evaho2Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, adventurer, and photography enthusiast Eva Ho recently returned from a camping trip to Iceland, where she documented the unbelievable beauty of the Land of Fire and Ice in a series of stunning photos. “
A true miracle of nature,” Ho says of the Nordic island country, “diverse, colorful, unpredictable at every turn.”
It’s astounding that so many natural wonders could exist in one place, but Iceland has them all, from thundering waterfalls, to smoldering volcanos and ice-blue glacial caves, to sky-high cliffs and river deltas that snake over the terrain like colorful veins, when viewed from above.
Ho, who braved the outdoors and took pre-dawn hikes to capture many of her incredible vistas, visually reinforces that the stark, surreal beauty of Iceland is a photographer’s dream come true.
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“Elephant in the Cliff”.

ele-1Photograph by Diego Delso. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Here’s a few photos of a natural rock formation off the coast of Iceland that looks like an imposing elephant with its trunk dipped in the Atlantic.
Located on the island of Heimaey, the mountainous shape appears to be formed mostly from basalt rock that has the uncanny appearance of wrinkled elephant skin.
You can see few more shots over on Flickr. (thnx, Amber!)
Source: An Elephant Appears to Emerge from a Cliff Face in Iceland | Colossal

” Aurora” published by NASA.

Kerið, a volcanic crater lake located in South Iceland’s Golden Circle tourist route is visible here in the middle of the photo.
Image Credit: Photograph by Sigurður William Brynjarsson
A photograph of colourful Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, was captured over crater Kerið in South Iceland recently.
The beauty of the photograph captured the eyes of the editors of the NASA astronomy website who published it as picture of the day.
The photo has also gone viral on Reddit. The photo was taken by Sigurður William Brynjarsson who explained to mbl.is that the photo was actually pieced together from several different photographs, taken at an interval of two to three minutes.
Brynjarsson, who runs Arctic Shots, a company specialising in photography trips for tourists in Iceland, took the photographs whilst on a tour with a group of people.
“When I saw how great the Northern Lights were going to get I took thirteen photos myself and made them into one photo.”It’s a considerable honour for a photographer to be published by NASA and this was the first time Brynjarsson’s photo is published on their website.
Source: Icelandic Aurora photo published by NASA – Iceland Monitor

Gljúfrafoss Waterfall.

Gljúfrafoss, Iceland – Photos by Ravi Sarma
Waterfalls can make for some of the most magical vistas in the world as they carve solid rock into often incredible formations.
Such is the case with Iceland’s Gljúfrafoss waterfall, which is almost completely hidden behind a cliff face.
The waterfall has driven a mossy cylindrical chamber into the rock which can only be reached through a thin crack in the outside cliff wall.
Once through the crack, explorers are hit with the incredible majesty of the hidden waterfall as it crashes into a pool at the base of the cave.
The interior of the cave is near completely covered in a thin carpet of greenery thanks to the continually moist surroundings.
Iceland’s natural wonders don’t get much more wondrous than this secluded water-work.
Source: Gljúfrafoss | Atlas Obscura

Protectors of Iceland.

iceland-mythic-creatures-paintings-asgeir-jon-asgeirsson-3I did these paintings for the album “Með Vættum” by the Icelandic metal band Skálmöld.
The inspiration comes partly from Heimskringla, an Icelandic Saga, but also from the amazing lyrics written by Snæbjörn Ragnarsson.
The album tells the story of an unknown heroine who grows up with the wights (mythical creatures), protecting the land from harm.
More info: en.m.wikipedia.org
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“Iceland” by Mann.


Photography By Austin Mann
I really enjoy the challenge and spontaneity of capturing powerful images without directing them.
I love to explore, see a moment coming, line up the shot and capture it as it passes.
The great thing about carrying the iPhone as my primary shooting device is it’s simple yet so powerful: it’s ready to capture virtually any scenario I encounter.
It enables images like this in a way no other camera ever could, no matter the cost.
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