Elephant Foot Glacier.

Photo credit: unknown The Elephant Foot Glacier is located on the Kronprins Christian Land peninsula. It is not connected to Greenland’s main ice sheet. Rather, it’s part of a network of glaciers and ice caps that hangs around the periphery of the island. Research has shown that as a whole, these outlying glaciers and ice […]

‘The Land of Great Length.’

With over three-quarters of its land covered by the only permanent ice sheet outside of Antarctica, Greenland may not be the first place to pop into your mind when you think of “vacation,” but a gorgeous Flickr photostream by nonprofit organization Visit Greenland just might make you book your next flight to the former Danish […]

Massive Iceberg theatens village.

Scientists say, the iceberg is unstable, and could be a threat to the village nearby. Image Credit: Karl Petersen/AFP/Getty Images The photograph is a tunning: a giant mountain of ice towers over a tiny village, with colorful homes reminiscent of little doll houses against the stark, blue-gray landscape. But for the people living in those […]

‘Respiro’ by Antonia Doncila.

Respiro by Antonia Doncila. This photograph was taken while crossing the Fram Strait near the eastern Greenland coast. The polar bear found a portion of fast ice which rapidly became his home. Image Credit: Photograph by Antonia Doncila/PA Source: Royal Society Publishing Photography competition 2017 – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Chilling Landscapes of Greenland.

Greenland’s bays are dotted with icebergs, also known as growlers, that have sheared off from glaciers. Waider writes about the landscape in wondering tones on his blog: ‘This place is one of the most unique places I have seen in my life. Icebergs breaking off the massive glacier are sometimes so large, they seem like […]