Underwater Kulkatan Sinkhole.

British underwater photographer of the year – winner. Image Credit: Photograph by Nick Blake (United Kingdom). Location: Yucatán peninsula. Kukulkan is one of the spectacular cenotes (underwater sinkholes) on Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula, and is noted for its otherworldy light as sunbeams penetrate the darkness of the cave. Blake captured this diver in the centre of […]

The Wild Bunch, 1969

The Wild Bunch is a 1969 American epic revisionist Western film directed by Sam Peckinpah and starring William Holden, Robert Ryan, Ernest Borgnine, Edmond O’Brien, Ben Johnson and Warren Oates. The plot concerns an aging outlaw gang on the Mexico–United States border trying to adapt to the changing modern world of 1913. The film was […]

The beautiful ‘Coordillera’ near Monterrey.

“Mexico is one of those countries which surprises you around every corner. The beauty is overwhelming and sometimes unbelievably real. Some years ago I flew over this “coordillera” (mountain range) and was totally overwhelmed by its beauty. Minutes later Monterrey City appeared. Fantastic how close to a big city such a beautiful landscape can be.” […]

Cypresses Guard Lake.

“Hundreds of old cypresses guard the perimeter of Lake Camécuaro and its turquoise-colored, crystal clear water,” Javier Eduardo Alvarez writes of this photo he made of the small Mexican lake, popular for its picturesque beauty. “This place is magical.” This photo was submitted to Your Shot, our storytelling community where members can take part in […]

Volkswagen’s Beetle is rolling off the factory floor for the last time.

Volkswagen is bringing an end to its much-loved Beetle car this week at its plant in Puebla, Mexico. Volkswagen’s Beetle was conceived by the Nazis in 1938. Production of the car under Nazi rule never happened, but was restarted with the British. The marque produced over 21 million versions, and was embraced around the world […]

The ‘Island of the Dolls’.

The eyes of decapitated dolls blink lazily from their perches in the trees on Mexico’s Isla de las Munecas – ‘Island of the Dolls.’ There’s something undeniably terrifying about seeing what look like naked infants – sometimes remarkably realistic – clinging to the branches or dangling from their necks. Legend has it that after a […]

Volcano of Fire.

Clouds of ash fill the sky after an eruption by the Colima volcano, known as the Volcano of Fire, near the town of Comala, Mexico. The volcano spewed ash more than four miles into the air. © Reuters / Bernardo de Niz.  Colima Volcano via The 20 photographs of the week | Art and design […]

Solar Portrait in Love.

Solar Portrait in Love. Finalist, People. Faustina Flores Carranza (66), and her husband, Juan Astudillo Jesus (63), sit in their solar-lit home in San Luis Acatlán, Guerrero, Mexico. Faustina and Juan have seven children and have been together for 48 years. Like many members of the Mixteca indigenous community, they have never had access to […]

The Xoloitzcuintli, relative of an ancient Aztec dog.

Image Credit: Photograph by Yann Arthus-Bertrand/Corbis. Mexico’s main national animal is the golden eagle—the bird that legend says played a role in the founding of Mexico City and appears on the country’s flag. But the country didn’t stop there: it also selected a national mammal (jaguar), a national arthropod (grasshopper), a national marine mammal (vaquita) […]

Mythical Mural Art by Curiot.

Mexican street artist Favio Martinez, better known as Curiot, is famous for his mixing of humans and animals in his works, creating some new forms of living beings. In his illustrations there are present many folklore elements of the Mexican people, which have roots in Native American folklore. Favio Marinex was born and raised in […]