Dave, Rowan and Derry.

David Walker (Multi Talented Printer) as was Rowan Williams. (in the middle). Derry Lockwood (who lives in the South-East) was a great Assistant as was John Chapman. Photo by Mark Noble

Meg Smart.

A very different Meg from the one I can remember at Netley all those years ago. Charming and womanly! There is still hope for me yet… Photo by Mark Noble

Trevor and Alex.

I don’t think Smarty has woken up to the fact that Planner 9 is no longer his Controller. But then… Photo by Mark Noble

Bob, Keith and Coralie.

Bob Allen, a.k.a. “Casino Bob” (Binder, Mailing Room and Cricket Club Secretary), “Ocko” and Coralie Hills (Netley, Lands, Highways and somewhere where she ended up as the Paymaster). Coralie deserves a Medal for some of the Government Depts. she …

Lydia Stone.

Lydia Stone joined her good friend Marilyn Harding at the Old Guv Reunion on Sunday, 21st October, 2012. Thanks Lydia for helping with the name tags on the day. Photo by Mark Noble

Dave Walker.

David Walker (Print Room) was there on Sunday, 21st October, 2012 and spread himself around quite a bit. He enjoyed himself and we enjoyed his company. Photo by Mark Noble