Newly built Brig Sails on Neva River, Saint Petersburg.

Source: Rome flashmob and saved snails: Thursday’s best photos | News | The Guardian

The Life of the Nenets people of Siberia by Cestari.

In the Storm:
The life of Nenets people in the cold and harsh Siberian winter.
Nenets people are nomad inhabitants of the Yamal Peninsula, in the polar Arctic Circle, who base their life on reindeer herding.
During winter, the temperature reaches 50 degrees below zero and the migration to new grazing areas becomes really difficult.
Image Credit: Photograph © Stefano Cestari / National Geographic Travel Photo Contest
Source: 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest – The Atlantic

Cut off, Cold & Alone in the North.


Slava eats lunch at home while talking to his parrot Kesha, as snow falls heavily outside.
Slava Korotki is a meteorologist who lives in Khodovarikha, northern Russia, on an Arctic outpost that’s an hour away by helicopter from the nearest town.
4Slava walks to the old lighthouse near Khodovarikha meteorological station to get some firewood for home
Photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva grew up in the Arctic, and happened upon Slava living in the past.
She spent three weeks shooting him as he worked, rowed his homemade boat and built matchstick houses in an Arctic timewarp.
3000Slava on Kotelniy island
All photographs by Evgenia Arbugaeva.
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Moscow’s Double Decker Trains in Winter.


This February for the first time ever the double decker train cars appeared on the  “number one” Russian rail road route – Moscow to St. Petersburg.
Here in Moscow double decker trains are a novelty and attract a lot of interest on how they are constructed and how they work.
Thanks to cool Russian photographer Dmitry we have a beautiful winter shot of the carriages.
Source: Bi Level Double Decker Trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg | English Russia