Pikachu’s Everywhere, Seoul, South Korea.


If you’re a fan of Pokemon then you’re going to be really excited to hear that Pikachus invaded  Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza after their recent success at the Pikachu festival in Japan’s second-largest city, Yokohama.

Sinister Images by Kazanjian.

untitledStation_2014Inspired in part by the classic horror literature of H.P. Lovecraft, artist Jim Kazanjian (previously) assembles foreboding buildings using snippets of photographs found in the Library of Congress archives.
Equal parts secret lair, insane asylum, and the work of a deranged architect, Kazanjian’s collages are created from 50-70 separate photographs taken over the last century.
Each piece takes nearly three months to complete as he painstakingly searches for just the right elements, a process he likens to “solving a puzzle, except in reverse.” From his artist statement:
I’ve chosen photography as a medium because of the cultural misunderstanding that it has a sort of built-in objectivity. This allows me to set up a visual tension within the work, to make it resonate and lure the viewer further inside.
My current series is inspired by the classic horror literature of H.P. Lovecraft, Algernon Blackwood and similar authors.
I am intrigued with the narrative archetypes these writers utilize to transform the commonplace into something sinister and foreboding. In my work, I prefer to use these devices as a means to generate entry points for the viewer. I’m interested in occupying a space where the mundane intersects the strange, and the familiar becomes alien.
In a sense, I am attempting to render the sublime.
You can see much more of Kazanjian’s work on his website, and at Jennifer Kostuik Gallery in Vancouver later this year. (via Colossal Submissions)
via Sinister Architecture Constructed from Archival Library of Congress Images by Jim Kazanjian | Colossal.

Kazakh’s Eagle Hunters, north-western China.


Chinese Kazakh eagle hunters sit on horseback as they travel to a local competition in the mountains of Qinghe County, northwestern China
Image Credit: Photographs by John Hutchinson for MailOnline
The festival, organised by the local hunting community, is part of an effort to promote and grow traditional hunting practices for new generations in the mountainous region of western China that borders Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia.
The training and handling of the large birds of prey follows a strict set of ancient rules that Kazakh eagle hunters are preserving for future generations.
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Bathing Beauties in the 1920s-1940s.

First Ever Miss Americas and Bathing Beauties from the 1920s (2)

Evelyn Lewis competed in the Miss America pageant as Miss Washington in 1922
Stunning photographs taken of beauty pageants show that nothing has changed yet everything is different.
Vintage snaps from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s show smiling young women lined up in their bathing suits, standing side on with a jutted hip and one leg stuck forward – or even in the air…
First Ever Miss Americas and Bathing Beauties from the 1920s (5)Alma Carroll wearing an Army overseas cap, has answered the beauty draft call here, hoping to be crowned Miss America of National Defense in 1934.
First Ever Miss Americas and Bathing Beauties from the 1920s (11)
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“Fashion by Edward Steichen.”

Fashion Photography by Edward Steichen in the 1920s and 1930s (2)

English stage actress Mary Taylor, 1933
As chief photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair, Edward Steichen profoundly shaped the look of celebrity and fashion photography in the 1920s and 1930s.
Fashion Photography by Edward Steichen in the 1920s and 1930s (4)
 Chanel cocktail dress, Vogue May 1926
He immortalized leading writers, artists, actors, dancers and politicians in striking portraits.
Fashion photography was revolutionized when he began depicting the creations of all the great designers of the age.
Fashion Photography by Edward Steichen in the 1920s and 1930s (5)
Two models on the deck of the cruise ship liner Lurline, 1934
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Vintage Portraits of Beauty circa 1930s.

National+Types+of+Beauty%2C+1930s+%281%29National types of beauty was a series of real photo cigarette cards distributed in the 1930s.
Some of the women portrayed were well-known actresses in their country, such as Anna May Wong from China, Frances Doble from Canada and Greta Nissen from Sweden.
The photographers were unidentified but the portraits would have been taken by major studios of the time.
Tellingly, no black women were represented but this may have more to do with their lack of recognition as actors in America and Europe than any deliberate exclusion on the part of the cigarette company.
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