Lithographs of Locomotives, c. 1850s.

“The locomotive industry emerged in mid-nineteenth-century America with the development and rapid expansion of the railroad network. As the number of locomotive manufacturers increased, the industry became intensely competitive, and builders vied with one another to capture the attention of railroad companies, officials, and agents. The first locomotive builders’ prints were created in the late […]

Chromolithographs of The Great Water Lily 1854.

These magnificent colour lithographs are to be found in Victoria Regia, or, The Great Water Lily of America: With a Brief Account of its Discovery and Introduction into Cultivation (1854), a work by amateur botanist John Fisk Allen which documents his attempts to propagate the Amazon’s Victoria regia (now called Victoria amazonica) in the more […]

Alois Senefelder, Father of Lithography.

Johann Alois Senefelder (6 November 1771 – 26 February 1834) was a German actor and playwright who invented the printing technique of lithography in 1796. Born Aloys Johann Nepomuk Franz Senefelder in Prague, then Imperial city (Reichsstadt) of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, where his actor father was appearing on stage. He […]

Heidelberg KORD 62 K Line.

Heidelberg KORD 62 (K-Line) is a One color offset printing press which was produced from 1961 to 1986 in Germany. Specifications: Type: Offset press Manufacturer: Heidelberg. Model: KORD 62 (K-Line) Colors: One. Print format max: 45x62cm Press speed max: 6000 impressions per hour. Width: 1450. Height: 1430. Weight: 2550 First year of production: 1961. Last […]

What’s a ‘Hickey’ in Print?

When teenagers, most of us knew a hickey was a bruise caused by hard sucking on skin, usually on the neck. On Mondays, blokes and sheilas proudly displayed their ugly hickeys as indicators of intense passion and other things over the weekend. It was a status symbol or a message saying “I dunnit” or “nearly […]

“Jenny Easther and friends, 1979.”

Right Click and then click view image to see picture in a larger format. The date is 8 March, 1979. This Picture was taken at Harry Robinson’s Retirement Function. Harry was retiring from the Photomechanical Section at the Government Printing Office Netley Complex. From Left to Right (Back Row): Gary Easther (with hair), Jack Flack […]

“Photomechanical Staff in 1987.”

G’day Rod Here’s a picture for you. The photo mechanical crowd from Netley taken in 1987. Most of the names I can remember and are listed below (with a few gaps). You’ll be interested to see the late Bob Miller (who recently featured in one of your updates). He was passing through when I took […]

Peter Humby.

This Article appeared in the August, 1979 Edition of “Points” Magazine. To many of us a stamp collection is an activity we encourage in our children to keep them quiet and out of our hair. But, to Peter Humby this scarcely could apply. His collection of stamps is superbly presented and catalogued. Peter claims that […]