The Monotype Room’s Christmas Party, circa 1960.


The Monotype Operators and Casting Attendants pictured really loved having their old style Christmas Piss-Ups at King William Road.
But some present here, for example, a very young John (Mooster) Bryant don’t look quite as happy as they did in previous years.
If you look closely at the back wall there is a poster hanging there that you would not see today.
Have A Go at putting names to faces.
Photo Courtesy of the Korff Family.

Aad Steg-nik vs. Frank Johnson.

Picture Courtesy of Barry O’Donnell: When asked by Grant Hofmeyer for a photo of Aad Stegink, this was the best I could do. Aad is the man arrowed towards the back of the pack. Frank Johnson is the man with the suit and arrow in the front of the machine room staff
During 1974 it became evident that even though the new plant at Netley was designed as a letterpress printing facility, photo litho. would be an emerging printing format.  Wise minds in the South Australian Government had determined that.
Government Printing would co-locate with Lands Mapping at the Netley complex, giving us two Government Printers for a few months.
Aad Stegink arranged with Lands Mapping to do a secondment to the machine area to learn about the offset/litho. printing process until the move to Netley,
Frank Johnson (Machine Room Overseer) only found out about this from the Government Photo-Lithographer.
Frank  Johnson was never very good with remembering staff names and loudly announced to the Machine Room in general,
‘How did Steg-nik arrange a stunt like this?’ 
The rest of the story is history as letterpress was squeezed into a corner with only Ray Belt and John Fletcher running a few machines.

“The Old Guv.”

oldguv03-scaled1000This is a beautiful shot looking down King William Road towards The River Torrens.
You’ll notice that the the Old Guv is still by itself, no Parliament House yet.
That makes it before 1936 and by the look of the road transport some time before that.
Is that an early version of the City Baths next to the Guv or some other Building?
The picture is from an Adelaide Postcard kindly provided by Kym Frost.

The Bad Paper Boy.

february_23rd_1908_boys_selling_newspapers_on_brooklyn_bridgeA trick I played a few times as a “shitboy” was to put yesterday’s newspaper inside of today’s cover and back page.
I would do it on a Friday and hope the people I fooled would forget about it over the weekend.
I would make sure that I was running late with the newspapers and hand them out just as the knock-off bell went
I preferred to play the trick on people who caught trains like John Elsdon.
They would settle down in their seat, read the first page (in John Elsdon’s case he would start on the back page).
As soon as they turned to page three.
Bingo! They would be reading yesterday’s old news….

Cyril Barson, ‘The Clown’.

On a few occasions I was guilty of taking the Piss out of Cyril Baron. But most times, I was completely innocent. Many times I would be setting away in my frame busily working.
Frank Lock would say, “Cyril, Warren’s making faces at You again!” Cyril would storm over to my frame and say, “Stop, making faces at me.”
“Fuck off!” I would answer. Then, there’d be an almighty blue between the two of us! Locky would chuckle to himself…
The best gag I did was to have a cartoon caricature of Cyril drawn. Then I got Burke Stone to make a printing block and Geoff Clarke printed a thousand copies off for me.
For the next 6 months these pictures would pop up on the notice board, on the ceiling, outside Cyril’s window and dangling from the Jobbing Room window.
Deep down I’m positive Cyril loved being the centre of all this attention. Cyril and his mate Sid Ball loved their Mother England.
When Ray Illingworth’s Mob looked like they would lose the final Cricket test in Sydney and the Ashes series, both Cyril and Sid worked out in the back room. We were told to “Keep Out.”
When England got up and Won they both came roaring back to the Comp Room arm in arm and singing “There will Always be an England” and quoting their beloved hero Winston Churchill.
Those were the days my friend!
Cyril had the Honour of being the only retiring compositor to be carried at shoulder height through the Netley Comp Room on his last working day!

A Quiet Day at The Old Guv.

Half way through my apprenticeship I was working on Ivan Merrett’s staff.
One Thursday Ivan sent me out to the back room (near the front office back door).
I was to spend the afternoon setting the large type that was used on maps. “Sit down”. “Get yourself a cup of coffee”. Ivan said. I just couldn’t believe it.
Once settled who should come around the corner but Big Dogs (Peter Cornish). He looked at my cup. “Ah, Coffee”, he said and then spat in it. He then stirred it with a 12 point lead space.I saw red and threw the coffee in his face.
It was on, punches, pushing, shoving and Swearing. Jeff Brand and Ivan heard the commotion, they flew through the passage and held us apart. We were now abusing and threatening to kill each other.
Big Dogs being so unfit stood panting by a work bench for the next half hour. Ivan sent me to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for stitches for a deep cut on my left arm.
I sat there for five hours in the Emergency Room but no one saw me, so I went home.
My Dad blew me out for fighting and missing Trade School that night!
Big Dogs probably went to the Pub…

Warren Pietsch