Food Landscapes by Hasan Kale.

From onion peels to kiwi seeds or even bits of chocolate, it seems any canvas is sufficient for Turkish artist Hasan Kale (previously) as long as it meets the requirement of being incredibly tiny. Hasan delights in the challenge of depicting landscapes of his native Istanbul in the most infinitesimal of brush strokes, a feat […]

Time for Tiffin: India’s ‘Lunch in a Box.’

Lunch in a box. Photograph: Chris Caldicott The word tiffin is also used as a name for a lunchbox. Tiffins (or dhabbas) come in all shapes and sizes, but traditionally they are round, with three or four stacking stainless steel compartments firmly sealed with a tight-fitting lid and a side clip to avoid any nasty […]

The Small Turnspit Dogs of the 16th Century.

In an old hunting lodge on the grounds of an ancient Norman castle in Abergavenny, Wales, a small, extinct dog peers out of a handmade wooden display case. “Whiskey is the last surviving specimen of a turnspit dog, albeit stuffed,” says Sally Davis, longtime custodian at the lodge. The Canis vertigus, or turnspit, was an […]

Food Art by Samantha Lee.

Edible creations of everything from Totoro to Cinderella to Frida Kahlo by Malaysia-based food artist Samantha Lee. She crafted these lunches for her daughters and started posting them on Instagram in 2011 and soon gathered a large following. I’m always happy to inspire other mums out there to create cute food art for their kids. […]

Parrot Pie and Possum Curry.

Tea and Damper by A . M. Ebsworth. Image Credit: From Digital Collection of the State Library of Victoria by Blake Singley, The first European settlers in Australia used a dizzying array of flora and fauna in their kitchens – but they cooked them in a traditional British style. The relationship between European settlers and […]

The Sarah Family Pastie.

by Susie Sarah Forget about mannerisms, eye colour and preferred occupations, our most important family trait – apparently – is how we construct a Cornish pastie. The Sarah family originally lived in Probus, Cornwall, then in 1879 sailed to Australia on the Scottish Lassie as free settlers, bringing the pastie secret with them. Two great […]

The Deep-Fried Mars Bar, Aberdeenshire.

The much-maligned deep-fried Mars bar is coming under attack again. Photograph: PA Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA by Chitra Ramaswamy Birthplace of the World Famous Deep Fried Mars Bar,” the banner announces. It’s vast, proud, and under threat. Welcome to The Carron Fish Bar in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, where 20 years ago – so the legend has it […]

In 1938 the NY Times first wrote about the Cheeseburger.

Today, it’s easy to order a chunk of animal flesh seared with black stripes on the outside and still bloody on the inside, garnished with a bit of coagulated milk protein now melted by heat — a cheeseburger, if it must be labeled. But apparently, such a dish was just odd when it first came […]

Black and White Coffee Shop, Russia.

St. Petersburg, Russia The interior of the first black-and-white coffee shop to open in Russia and in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg looks drawn, but the effect was achieved by the creators using white paint and black lines’ Image Credit: Photograph by Anatoly Maltsev/EPA Source: Ghost ships and Salisbury lights: Wednesday’s best photos | […]

The Stinky but great tasting Durian

Crash!  The huge male orangutan swings over into another tree, searching for fruit. He climbs higher, overlooking the canopy searching for another meal. Every day while following orangutans I notice how many different fruit trees they go to, usually around 15 or so. They crash and clamber through the forest like hungry, hairy acrobats searching […]