Historic Photographer – of the Year 2018.

English History Winner: Red Sands Sea Forts, Thames Estuary, by Mark Edwards
The Historic Photographer of the Year awards celebrate historic places and cultural sites across the globe, from national treasures to hidden gems.
Entries were judged on originality, composition and technical proficiency as well as the story that inspired the submission and its historical impact.
Shortlisted: Engine Room, SS Great Britain in Bristol, by Thomas Bedson
Shortlisted: Vicars Close in Wells, by Rose Atkinson
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Mystical Morning Mist surrounds village of Shugruf.

Matjaz Krivic, winner, photography travel portfolio.
Shugruf, Yemen:
Morning mist rises mystically from the valley towards the small village of Shugruf in the Haraz mountains, Yemen.
image Credit: Photograph by Matjaz Krivic/TPOTY
Source: Travel Photographer of the Year 2018: the winners | Travel | The Guardian

‘Life On The Lake’


In the darkness
by Marcin Sobas
This set is about anglers, fishers, hunters. I have always admired their hard work and dedication to catch fishes, so I decided to show some pictures.
4.Fishing-in-haze__880Fishing in Haze
It’s really hard to float on the middle of the lake in the middle of the night or in the morning and wait few hours for fish.
But it’s very similar to landscape photography. We don’t always get good effects but we have to try!
3.-Boats-in-rays__880Boats in Rays.
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Milk and Cookies Night at Joshua Tree Arch.

Image Credit: Photograph by Dana McMullen,
Lit by a low hanging, sliver of crescent moon, the arch at Joshua Tree glows under the night sky and the Milky Way.
This photograph was created with an image stack of two exposures and two different focal points.
Source: Milk & Cookies Photo by Dana McMullen — National Geographic Your Shot

Haleakala Volcano, Hawaii.

Your Shot member Bryan Geiger made an early morning visit to the summit area of Haleakalā volcano in Hawaii’s Haleakalā National Park and it yielded this extraordinary image of an otherworldly landscape.
“I woke up at 3 a.m. and drove to Haleakalā summit,” Geiger writes. “As the sun came up it revealed only a white wall of mist.
After a couple of hours, disappointed and cold, I decided to leave.
While driving back I jumped out at the overlook to see if anything had changed.
At that moment the clouds retreated and I had only an instant to snap this photo of the alien-looking land.”
Source: Photo of the Day: Best of August