The Pop Culture Art of Serge Gay Jnr.

We shared Serge Gay Jr.’s work (previously featured in March 2014), but he’s been busy pumping out more of his grizzly graphic art which brings him back to our humble little site so soon. Based out of San Francisco, California, Serge draws his inspiration from his surroundings, his Haitian background, and the coastal cities he […]

Nixon, Elvis & Gun at The White House.

It all began at a party in Palm Springs, California in early December 1970. Elvis’s reign as the “King of Rock and Roll” had been in decline since the “British Invasion”, (led by the Beatles), had jolted America’s pop music market in 1964. Elvis was still an American idol and had begun a comeback in […]

Shasta Cascade Morning Light.

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Shasta Cascade Morning Light” by Beth Young. Location: Shasta Valley Wildlife Area, California.“ I got out of bed hours before dawn to drive an hour or so north to capture the clearing mist at the top of Mount Shasta and warm, golden light kissing the foliage surrounding Trout Lake […]

Joyland: An abandoned amusement park in Kansas.

Joyland: An abandoned amusement park in Kansas. Joyland was once the largest theme park in central Kansas but today it remains abandoned and vandalised. It opened in 1949 and it remained in continuous operation for 55 years, until 2004 when it shut down due to economical troubles and safety concerns. The park had more than […]

Sunrise on Lake Michigan.

Kayakers paddle on a tranquil Lake Michigan at sunrise in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, United States. Image Credit: Photograph by Julio Cortez/AP See more images via The 20 photographs of the week | Art and design | The Guardian

Ruins of the Mayan City of Palenque.

Image: Jan Harenburg, A fairly recently discovered ruined city lying in the protective embrace of the Mexican jungles, Palenque is one of the most breathtaking of all Mayan ruins. Known for its intricate carvings and as the resting place of Pakal the Great, the city was once a thriving metropolis between 500 and 700 AD […]

Ghost Towns – Two Guns, Arizona.

The story behind Two Guns, originally called Canyon Lodge, is a sad one. It all started in the 1920s, when the infamous Route 66 gained massive traffic from adventurous travellers. Many of these travellers stopped for supplies at Canyon Lodge, which was just a small trading post run by Earle and Louise Cundiff at the […]

Gunnison, Colorado: the town that dodged the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

Spanish influenza victims crowd into an emergency hospital at Camp Funston, Kansas, United States in 1918. Photograph: Associated Press In late 1918 the world’s greatest killer – Spanish flu – roared towards Gunnison, a mountain town in Colorado. The pandemic was infecting hundreds of millions of people in Europe, Africa, Asia and across the United […]

Joseph Gayetty – Inventor of Toilet Paper.

The first mentions of toilet paper were found in the Chinese 5th century writings and during the 14th century. They even started regular mass production of such paper in the amounts of over 10 million sheets in only one province. Wealthy citizens and the royal family in Beijing even had access to the several types […]

The Red-Headed Woodpecker.

Image Credit: Photograph by Joel Sartore, National Geographic Red-headed woodpeckers in Nevada explore numerous tree cavities. Census data from the Christmas Bird Count reveals that red-headed woodpeckers have declined in many regions of the United States. See other birds via National Geographic’s Favorite Bird Pictures.