‘The Golfers’ a masterpiece by Charles Lee, 1847.

The centrepiece is the greatest golfing painting in the world, Charles Lees’ famous 1847 masterpiece The Golfers. This commemorates a match played on the Old Course at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews, by Sir David Baird and Sir Ralph Anstruther, against Major Hugh Lyon Playfair and John Campbell of Saddell. It represents […]

‘Flyboarding’ in the Crimea.

A man practices flyboarding near the village of Olenevka, Crimea, in August, 2017. Image Credit: Photograph by Pavel Rebrov / Reuters Source: Photos of the Week: 8/5–8/11 – The Atlantic

The Melbourne Cup and its Origins.

Archer, with jockey, J. Cutts, in E. L. de Mestre’s colours, painted by Frederick Woodhouse Snr Origins of the Race The 1850s were golden years for Victoria. Not long after separating from New South Wales in 1851, rich sources of gold were discovered in Bendigo and Ballarat sparking a gold rush which brought untold wealth […]

Mooster, Russell, Eight Ball & the DCA Club.

How many of our former Netley employees could confess to spending many hours at the now demolished DCA club, the current site of IKEA. Lots I would think. It was the favourite watering hole for Johnny Bryant (Mooster) for decades and he regularly invited his many friends at the Guv to join him on Friday […]

Sydney Surfers hit a large swell at Bronte Beach.

Surfers take advantage of a large swell at Sydney’s very famous Bronte Beach in the month of May in Sydney, Australia. Image Credit: Photograph by Mark Evans / Getty. Source: Photos of the Week: Eco-Fashion, Dancing Devils, Spelling Bee – The Atlantic

Maasai Cricket Warriors.

Dressed in flowing red skirts and draped in colorful bead necklaces but otherwise bare bodied, the warriors from the legendary Kenyan tribe of Maasai are one of the world’s most unusual and unlikely cricketing teams. Dropping their spears in favor of cricket bats and leather balls, this group of youth is trying to promote healthy […]

Indian Kushti Wrestlers live a Spartan existence.

Image Credit: Photograph by © Alain Schroeder. All rights reserved. Kushti is the traditional form of Indian wrestling. Practised in Akhara, the wrestlers, under the supervision of a guru, dedicate their bodies and minds to Kushti on average for 6 to 36 months. It is a way of life and a spartan existence that requires […]

“Don’t Cry for Me!”

Richard Hood (formerly Comp Room and Riverside) is a quiet achiever but “Hoody” nearly missed out on having a great cricketing career! Richard first started with the UnHappy Valley Cricket Club, which wasn’t a great move. It seemed that he and Best Mate, Chris “The Crow” Smith were not happy there. Then Richard almost got […]

Villagers play Cave Basketball in Guizhou province.

Villagers play basketball on a court built inside a Karst cave at Xinchun village in Bijie, Guizhou province, China, on 12 August, 2019. The court was built inside the cave in order to save arable land in 2018. The cave can accommodate 1,000 people to watch a game. Image Credit: Photograph by Qu Honglun / […]

‘Aerial Ballet’ at Cardiff State Beach.

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Aerial Ballet” by Nick Paoni. Location: Cardiff State Beach, California. “A surfer appears to be dancing in the air as he jumps off the lip of a wave at sunset at Seaside, Cardiff State Beach, California,” says Paoni. Photo of the Day is chosen from various OP galleries, including […]