Dave, Rowan and Derry.

Left to Right:
David Walker, multi skilled printer and part time Archer. Appearance wise David looks like an angel but don’t get sucked in he has a black heart. Oh! and he loves bonsai trees.
Rowan Williams, a polite man was a highly skilled litho printer who had a brother Ashley (the ugly one) who worked in typesetting at the Guv. and
Our final leading light is Mr Derry Lockwood, a hardworking and flamboyant machine assistant who had a very loud voice. I believe he lives in the South-East nowadays.
Photo by Mark Noble. 

Mike and Gail Pearson.

We would like to invite Mike and Gail to Big Bash 2020. Can you help? Contact Rod Parham 0424 294 450.

Mike Pearson, Jobbing Comp, Print Salesman and House Magazine Editor with his very bubbly wife Gail enjoying their time at Reunion 2012.
Photo: Mark Noble

A big thank You to Dave Matthews, Russell Wight and Steve Palmer for locating Mike.

Meg Smart.

This is Meg Smart, who was a bit of a Legend at the Old Guv.
Meg had a few nicknames at the Printer, all to do with having the ability to promote outrageous stories about her co-workers (generally true).
But today she is a intelligent charming, womanly human being with a bubbly nature.
Who did she marry you may ask?
He was a thin, balding young compositor lad callled Trevor Smart (nicknamed Agent 99).
Trevor was a good bloke until he fell under the spell of Alex Riley who become his mentor. It was all downhill after that.
Nowadays, both he and his beloved Meg corral the shopping trolleys at the local Coles supermarket.
Meg Smart of course is the Boss.
Photo by Mark Noble

Dean Smith & Jim Cleveland, Reunion 2012.


Dean “Gomer” Smith (Offset Printer and amazing Tattoo Artist), and Jimmy Cleveland (Despatch,  parliamentary courier, and part time cricketer) enjoy Reunion 2012.

Photo by Mark Noble

Trevor and Alex.

I don’t think Trevor Smart has woken up to the fact that Alex the Toff  is no longer his Supreme Controller.
But then Trevor who is a good bloke, isn’t too Smart.
Photo by Mark Noble

Bob, Keith and Coralie.

The late Bob Allen, aka “Casino Bob” (Binder, Mailing Room and Cricket Club Secretary), “Ocko” Keith Oxley (Hand Binder and Leading Hand) and Coralie Hills (Old Guv Netley, Lands Department, Highways and so on).
Coralie deserves a Medal for some of the crazy Government Departments she has worked for.
Photo by Mark Noble

Lydia Stone.

Lydia Stone joined her good friend Marilyn Harding at the Old Guv Reunion on Sunday, 21st October, 2012.
Thanks Lydia for helping with the name tags on the day.
Photo by Mark Noble

Dave Walker.

David Walker (Print Room) spread himself around quite a bit at the 2012 Old Guv Reunion.
He enjoyed himself and we enjoyed his company.
Photo by Mark Noble

Barry Kym, John, Allan and Dean.

The Likely Lads
from Left to Right: Barry Bryant, Kym Curgenven, John Chapman (back to camera), Allan Dell (two L’s) and Dean Vickery-Howe.
Photo by Mark Noble