Remmelin’s Anatomical ‘Flap’ Book.

This volume is a rare edition in Dutch of the greatest of the anatomical ‘flap’ books. The work features three full-page plates with dozens of detailed anatomical illustrations superimposed so that lifting the layers shows the anatomy as it would appear during dissection. Although flaps had been used in printing before, Remmelin was the first […]

Ferris Wheel at Scheveningen Pier.

by​ Kevin Clln Last year I moved to The Hague, Netherlands and I was immediately amazed by the pier in the Beach Resort of Scheveningen, which is the location of the only Ferris Wheel built over the water in Europe. It became one of my favorite locations for my Project #thebeautythehague, where I showcase pictures […]

Windmills in the Fog by Albert Dros.

Photographer Albert Dros woke up early in the morning to shoot the incredible windmills’ village of Zaanse Schans. He has created then a beautiful, fairy and surreal atmosphere looking like a scene from a Grimm brother’s novel. This partiular village, which is usually full of tourists, unveils a romantic ambiance in the fog at 5.00 […]

Magic of the Forests.

These photos were all taken in the Netherlands by Zig Zag Zig Zag Curvy roads between trees can create an amazing effect when using long lenses to photograph them. The Netherlands is famous for the beautiful canals in Amsterdam, the tulips and of course the windmills. The Netherlands also has some beautiful forests that […]

Lion Rescue in Europe,

The 13-year-old lion Zhaku looks out from inside a transportation cage being loaded into a truck by the animal-welfare association Four Paws at Tirana Zoo in Albania in May, 2019, as part of a transfer, along with two other lions, to the Felida Big Cat Center in the Netherlands. The three lions, rescued by Four […]

The Van Gogh Bicycle Path, Eindhoven.

Contributor: Thom101 Bringing together sustainable energy concerns, modern art, and an impressionist classic, the Van Gogh Bicycle Path in Eindhoven, Netherlands comes to life each night when the stones in the trail light up in an homage to Van Gogh’s famous work, The Starry Night. The brainchild of artist and double-letter enthusiast Daan Roosegaarde, the […]

Amsterdam at Night,

Life in Amsterdam is always interesting. Particularly at night, when the Dutch capital’s streets come alive with both locals and the usual tourists sampling anything and everything this wonderful place has to offer. Enter Julie Hrudova, a street and documentary photographer born in Prague, now based in Amsterdam. Her latest series, Amsterdam at Night, shows […]

The Struggle of Life.

The Struggle of Life, Netherlands To restore original natural dynamics in streams many measures are necessary. In the ‘Leuvenumse beek’ a nature organisation tried to increase heterogeneity of the river bottom and water retention by putting dead wood in the stream system. In autumn when rainfall is high, pieces of forest get flooded. I saw […]

Plate is proof of Hartogh’s visit to the ‘Unknown Southland’ 1616.

Terra Australis Incognita: the unknown southland. The unknown Soutland was supposed to be enormous and full of incredible possibilities. Dutch ships occasionally passed the coast of Australia by accident. Dirck Hartogh and his crew stopped there once. Their VOC ship Eendracht was actually sailing to Batavia, but had been blown off course and sighted the […]