Artworks that define Christmas.

Winter Landscape by Caspar David Friedrich (1811)
Image Credit: Photograph by Corbis

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Project Five Street Art.


Alex Lehours in his Northmead garage-slash-studio. Photo: Gene Ramirez.
Alex will participate in Project Five, an annual urban art event which started in 2009.
“Street art invites a wider audience, it becomes more than just your work. It becomes something the public can appreciate and enjoy. – Alex Lehours”
‘‘I’ve been really excited to be involved in Project Five this year,’’ said the British born Lehours, who was raised at Ryde.
‘‘Each year they’ve got these four cube structures which artists get to paint. I’m painting the panels in my garage now.’’
Picture: Alex Lehours.
via Street artist Alex Lehours in Project Five | Parramatta Sun.

Art by Lea Bradovich.


I stumbled across the artwork of Lea Bradovich last month, and was knocked out. Insects merged with the sumptuous details of Botticelli and other Renaissance painters! What was the inspiration for this fascinating work?

I talked to Bradovich about the motivation for her insect and bird paintings, which she’s been creating since 2004.

She’s a self-described “portrait wonk” and came up with the idea of a nature allegory; the natural world expressed in headgear and clothing.

Hats in her work display life cycles, food sources, and sometimes predators.

The Renaissance style of rich saturated colors and symbolic meanings seemed like a natural match:


Ladies of the Queen Bee’s Court. Lea Bradovich

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Wondrous Art by Pranckevicius.

I was born in Lithuania and gained basic artistic knowledge at the academy of fine arts, fresco specialty.
My name is Gediminas Pranckevicius I am working as a freelance illustrator, concept artist.
This is my art. You are my guest.
I-create-for-people-from-planet-EarthSlice of Life
More info:
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‘The Towers of Babel’.


Pieter Bruegel the Elder – The Tower of Babel (Vienna) – 1563. From the Book of Genesis (KJV).
“Metropolis is a 1927 German film in the science-fiction genre directed by Fritz Lang.
Produced in Germany during the Weimar Republic, Metropolis is set in a futuristic urban dystopia .
The Tower pictured in  Lang’s film bears a striking resemblance to the Towel of Babel.

‘Guerilla Art’ from Around the World.

Fintan-Magee-Street-Art-3A selection of street art creations by Australian artist Fintan Magee, based in Brisbane, who plunges us into a world both dreamlike and unconventional, yet very critical about the problems of modern societies.
Paintings created around the world, from Buenos Aires to Bogota via Hong Kong, Dublin or London.
Note that Fintan Magee also appears in the excellent video “Limitless by Sofles“.
via Guerilla Murals – 34 street art creations by Fintan Magee |

The Orangutan’s Climb.

tim-laman-wildlife-photographer-of-the-year-grand‘Entwined lives’ by Tim Laman (USA) – Winner, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016
The National History Museum has revealed its Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners, encompassing dramatic photographs of leopards, parakeets and pangolins.
American Tim Laman was the overall winner, thanks to his orangutan photo which didn’t require fancy equipment and lenses (it was taken on a GoPro) but did require three days of climbing.
“It’s a difficult-to-achieve shot,” commented chair of judges, Lewis Blackwell.
“This is very often what wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year: a picture that has a high degree of technical difficulty, but one that also has something to say; and Tim’s image certainly has that as well.”
Source: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016: Vertiginous view of orangutan’s climb wins | The Independent

Kallur Lighthouse, Faroe Islands.

Photograph by Grégoire Sieuw, National Geographic Your Shot
From a northern promontory on the Faroe island of Kalsoy, the Kallur lighthouse boasts a panoramic view of the sea and neighboring islands.
About a hundred people inhabit four villages on remote Kalsoy, one of 18 islands making up the North Atlantic archipelago.
Sieuw’s picture recently appeared in Your Shot’s Daily Dozen.
via Kallur Lighthouse Image, Faroe Islands.

‘Transformations’ by Joshua Brinlee.


Allegorical paintings and female portraiture from art history that have been layered and manipulated to show the different archetypes used to define women.
The images presented for this series attempt to break their attachments to provenance and represent themselves anew.
The images are constructed from scanned segments of female portraits and allegorical painting from art history.
They are layered and manipulated, only traces of the original scan can be seen.
Female portraiture has been appropriated to show the archetypes used to define women: the visionary, the scribe, the mother, the femme fatale, and the maiden to name a few.
The final prints represent the variety of archetypes of women and subverts the context of the original portrait. The sitter of the portrait is no longer tied to their authorship, originality or ownership.
They have been reimagined and transformed.
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‘Cityscapes’ by Mann.

mann-1San Francisco-based artist Jeremy Mann executes these sublime, moody cityscapes using oil paints. To create each work he relies on a wide range of techniques including surface staining, the use of solvents to wipe away paint, and the application of broad, gritty marks with an ink brayer. The resulting paintings are dark and atmospheric, urban streets seemingly drenched in rain and mystery. Mann’s work is in no way limited to cityscapes, he also paints the human figure, still lifes, and landscapes.


Jeremy Mann Website

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