Mandalay/Fire/Bee, Images from Our World.

Mandalay, Burma: A Buddhist monk takes a photo as he and other monks are offered morning alms
Photograph: Phyo Mg Mg/AFP/Getty Images
Jinhua, China: A barefooted man walks on fire at the Lianhuo festival. Photograph: ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images.cbccaab2-56ae-48ef-b567-61005763030c-2060x1371
Dresden, Germany: A bee collects pollen from a sunflower
Photograph: Arno Burgi/AFP/Getty Images
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The Angry Ocean.


REUTERS/Luke MacGregor
Large waves hit the lighthouse and harbor at high tide at Newhaven in Sussex, England.


Giant waves crash over onlookers washing them off the sea wall of Cape Town, South Africa’s Kalk Bay harbor.
REUTERS/Eloy Alonso
Waves crash against the seawall of the port of Cudillero, as boats are seen in the foreground in northern Spain.
PA IMAGES/Ben Birchall
People watch and photograph enormous waves as they break on Porthcawl harbor, South Wales, where very strong winds and high seas create dangerous weather conditions.
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Digital Landscapes to Inspire.

In this post, we showcase Beautiful Examples Of Landscape Digital Paintings for Your Inspiration.
Hopefully everybody will find some inspiration at least in some of the works showcased below.
Feel free to explore the works of artists by following the links to their sites.
Deserted street by monsterrrrous
Bye bye Mr. Moon part 7 by TinyPilot
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Orange Baby and Green Field.

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of the best photographs from around the world including young monks in Seoul, Mother’s Day in Mexico and Tin Hau festival in Hong Kong.
2000Borneo, Malaysia A silvery lutung monkey sits with her orange-coloured young baby in a tree at Bako national park. The baby’s fur will darken when it is a few months old. Photograph: NPL/REX Shutterstock.
Woodborough, England A general view over Nottinghamshire field during the warm weather spell
Photograph: Neil Squires/PA
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‘Solitary Figures’ by Wiesenfeld.


Paintings of solitary figures, mostly women, with a sense of determination but vulnerable at the same time where we can assume they are on some quest or searching for something unseen.
The paintings engages the viewer to fill in the rest of the narrative.
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Wondrous Art by Pranckevicius.

I was born in Lithuania and gained basic artistic knowledge at the academy of fine arts, fresco specialty.
My name is Gediminas Pranckevicius I am working as a freelance illustrator, concept artist.
This is my art. You are my guest.
I-create-for-people-from-planet-EarthSlice of Life
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