View of a Frozen Danube River.

Photograph by Tamás Rizsavi
In Budapest’s heart the Danube river is rarely seen in this frozen state.


It occurred 5 years ago last time, this is why it’s a special moment.


It was worth being out in the -20 C degrees to capture its beauty.
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Source: I Captured The Rare View Of The Frozen Danube In Budapest | Bored Panda

‘Fairy Tale Lake’, Szodliget.

“This little lake is a part of my life,” writes Your Shot member Gabor Dvornik, who lives half a mile from its location on a natural reserve in Sződliget, Hungary.
“I shoot here nearly every month, sometimes every week.
It has a very special air in every season, but to have a nice, misty day is rare, as wind is always present due to the nearby Duna River.
”Seeing the fog during a last glance outside the night before, Dvornik slept only three hours to make it to the lake for a “dream” shoot. “It was utterly ghostly and very moody out there,” he writes.
“I felt like I was in a fantasy tale, in an enchanted land.
I was so euphoric that I made around 500 captures and walked around the lake two to three times.”
Source: Photo of the Day – Best Photos of 2015 – Photo Gallery – National Geographic

Golden-bellied mangabey monkey born at Budapest Zoo.

Golden-bellied mangabey monkey born at Budapest Zoo.
Photo: A small baby monkey scratches the head of an adult monkey. Only 12 zoos are believed to have golden-bellied mangabeys. (Attila Kovacs/MTI via AP)
A rare monkey only held by a handful of zoos around the world has been born in Budapest, bringing the total in captivity globally to 27.
The baby golden-bellied mangabey, whose species originates in the forests of West Africa, was born October 22.
Budapest Zoo spokesman Zoltan Hanga said on Friday the infant had not yet been named or its gender determined because keepers did not want to disturb the monkeys’ intimacy to inspect the newborn.
Mr Hanga said only 12 zoos have golden-bellied mangabeys.

Photo: A small baby monkey sits close to an adult monkey.The baby monkey will contribute to preserving genetic diversity among the members of its species in captivity. (Attila Kovacs/MTI via AP)
The ancestors of this infant’s father are from zoos in the United States while the mother’s are from European zoos, so the baby monkey is contributing to preserving genetic diversity among the members of the species in captivity.
Mr Hanga said their exact preservation status in the wild is unknown.via AP
Source: Golden-bellied mangabey monkey born at Budapest Zoo – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)