Indian Kushti Wrestlers live a Spartan existence.

Image Credit: Photograph by © Alain Schroeder. All rights reserved.
Kushti is the traditional form of Indian wrestling.
Practised in Akhara, the wrestlers, under the supervision of a guru, dedicate their bodies and minds to Kushti on average for 6 to 36 months.
It is a way of life and a spartan existence that requires rigorous discipline.
Kushti is also known as pehlwani. The freestyle matches last about half an hour, and a wrestler typically wins by simultaneously pinning an opponent’s shoulders and hips to the ground.
Experienced wrestlers set the example and transmit their skills in the pit and in the community to the younger boys (7-8 years old) and new recruits, whereby promoting camaraderie, solidarity and fraternity.
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“Don’t Cry for Me!”


Richard Hood (formerly Comp Room and Riverside) is a quiet achiever but “Hoody” nearly missed out on having a great cricketing career!
Richard first started with the UnHappy Valley Cricket Club, which wasn’t a great move. It seemed that he and Best Mate, Chris “The Crow” Smith were not happy there.
Then Richard almost got sucked into playing with Hallett Cove Cricket Club until he found out from the late Warren Pietsch that Hallett Cove were “a mob of argumentative cheats”.
Then Warren took him gently by the hand and led him down to the Reynella Cricket Club where he served with great distinction over a number of years.
He played in their “A” Grade Premiership side in the 1986-1987 Season (see above picture).
Richard is the player on the extreme right kneeling down.
malcolmlindandayoungrichardhood001Left to Right: Malcolm Lind presents a Old Guv Cricket Club Award to Richard Hood.
His career with the Government Printing Office Cricket Club was passable but nothing spectacular!
Always languishing in the shadow of that cricketing giant Russell (Rusty) Wight, he became a little frustrated. But he remained loyal to the side.
But Richard could be a little mean once when given a set of beautiful woollen car seat covers by his adoring mates for his birthday he was heard to say under his breath,
“I would’ve preferred a slab of Beer!”
Then on his next trip to Melbourne with The Old Guv Cricket Club the young man went “feral”.
Hoody got pissed and then in his drunken stupor lost both his wallet and all his money at the “Daily Planet” Disco.
The good natured blokes in the GPO Cricket Club had a whip around for the weepy young penniless batsman.
Soon Richard had more dough in his pocket than when he had left Adelaide with.
With his wallet full of cash he played an absolute “blinder” for the Old Guv cricket side that day!
Original Story by the late Warren Pietsch.

Villagers play Cave Basketball in Guizhou province.

Villagers play basketball on a court built inside a Karst cave at Xinchun village in Bijie, Guizhou province, China, on 12 August, 2019.
The court was built inside the cave in order to save arable land in 2018.
The cave can accommodate 1,000 people to watch a game.
Image Credit: Photograph by Qu Honglun / VCG via Getty
Source: Photos of the Week: Sky Glider, Ice Swimmer, Cave Basketball – The Atlantic

‘Aerial Ballet’ at Cardiff State Beach.

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Aerial Ballet” by Nick Paoni.
Location: Cardiff State Beach, California.
“A surfer appears to be dancing in the air as he jumps off the lip of a wave at sunset at Seaside, Cardiff State Beach, California,” says Paoni.
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Source: Photo Of The Day By Nick Paoni – Outdoor Photographer

Uproar over Katherine Switzer running in 1967 Boston Marathon.

A very brave Katherine Switzer made waves when she entered the Boston Marathon in 1967, at a time when women were not “supposed” to run marathons.
This iconic shot shows Boston Marathon organizer Jock Semple vehemently accosting Switzer to get out of the race.
According to Switzer’s own personal account of the event, Semple swiped at her bib and yelled: “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers”.
via 15 Of History’s Most Bizarre Photos.