Wood Panel Art by Audrey Kawasaki.

Audrey Kawasaki, one of our favorite artists, is back with her latest series titled Hirari Hirari, which translates from Japanese as “the sound or movement of a petal, leaf, or flower slowly falling.” Using her signature medium of oil, graphite, and ink on wood panels, the Los Angeles-based painter creates gorgeous depictions of dreamy and […]

Jersey Fresh Jam Art, New York.

by Bridget Clerkin/The Times of Trenton TRENTON — It might be called Jersey Fresh, but it came out of a can — a spray can. Graffiti artists from around the country flocked to Trenton Saturday for the ninth annual Jersey Fresh Jam, a festival highlighting graffiti, street art, music and community held at the Terracycle […]

The Scandal of Kip Rhinelander’s marriage to Alice Jones, 1924.

The love letters between Leonard Kip Rhinelander and Alice Jones were read to giggling spectators in the courtroom on Nov. 21, 1925. – Bettmann/CORBIS The lack of interest in Kanye West’s and Kim’s race stands in sharp contrast to the 1924 marriage and separation of Leonard “Kip” Rhinelander, son of the New York glitterati, and […]

The Rainbow House created from an 1840s Home.

The artist Kat O’ Sullivan has been creating upcycled sweaters and clothing for over 20 years. “It seems like anything within my grasp ends up painted a million colors,” she says. And this statement certainly held true when the artist decided to purchase a home in upstate New York that had been built in 1840. […]

Jack London, Writer and Photographer.

Jack London was a prolific photographer in addition to his writings and social activism, author of The Iron Heel he died in 1916 aged 40 years. His writing and photography have been brought together in a new series by the publishers Contrasto, melding London’s literature and photography. Jack London: The Paths Men Take, contains illustrated […]

The Art of Leonora Carrington.

Leonora Carrington’s The Giantess, c 1947. Illustration: Tate by Chloe Aridjis. “I am as mysterious to myself as I am mysterious to others,” Leonora Carrington once said in an interview. Loyal to their creator, the figures in her paintings are similarly hermetic and complex, often poised between what seems like enigma and revelation, envoys of […]

The Pop Culture Art of Serge Gay Jnr.

We shared Serge Gay Jr.’s work (previously featured in March 2014), but he’s been busy pumping out more of his grizzly graphic art which brings him back to our humble little site so soon. Based out of San Francisco, California, Serge draws his inspiration from his surroundings, his Haitian background, and the coastal cities he […]

Nixon, Elvis & Gun at The White House.

It all began at a party in Palm Springs, California in early December 1970. Elvis’s reign as the “King of Rock and Roll” had been in decline since the “British Invasion”, (led by the Beatles), had jolted America’s pop music market in 1964. Elvis was still an American idol and had begun a comeback in […]

Shasta Cascade Morning Light.

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Shasta Cascade Morning Light” by Beth Young. Location: Shasta Valley Wildlife Area, California.“ I got out of bed hours before dawn to drive an hour or so north to capture the clearing mist at the top of Mount Shasta and warm, golden light kissing the foliage surrounding Trout Lake […]

Joyland: An abandoned amusement park in Kansas.

Joyland: An abandoned amusement park in Kansas. Joyland was once the largest theme park in central Kansas but today it remains abandoned and vandalised. It opened in 1949 and it remained in continuous operation for 55 years, until 2004 when it shut down due to economical troubles and safety concerns. The park had more than […]