‘The Tunnel.’

Did you know there was an old railway tunnel just near the Old Guv building in King William Road?
Well there was!
As far as I know it was built in 1886 to service the old Exhibition Building and the Exhibition Oval near Kintore Avenue.
My grandfather Cyril used to tell me that there was a tunnel under King William Road which continued on from the Adelaide Railway Station under King William Road onto the Exhibition Oval.
They held the Royal Adelaide Show there in the late 19th Century
This of course was in the days before the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds were built at Wayville.


‘Confessions of a Young Bazza’.

unset1Hi, It’s Young Bazza here,
When I was at Primary School I decided that I wanted to be a Hot Metal Compositor.
Those blokes seemed so dignified, intelligent and handsome and got the best looking women in Hindley Street on a Saturday night.
So I gave up up my dreams of becoming a professional chicken plucker and after I left School I started applying at Printing Places all over Adelaide.
Every place I went to, I begged to became a Hot Metal Comp Apprentice, but they just laughed in my face and told me to “Fuck Off”.
xo6m39mws8roi6metcyk“I had always wanted to be one of these wonderful compositor blokes.” Young Bazza.
Then one day I found myself outside of the old Government Printing Office in King William Road.
I didn’t have an appointment but hesitantly climbed the stairs worried that I would get yet another knock back.
But this time I said that I wanted to be “a letterpress printer” and then told the old bloke who interviewed me that I played for Glenelg Colts.
Luckily, it was A.B. (Jumbo) James and within a few days I started as a Shitboy in the Print Room.
Within 15 years I realised that the Hot Metal Comps were the “has beens” and forgotten dinosaurs of the trade and I never looked back.
I went to work for a colour blind printer called Alec and had made firm friends with another strange Scotsman who got out of paying the ten pound “tourist fee” when he came to Australia.
Oh! That was my best ever mate the late Lew Morrison. Life was Beautiful…
Young Bazza

Dean Groves and the Balls Up.

Dean Groves, a Binder was also a SANFL league goal umpire, of some note, long before the AFL ever existed. He was picked to umpire, not sure who the teams were, but I think it was one of the better matches between two of the top teams.
The game happened to be televised live that day and Dean was centre stage waving his flags and doing a great job. I was watching the game at home on the live telecast when all hell broke loose about a disputed goal.
The goal umpire down the end of the disputed goal happened to be Dean. The problem was that the footballer that kicked the ball was convinced he kicked a goal and Dean instead of putting the two fingers up to signal a goal he only put up the one for a point.
Well then it was on, the player rushed up to Dean and tried to stop him waving the one flag instead of two, but to Dean’s credit being the professional umpire that he was, he ignored the player and carried on waving the one flag with one very angry player in his face trying to stop him.
The only problem was that because the game was televised they had a camera right behind the player when he kicked the ball and it showed on replay that it was clearly a goal. The commentators had a great time playing and replaying the goal that never was thanks to poor unfortunate Dean making one of his worst decisions and televised for all to see.
Of course when Dean returned to work on the Monday we all stuck up for him or was it we all stuck it up him.
As you know at the Old Guv you were not necessarily remembered for any good deeds you did – but mostly remembered for the stuff ups.
Ian Pedler

‘Pies and Pastys’.

frankharding2-1When we worked Saturday morning Overtime John “China” Buckby would get up a Pie and Pasty list for Morning Tea.
I was given the list and money and told by Buckby, “Go and get the Pies from the Railway Station Cafeteria and the pastys from the Bank Street Deli.”
“Get f**ked” I would say. “I’m getting everything from the Railway Station Cafeteria.”
After arguing for five minutes or so, Buckby went and got Merv “Nobby” Clarke (Supervisor) to come down and tell me where to go and what to do
“Oh, for God’s sake Warren.” Merv sighed, “Just go and get everything from the Railway Station Cafeteria and tell that bloody Buckby you got the pastys from Bank Street and the pies from the Station,” Merv said.
After Morning Tea was over, Bucko gets up pats his tummy and says,
See Warren, I told you aren’t those Pastys from the Bank Street Deli just so much better?”


The Child Snake Killer of Bourke.


Hi! My name is Alex Riley the ‘Toff’ and I used to work at the old Government Printing Office in King William Road, and at Netley.
When I was a young lad (with hair) I accidentally killed a bush snake with my stick, out the back of Bourke in New South Wales
I still have the snake at home, unfortunately it’s dead, but it does take pride of place in the pocket of my pants, right next to my moth infected wallet.
And YES! although I am old and senile, I am still very much Alive and filthy rich. Eat your hearts out!
The Toff

Finally, Friends after 54 years.

 A ridiculous dispute over Alex Riley not sweeping up some flame tree leaves off the pavement outside the Old Government Printing Office in King William Road some 54 years ago has been finally settled.

On the one hand we had a snotty nosed apprentice Alex (the Toff) claiming that Brian (Grubby) Hartshorne (Senior Apprentice) had set him up by scattering flame tree leaves on the pavement after Alex had supposedly cleaned them up.
Alex got into trouble with the Government Printer, Les (The Bull) Hawes who had screamed at Alex and accused him of being an incompetent lazy idiot and what’s more a Liar. All which was true, of course

Grubby Hartshorne denied any involvement in the flame tree incident and continued to do so for the next 54 years.
This incident has given Alex thousands of sleepless nights whilst Grubby has gone on blissfully unaware of the pain he may or may not have inflicted on the now 70+ year old Toff.
And then after over 54 years of cowardly silence and inaction Alex finally fronted Brian at an Old Guv Legends Luncheon.
Brian being the happy go lucky bloke that he is finally owned up about his guilt, by saying. YES, I DID IT!
So the two aging men finally shook hands.
Oh, What a Lovely Little Boring Story about a bruised Toff’s Ego.