Man who ate Reaper Chilli Pepper ended up in hospital.

As you sow, so shall you reap … Carolina Reapers, formerly the world’s hottest chilli peppers. Eating one appears to have given a man reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome. Image Credit: Photograph by Photograph: Alamy A man who took part in a chilli pepper eating contest ended up with more than he bargained for when he […]

Hyperreal paintings of Fruit.

For Dennis Wojtkiewicz, who creates hyper-real paintings of cross-sectioned fruit, finding his niche was a slog, until he set about carving up lemons. “The sun was out and the light happened to pass through the flesh,” he says. “It was a revelation. The form came to life.”To capture the moment, he turned to his idols […]

Mona Caron’s Wall Murals of Plants.

Muralist Mona Caron (previously) has continued her worldwide Weeds series, with colorful renderings of humble plants growing ever taller on buildings from Portland and São Paulo to Spain and Taiwan. The San Francisco-based artist often partners with local and international social and environmental movements for climate justice, labor rights, and water rights, and selects plants, […]

Cypress Trees in the Mist.

Overall winner: Travel photographer of the Year: Marsel van Oosten Cypress trees on a misty morning on one of the countless bayous of the Atchafalaya basin, Louisiana, the largest US wetland. Marcel van Oosten is a professional nature photographer from the Netherlands and a regular contributor to National Geographic magazine. The judges said his photographs […]

Bristlecone Pine Forest.

The Great Basin Bristlecone Pines, or Pinus longaeva, is a long-living species of tree found in the higher mountains of the southwest United States. Bristlecone pines grow in isolated groves in the arid mountain regions of six western states of America, but the oldest are found in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White […]

Feline fronds when cats and plants collide.

Since 2008, Chicago-based artist Stephen Eichhorn has been making surprising cat collages, drawing inspiration from his overflowing collection of houseplant guides and books about cats. “There was a quirkiness and humour to the still life compositions of the house plants that the cat photos shared,” he says. “It made sense to combine them.” Focusing his […]

Oil of Wintergreen for pain relief still used today.

All-Purpose Pain Relief Back Then: [Wintergreen] boiled in wine and water and given to drink to them that have any inward ulcers in their kidneys or neck of the bladder, doth wonderfully help them; it stayeth also all fluxes, whether of blood or humours, [such] as the lask, bloody flux, women’s courses, and bleeding of […]

Chromolithographs of The Great Water Lily 1854.

These magnificent colour lithographs are to be found in Victoria Regia, or, The Great Water Lily of America: With a Brief Account of its Discovery and Introduction into Cultivation (1854), a work by amateur botanist John Fisk Allen which documents his attempts to propagate the Amazon’s Victoria regia (now called Victoria amazonica) in the more […]

Flowers Bloom across the Plain of Castelluccio, Italy.

The village of Castelluccio sits on a hill above the flowering landscape, in the highlands of the Sibillini Mountains, in central Italy, in the summer of 2018. Image Credit: Photograph by Valerio Mei / Shutterstock Source: Colors Bloom Across the Great Plain of Castelluccio, Italy – The Atlantic

The Science of Magic Glow Mushrooms.

Image: Thank luciferin for mushrooms’ mysterious glow. (Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain) by Erin Blakemore When is a mushroom more than just a mushroom? When it glows. It might sound like a psychedelic riddle, but when it comes to bioluminescent mushrooms, it’s reality. The glow-in-the-dark fungi have been found in places like Brazil and Vietnam. But now, […]