‘Pies and Pastys’.

When we worked Saturday morning Overtime John “China” Buckby would get up a Pie and Pasty list for Morning Tea.
I was given the list and money and told by Buckby, “Go and get the Pies from the Railway Station Cafeteria and the pastys from the Bank Street Deli.”
“Get f**ked” I would say. “I’m getting everything from the Railway Station Cafeteria.”
After arguing for five minutes or so, Buckby went and got Merv “Nobby” Clarke (Supervisor) to come down and tell me where to go and what to do
“Oh, for God’s sake Warren.” Merv sighed, “Just go and get everything from the Railway Station Cafeteria and tell that bloody Buckby you got the pastys from Bank Street and the pies from the Station,” Merv said.
After Morning Tea was over, Bucko gets up pats his tummy and says,
See Warren, I told you aren’t those Pastys from the Bank Street Deli just so much better?”
The late Warren Pietsch

‘Er..better not to get involved.’

Baiting Jim Hosking was a Gazette pastime. Jim had a cupboard near his desk. Inside he kept the blue time docket pads and bars of Soap.
About 10 minutes before knock off Allan Orrock would go to Jim and ask him for a docket pad.
Jim would get his key out, undo the cupboard give Orrock his docket pad and lock up the cupboard again.
When Alan got back to the Government Gazette Staff, Elsdon would then go to Jim and ask for a docket pad.
Then Macca and Jimmy Tennant would follow. By now Jim could smell a rat!
Jim would now have the cupboard open, docket pad in hand as I ambled up.”I suppose you want a docket pad too?” he asked.
“No”, I replied. With that he would put the pad back in the cupboard, lock it and pocket the key.
“Well, what do you want ?” he asked. “A bar of soap please!”
Jim and Jimmy
Jim would get a lift to Netley with Jock Tennant. On one occasion Jimmy was a bit hung over from the night before.
When they reached Marion Road Jock turned left and was heading towards Anzac Highway. Upon reaching Anzac Highway Jim nudged Jock and said. “Er..Er..Shouldn’t we have gone down Richmond Road”
Another time at the Old Guv on a Thursday night about half an hour before knock off Jim wandered down to the Gazette staff and said “How’s Jock?” he asked.
“Pissed!”, we all answered. “Oh, bugger!” Jim replied. “He’s taking me Home.
Jim wasn’t confident with his ability in being a Foreman. He would often ask the Comp or Apprentice if the Proof he was about to sign was “OK to Print”.
If there was a broken serif or a letter “i” with it’s dot missing you could say to him, “That’s OK Jim”. and he would say “Are You Sure”.
“Yeah, she’s right!” and he would sign the Proof OK.
It wasn’t something that we did too often. But that’s how unsure of himself he could be.
Jim served in World War II and was yet another one of the many fine gentlemen who worked at The Old Guv.

Harry the Horse and The Toff.

This photo is of the late Harry Kinder (an excellent English Compositor).
Note: Harry who was ‘old school’ always wore a tie to work.
The other person in the photo is a quite young Alex (The Toff) Riley.
Apparently Alex was a nice person with hair in those days. However, he was later to become a selfish and cruel person.
This rather suggestive photo was taken by the late John Hunkin (Monotype Operator) many, many years ago…
Location: Could possibly be Jolly’s Boatshed, River Torrens, Adelaide. 

Harry a Huge Bloody Dog and Me.


It was time for the 2 o’clock mail run. With a full kitbag I went out the front door of the GPO.
The first stop was Government House. I crossed King William Road and walked towards the Main gates.
A big burly copper came out of his little office to open the side gate for me.
Suddenly, a huge Alsation dog jumped up at me. The kitbag went sailing through the air and hit the ground with a thud.
The bastard had scared the hell out of me!
Regaining my composure I picked up the kitbag, made the delivery and continued on with the run.
I got back to the Guv at 4 o’clock, put the kitbag away and began the walk back through the Comp Room.
Harry “The Horse” Kinder called me over to his frame. In his deep Lancashire accent he asked, “Did you shit your pants when that huge dog jumped up on you lad?”
Yep, Harry just happened to be looking out of the window when the big dog had “attacked” me!
It didn’t matter what you were doing, what you were thinking and what you were saying.

Government Print Honour Board.

Location: Army Museum of South Australia, Keswick Military Barracks, Adelaide.
An ornate polished wooden honour board from the Government Printing Office Staff.
It is divided into four sections; the upper section contains the coloured flags of Australia and Britain.
The lower section is divided into three columns, the centre column is further divided into two, the upper section contains a soldier standing at ‘Rest on Arms Reversed’ and text, the lower contains the names of those who paid the supreme sacrifice.
The outer columns contain the names of those who served in WW1.
It would appear that the addition of the names of the fallen from WWII were added but the Board could not contain the names of  all those who had served in WW II.

Dawn Fraser & Big Pretzel at the Adelaide City Baths.


A Photo of the Adelaide City Baths taken in 1919 (SA Collections).
The Old Government Printing Office was right next to the old Adelaide City Baths in King William Road.
Both the City Baths and the Old Government Printing Office buildings have been gone for many years now.
A Slim and Great Aussie Swimmer, Dawn Fraser.
Adelaide entertainer and celebrity Big Pretzel in Vietnam, 1966.

Photo: The Crazy Horse Striptease Revue, Hindley Street, Adelaide in the 1970s where Big Pretzel danced.
When the weather was hot and it was Ladies and Girls day at the City Baths I am sure there would have been typesetters, comps and binders hanging their leering and sinful heads out of the ground floor window and lusting after the semi nude female talent on display below in the pool.
During the 1950s the centre of attraction was a young and fit Dawn Fraser who was training for the Olympics and was Sunbathing with her mate the equally young “Big Pretzel” a legendary singer, dancer and striptease artist.
A Photo taken by Paul Korff of the City Baths being pulled down.
It was probably out of one of the Guv’s windows that the late Paul Korff (Monotype Operator) who took the above picture peered down the lane just in time to see his wonderful little car which had just been stolen disappearing around the corner and down King William Road. Gone.