Night Surfing at Mentawei, Sumatra.

Image Credit: Photograph by Fred Pompermayer.
“I clicked the shutter and boom!
I caught a wave to my head, and then another one right after that,” says photographer Fred Pompermayer of this shot he took of surfer Adriano De Souza riding a wave in the early morning darkness in Mentawai, Sumatra.
“It took all of my energy just to get back to the boat after that.
”Pompermayer and De Souza were part of a team that had spent time surfing during the day and traveling at night by boat from island to island.
On the day this photo was taken, the team arrived at the location around 4 a.m. and jumped in.
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Stephanie Gilmore wins 7th World Title.

Stephanie Gilmore etched her name in the pantheon of surfing’s greats, winning her seventh world title when she drew equal with Australian legend Layne Beachley.
‘It’s an honour to sit alongside you, Layne,’ Gilmore said. ‘
You’ve been a huge inspiration for my entire career and for so many female surfers all round the world.’
Image Credit; Photograph by Ed Sloane/AP
Source: Guardian Australia’s best sporting moments of 2018 – in pictures | Sport | The Guardian

Surfing under Northern Lights.

Photo: Mick Fanning was “screaming with excitement” in between riding waves. (Supplied: Emil Sollie, Mats Grimsæth, RedBull)
by Anthony Pancia
In terms of ticking things off the bucket list, Mick Fanning may have trumped just about every surfer on the planet with a once-in-a-lifetime surf under a stunning Northern Lights display in Norway.
Fanning — currently on a hiatus from professional surfing — camped out on a beach in the Norwegian archipelago of Lofoten, Norway with local photographers Emil Sollie and Mats Grimsaeth waiting for the conditions to align and, as it turned out, they didn’t have to wait long.
“We’d set out a 10-day waiting period because there were so many elements that had to come together,” Fanning told the ABC.
“Even then it was a bit of a roll of the dice. You need the right waves, clear skies and on top of all that, you actually need the lights to come on.”
The lights came on for the first two nights, however, the waves refused to co-operate.
“But on the third night we got lucky,” Fanning said. The surfer spent the night riding “surprisingly good” waves as the photographers set to work capturing an image they planned for two years.
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Horse racing in the Australian Desert.

For one weekend each year, Birdsville’s normal population of 115 people swells to a crowd of more than 6,000 when its annual horse race comes to town.

Birdsville is situated on the edge of the Simpson Desert, 1,590km from Brisbane but that distance doesn’t deter the horse racing fans and fun seekers who descend on the town for the famous two-day event.
The Birdsville Cup was won by Fast Fella and jockeyed by Adrian Comme.
Article by Steven Bloor.

Image Credit: Photographs by Darren England.
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Derby the Dog, World Dog Surfing Championship.

California, United States.
Image Credit: Photograph by John G. Mabanglo/EPA
Derby the dog surfs while getting a push off by his owner Kentucky during the World Dog Surfing Championships at Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica, California, United States of America.
Source: A surfing dog, extreme sports in Crimea and Gay Pride in Belfast | News | The Guardian

Surfing Inside Barrel Waves.

photographing-surfers-in-the-barrel-at-night-9__880by Leroy Bellet
There are amazing moments happening in and around the water on a daily basis, but being there to capture them is sometimes more right-place-right-time than anything.
Sure it still takes skill to capture them, but it’s hard to build a solid portfolio when your ideology is based around fluke imagery.In southern AustraliaI
In early Winter 2015, I set out to capture something unique that would accurately portray the relationship of a bunch of young local surfers with the ocean.
If this doesn’t scream youthful, boldly-ambitious, testosterone-infused recklessness, with hints of appreciation and photographic sensibility thrown in, then I don’t know what does.
The flash double tow was basically an adaption to Laurent Pujol’s original double tow concept, in which a photographer is towed into the wave by a jet ski, behind the surfer, riding a surfboard themselves.
I am proud to present these images and I hope you can appreciate them.
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