockingly sophisticated series of services such as their own electricity, […]

Surfing Inside Barrel Waves.

by Leroy Bellet There are amazing moments happening in and around the water on a daily basis, but being there to capture them is sometimes more right-place-right-time than anything. Sure it still takes skill to capture them, but it’s hard to build a solid portfolio when your ideology is based around fluke imagery.In southern AustraliaI […]