A Field of Light at Night in the Red Centre.

Photo by Bruce Munro Over 50,000 bulbs light up an expanse of Australia’s Red Centre desert near Ayers Rock in an installation about the size of four football fields. The solar powered work, Field of Light Uluru, was produced by artist Bruce Munro who conceived the idea while visiting Uluru in 1992. Twelve years later […]

Destruction in Broome, Western Australia.

Ingetje Tadros has been named a finalist in the feature/photographic essay category for her work, which presents an insider’s view of the struggles faced by remote Aboriginal communities undergoing the hardships that stem from dislocation. This shot shows Meah, a five-year-old, standing outside her family home watching a bulldozer demolishing Kennedy Hill’s office in Broome. […]

Nana Assenso, chief of Adidwan village, Ghana.

Nana Assenso, 68, chief of Adidwan, a village in Ghana’s interior, looks on before visiting the grave of his uncle Kwame Badu, in Adidwan, Ashanti Region, Ghanaon 21 July. His uncle’s name Kwame Badu, has been passed on through the family in remembrance of an ancestor with that name who was captured and sold into […]

Monument Valley, Navajo Nation Reservation.

Monument Valley sits on the Utah-Arizona border, within the Navajo Nation reservation. The iconic sandstone buttes that dot the valley floor can mostly be accessed or viewed from Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, which—though instantly recognizable—has many fewer visitors annually than the nearby Grand Canyon. Gathered here, a collection of images of some of the […]

​What dreams reveal about different cultures.

What dreams reveal about different cultures. Anthropology adds another dimension to the bigger conversation. by Cory Rosenberg Dreamcatchers in a breeze, Monument Valley, Utah. The inner web of a dream catcher pulls in bad dreams at night and discharges them during the day. The dangling feathers allow good dreams to trickle down to the person […]

Under the Water Fountain, Brasilia.

Brasilia An indigenous man stands under a water fountain outside a government building during protests over territorial rights negotiations. Image Credit: Photograph: Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images Source: The 20 photographs of the week | Art and design | The Guardian

Beauty Contest in the Peruvian Rainforests.

In this June 23, 2015 photo, Yeni Casiano Barboza, 15, from the Ashaninka Indian community, Natividad, poses for a photo while waiting to compete in the annual beauty contest, in the Otari Nativo village, Pichari, Peru. For Ashaninka men, a woman’s beauty is determined in part by her hair, her sense of humor, and whether […]

Ancient Aboriginal Astronomy.

It is acknowledged that Australian Aboriginal culture is heavily spiritual and symbolic, but a rock engraving in a national park near Sydney suggests that the indigenous belief system represents a deep knowledge of the sky and the motion of the bodies within it. Scientists at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have presented […]

The Kondhs of Odisha, India.

Kucheipadar, India The Kondhs are the largest tribal group in Odisha, formerly Orissa. Their culture centres on nature and sacred hills. Utkal Alumina is mining the 200m tons of bauxite under the Baphlimali hills, while the 8,000-plus Dongria Kondh on the Niyamgiri hills have lived under the threat of mining there by Vedanta Resources. Image […]

Solar Portrait in Love.

Solar Portrait in Love. Finalist, People. Faustina Flores Carranza (66), and her husband, Juan Astudillo Jesus (63), sit in their solar-lit home in San Luis Acatlán, Guerrero, Mexico. Faustina and Juan have seven children and have been together for 48 years. Like many members of the Mixteca indigenous community, they have never had access to […]