The Fragile Beauty of Nature.

My name is Katarzyna Załużna.
I live in Poland. I am a mother of three children.
I am an amateur photographer and have become passionate about photography over the past three years.
I love to photograph my children, snails and floral motifs in the sunlight.
I shoot mostly using a manual lens with an old Pentacon.
My photographs are a reflection of my emotional state and spirituality.
Photography is not only my passion, but is a way of expressing myself.
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Crooked Trees, West Pomerania.

crooked-forest-krzywy-las-kilian-schonberger-poland-4There’s a small grove of regular pine trees in West Pomerania, Poland, that has become famous because of one little “twist” – all 400 of the trees located there have a strange bend at the base!
The stand of trees was planted around 1930 in what was then Germany.
The trees all take a sharp 90-degree turn soon after leaving the ground before sweeping back into an upright position with a graceful curve.
Their strange but beautiful nature is captured perfectly in the below photos by Kilian Schönberger, whom we’ve written about before here.
No one is certain how or why the trees were bent, but most believe that it was an intentional, mechanical process.
Trees can be manipulated to create naturally bent parts for, furniture or other applications.
Others have theorized that a severe snowfall could have caused the curious phenomenon.
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Source: Mysterious Forest Of 400 Crooked Trees In Poland Is Still A Mystery For Scientists | Bored Panda