Night Kayaking, The Rockies.

Image Credit: Photograph by Paul Ziska.
“Working alone and out in remote locations is always time-consuming, and it involves a lot of back and forth to get the shot,” says Paul Zizka of this self-portrait he took in a kayak on Goat Lake in the Canadian Rockies.
“I had been planning on visiting this location for some time, and on this night the conditions were perfect.
The stars danced across the surface of the lake, and it felt like I was gliding through the night sky.
”Shooting a self-portrait at night isn’t without its challenges, Zizka says. Keeping yourself still enough in a kayak so the camera can catch a sharp exposure is particularly daunting.
“I propped the kayak on top of a rock to help stabilize it once I was in the frame. It took a few tries, but eventually I got a frame with sharp focus that I could be happy with.”
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Surfing Daredevils by Russell Ord.

16Daredevils in Western Australia have been braving waves as tall as 18 metres – more than five storeys – as a swell caused by a low-pressure system over the Indian Ocean swept the coast.
1575One surfer broke his leg in Margaret River as he came crashing down ‘probably the biggest wave ever ridden in Australia and got pummelled by 15 metres of whitewater.
We sent the celebrated surfing photographer Russell Ord into the mix to document the infamous break known as ‘The Right.’
15Photographs: Russell Ord for the Guardian.
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Night Surfing.

Lofoten Islands, Norway
A surfer rides a wave during a night session of the Lofoten Masters 2017.
Water and air temperatures are unusually warm for the season, at 11°C, for the world’s most northern surfing competition
Image Credit: Photograph by Olivier Morin/AFP/Getty Images
Source: Best photos of the day: a polar bear’s lunch and night-time surfing | News | The Guardian

Running between the Wickets, Tasmania.

Hobart, Australia
Kurtis Patterson of Australia runs between the wickets during a three-day match between a Cricket Australia XI and Sri Lanka at Blundstone Arena Oval, Tasmania.
Image Credit: Photograph by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images
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The Future of Pinball Remains Bright.

Pinball finally entered the National Toy Hall of Fame this year:
The game has origins that can be traced back as far as the 18th century, yet it still captures the hearts and minds of players today.
During the Roaring 1920s pinball machines were banned in the USA because they were being used as gambling machines by mobsters.
There are two types of modern pinball players.
The first player has been playing since arcades became popular in the 1980s.
The second type, though, comes from a new generation who have discovered the kinetic gameplay of modern, digital pinball machines.
The new wave of pinball popularity started in the Pacific Northwest with the emergence of “Barcades,” which allowed younger players to get their first taste of the fun of playing classics like Pac-Man during a night out.
As the trend spread across the continental United States it led to more people looking to bring pinball into their homes.
Go to Pinball to learn more about the resurgence of these classic machines and how you can bring the joy of pinball into your life.
Source: The Future of Pinball Remains Bright

Night Surfing at Mentawei, Sumatra.

Image Credit: Photograph by Fred Pompermayer.
“I clicked the shutter and boom!
I caught a wave to my head, and then another one right after that,” says photographer Fred Pompermayer of this shot he took of surfer Adriano De Souza riding a wave in the early morning darkness in Mentawai, Sumatra.
“It took all of my energy just to get back to the boat after that.
”Pompermayer and De Souza were part of a team that had spent time surfing during the day and traveling at night by boat from island to island.
On the day this photo was taken, the team arrived at the location around 4 a.m. and jumped in.
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