A Photo Trip to the Yucatán Peninsula,

The Yucatán is a 70,000-square-mile peninsula in southern Mexico, rich with history and life. Its beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean have become huge tourist draws, while inland, Maya archaeological sites are still being discovered, some dating back to the fifth century A.D.
The underlying landscape is almost entirely made of limestone, and is punctuated by caverns and occasional sinkholes that have filled with water, called cenotes, sought out by swimmers and cave divers.
Gathered below, a handful of images of Mexico’s Yucatán, from jungle pyramids to peaceful beaches and more.
The pyramid here stands 148 feet (45 meters) high, and is one of the largest known Maya structures remaining. # Iren Key / Shutterstock
Source: A Photo Trip to the Yucatán Peninsula – The Atlantic

Spaik and Libre, Mexico City.


Spaik and Libre collaboration in Mexico City (photo: Jose Hernandez).
A collaboration between two Gen Y Mexican muralists went up this month for college age festival goers at an electronic dance event in Mexico City that features multiple DJs, carnival rides, laser light shows, and neon accessories.
Here are some shots of the massive wall by Spaik and Libre.
Spaik and Libre collaboration in Mexico City (photo: Jose Hernandez)
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