The Floating Houses of Lake Bokodi.

Lake Bokodi, in the village of Bokod, about 80 kilometers west of Budapest, Hungary, is an artificial lake created in 1961 by the Oroszlány Thermal Power Company by flooding a low-lying meadow next to the plant. The power plant draws cold water from the lake to operate its boilers, and warm water is returned back […]

View of a Frozen Danube River.

Photograph by Tamás Rizsavi In Budapest’s heart the Danube river is rarely seen in this frozen state. It occurred 5 years ago last time, this is why it’s a special moment. It was worth being out in the -20 C degrees to capture its beauty. More info: Facebook Source: I Captured The Rare View Of […]

‘Fairy Tale Lake.’

“This little lake is a part of my life,” writes Your Shot member Gabor Dvornik, who lives half a mile from its location on a natural reserve in Sződliget, Hungary. “I shoot here nearly every month, sometimes every week. It has a very special air in every season, but to have a nice, misty day […]

The Surreal Work of Sarolta Bán.

Sarolta Bán is a 27 year old self-taught photographer and photo manipulator from Budapest, Hungary. Originally a jewelery designer, Sarolta usually works on an image from a few hours to a couple of days and uses up to 100 different layers for one beautiful picture.  See more via Amazing surreal photo manipulations by Sarolta Bán […]

Sparkling Night Trams, Budapest.

Photographers have had  fun with long exposure photography in Budapest. And the object of their photography are the amazing Budapest city trams decorated with 30 thousand LED light bulbs. Trams have become one of the latest additions to the fashionable streets in Budapest. Check out the twinkling… See more trams via Wonderful Glowing In Night […]

A Ghostly Tram in Budapest.

Tram in Budapest caught with flash I was trying to get the effect of a moving tram only to get this ghostly tram image. This was taken in the Buda area of Budapest, near the Chain Bridge Image Credit: Photograph by BAMC01/GuardianWitness See more images via Regular haunts: readers’ photos on the theme of eerie […]

Frozen Budapest.

Makro86 On a Monday afternoon back in December of the year 2014 I got a call from a photographer, that a whole district of Budapest is totally under ice and the trees are falling over because of the ice pressure. At this moment I never thought that this call would end in the most exciting […]

Climbing above Budapest.

by Tamás Rizsavi For 6 years I’ve been climbing Budapest’s most significant buildings, towers, monuments and everything I can to shoot the perfect pictures about my hometown. Real love and passion! I even risk my life to take pictures of my hometown in unrepeatable lights and from unbelievable heights. I try to take pictures in […]

A Copperplate view of Pressburg by Hogenberg 1535-1590.

This colored copperplate view of Bratislava (Posonium in Latin, known as Pressburg during the period of the Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empire) is the oldest and best-known popular depiction of the city. The creator of this edited copy of the print was the German master Franz Hogenberg (1535−90). At the time the print was made, Bratislava […]

Golden-bellied mangabey monkey born at Budapest Zoo.

Golden-bellied mangabey monkey born at Budapest Zoo. Photo: A small baby monkey scratches the head of an adult monkey. Only 12 zoos are believed to have golden-bellied mangabeys. (Attila Kovacs/MTI via AP) A rare monkey only held by a handful of zoos around the world has been born in Budapest, bringing the total in captivity […]