Images of ‘Hibernation’.

Dark and somewhat mysterious night shots around locations in Norway by Trondheim-based photographer Øystein Sture Aspelund. He describes the series entitled Hibernation as “investigating subconsciousness, and the sometimes grey boundary between truth and fiction… utilizing man and his relation to the landscape as an investigative tool.” Based upon real places and events, this series intends […]

Amazing Aurora over Lekangsun.

Pictured: Aurora over Lekangsund, Norway. Image Credit: Photograph by Hugo Lohre/NASA. The sight of an aurora—whether it be from the ground, up in the air, or even in space—is sure to give pause and conjure wonder. Over the years NASA has showcased hundreds of amazing photos of auroras taken by astronauts in space, scientists on […]

Senja Island Norway.

Duality: Landscapes, Waterscapes, and Flora Winner. Although it’s not the country’s best-known destination, Norway’s Senja Island is quickly growing in popularity. One mountain in particular is largely responsible for that fame. Towering nearly 650 meters (2,100 feet) above the sea, Segla is a peak that epitomizes the ruggedness and wildness of northern Norway. Here, reindeer […]

Surfing the Ends of the Earth.

With the sun fading away and the Arctic beginning to turn dark and cold, Dane Gudauskas finds enough warmth to take flight (Lofoten Islands, Norway) (Courtesy of Chris Burkard) Southern California, Hawaii and Australia are all legendary locales for some of the best surfing in the world, and the pristine beaches and palm trees only […]

Fairy Tale Architecture.

Think Norway, and the first thing that comes to mind are fjords, blonde people and Vikings – not fairy tale architecture. Below, you’ll find photographs of architecture in the Norwegian countryside that looks like it’s been taken straight from a fairy tale. The architectural styles range from Stave churches, which were built during the Middle […]

Polar Bears of Svalbard.

Rising temperatures and increasing ice melt are transforming the island’s of Svalbard in Norway’s high arctic. The WWF-Canon and Norwegian Polar Institute Arctic research expedition 2014 looks at how the polar bear population is adapting to the effects of climate change. One of the big threats for polar bears today is the effect of climate […]

Polar Bear’s Sleep, Norway.

Polar Bear’s Sleep Image Credit;  Photograph by Roie Galitz.All Rights Reserved. Ramat Gan, Israel Member since 2016 PHOTO LOCATION Eastern Spitsbergen, Norway In recent years, the ice in Svalbard melts sooner and sooner, and as ice melts the bears are reducing their activity to save energy and fat. This bear sleeps on his last snow […]

Eclipse over Sassendalen.

Luc Jamet’s composite of the 2015 total eclipse over the isolated, snowy landscape of Sassendalen, seen from Svalbard, Norway, is the competition’s overall winner. The dot in the top left of the photo is Venus Source: Eyewitness: Astronomy Photographer of the Year | World news | The Guardian

Protecting the Kill, Svalbard.

A female polar bear guards a fresh bearded seal kill on the frozen Templefjord in Svalbard, Norway during the winter sunset. This won the best Polar Bear photography award determined by FIAP, the International Federation of Photographic Art, at the World Arctic Award. Prints are available from Joshua Holko’s website. Image Credit: Photograph by Joshua […]

Aurora Borealis illuminates the Sky over Torsfjorden.

Lofoten Islands, Norway Northern lights (aurora borealis) illuminate the sky over Torsfjorden in the Arctic Circle of Norway. Image Credit: Photograph by Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images. Source: A Tiger dance and a washout at Bestival – Friday’s fantastic photos | News | The Guardian