A Tiny Gray Owl is hiding here.

Image Credit: Photograph by Mauro Mozzarelli, National Geographic Your Shot.
A cleverly camouflaged gray owl protects its nest in this Your Shot picture chosen for the Daily Dozen roundup of editors’ favorites.
This photo and caption were submitted to Your Shot.
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Adorable Tiny Owls Huddling Together.

birds-keep-warm-bird-huddles-7__880Source: www.telegraph.co.uk
Birds are warm blooded animals, which means that they maintain their body temperature independent of the environment.
However, quite often their tiny size forces them to adapt, and even work together, when it gets cold outside.
birds-keep-warm-bird-huddles-10__880Source: yourshot.nationalgeographic.com
“They huddle together in such roosts for warmth, the most dominant birds taking the center positions, forcing the immature and more subordinate to the edges where they are at the mercy of the elements.”
As well as the Owls, this is our collection of the cutest bird-cuddling photos.
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A Snowy Owl in flight – pic by traffic camera

46eyrtfhet4Traffic cameras don’t generally take interesting photographs, but sometimes they get lucky.
Such was the case in January, when Transport Quebec’s traffic camera snapped several pictures of an owl mid-flight.
The photos of the majestic bird’s flyby were taken right by highway 40 in Montreal, Canada.
Quebec transport minister Robert Poëti tweeted the pictures.
Source: Traffic Camera Accidentally Snaps Beautiful Photo of a Snowy Owl | Mental Floss

‘Thanks for your Undivided Attention’ says Great Gray Owl.

little-book-of-thanks-owl_93045_990x742“Thanks for your undivided attention.”
Image Credit: Photograph by Erni
Great gray owls’ asymmetrically set ear openings help them locate noises by using the time difference in which the sound is perceived in the right and left ear.
(From The Little Book of Thanks by Anne Rogers Smyth)
Source: “Thank you for your undivided attention.”

Barn Owl on the Hunt.

Barn owl hunting by house by Jamie Hall, Suffolk, England.
Gold award winner in the birds in the garden category.
A barn owl ( Tyto alba) hunts for vole and rats against the photographer’s patio light.
Image Credit: Photograph by Jamie Hall/2017 Bird Photographer of the Year Awards
Source: Bird Photographer of the Year 2017 – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian

Shamma Esoof’s Sad Owl, Penang Park.

We tipped you off about Daisy, the cutest kitten in the world, and we introduced you to Champ, the happiest dog on earth. Now, it’s time to call your attention to one very unfortunate owl.
Drenched in rain, he’s got to be the saddest looking owl we’ve ever seen.
Photographer Shamma Esoof shot this bird at Penang Bird Park in Malaysia one rainy monsoon day.
As she stood in rainwater, that was ankle deep, she shared a special moment with this shivering wet owl. “We stared at each other for a long while,” she told us. “Its deep intelligent eyes and sad demeanor changed my perception of birds forever.
They are more sentient and self-aware than I ever imagined. I clicked the photo to preserve that wonderful moment. I wanted to share it with people, so that they too, could enhance their perception of birds.”
The photo was uploaded onto 500px and then went viral. Not only did it get picked up by print and online magazines, it was awarded several prizes including the Grand Prize in the “Capture the Moment” competition by Duggal Visual Solutions.
500px recently wrote an article about her shot called Sham’s Story: How a Sad Looking Owl Made for a Very Happy Photographer.
Shamma Esoof on 500px

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