Ice Caves at Búri.

There are a number of unique caving experiences across Iceland but most pale in comparison to Búri, an immense, tubular cave created by irregularly cooled magma. Discovered fairly recently in 2005, the Búri lava tunnel is thought to be one of the most significant discoveries of its kind in the last 1,000 years due to […]

Northern Light shine over Kerid Volcanic Crater Lake.

Photographer Sigurdur William camped out at the edge of the Kerid volcanic crater lake in Iceland where he captured this unusual view of the Northern lights and stars reflected on the water’s surface. Located in southern Iceland the Kerid is one of many crater lakes in the area that are frequented by locals and tourists […]

Reflection, Kopavogur.

Reflection by Michael Epel. Image Credit: Photograph by Michael Epel Photograph Location: Kopavogur, Capital Region, Country: Iceland. Camera: Phase One IQ3 60MP Focal Length: 35 mm Shutter Speed: 1/2 sec Aperture: f/19ISO: 50 Source: Reflection Photo by Michael Epel — National Geographic Your Shot

Alien Light in the Snow.

Electroluminescent light shapes installed in the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland by German artists Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor, also known as 3hund. The geometric shapes, sharp lines and luminous spheres have an eerie effect as the camera pans around the valleys and mountains before encountering the luminous forms that seem alien. The installations were […]

William Patino in Iceland.

Australian photographer William Patino’s short time in the photography world has made a big impact. The young artist, who currently resides in Wollongong, Australia, began to pursue photography in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. After working as a tradesman for over 8 years, the shift in careers was drastic, yet Patino hit the ground […]

Lighthouse Aurora.

An incredible Aurora helps a little lighthouse in the South of Iceland to illuminate the dark Icelandic night. Image Credit: Photographer: Leonardo Papèra Calavorno, resident of  Italy. Smithsonian Member since 2016. Source: Showing Who Is Boss | Smithsonian Photo Contest | Smithsonian

Ice Caves Lit Up Like a Piece of Amber.

Iceland Ice Caves by Sarah Bethea Photographer Sarah Bethea‘s love for nature and adventure started at a young age. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she would spend weekends skiing at Mt. Hood with her family. Over time, she also grew to love photography and has combined both passions, in an effort to send a […]

‘Land of Fire and Ice.’

Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, adventurer, and photography enthusiast Eva Ho recently returned from a camping trip to Iceland, where she documented the unbelievable beauty of the Land of Fire and Ice in a series of stunning photos. “ A true miracle of nature,” Ho says of the Nordic island country, “diverse, colorful, unpredictable at every turn.” […]

The Caves of Iceland.

Ice cave… Since I live in Iceland, these two words resound in my mind. I’ve seen the majestic glaciers, volcanoes and all the other wonders of Iceland. I went down inside a volcano, I flew over a live eruption but the ice caves kept attracting me with what I was seeing on the web, I […]

Breathtaking Shots of Iceland.

The Berlin-based photographer Max Muench takes us into Iceland, where he traveled in April. A compilation of vast stretches, waterfalls and golden lights, sometimes taken from the air, and other times from the ground. If you want to follow his daily adventures and travels, visit his Instagram account. Source: Breathtaking Travel Photography in Iceland by […]