“Women’s Hats of the 1950s”

Hats were still worn daily by women in the ‘50s. They could be very large, or very little, and were held on the head using elastic linings and long hat pins. They were made from straw, wool felt or satin for evening, and were often decorated with feathers, beads, ribbons, flowers and nylon netting
1950s-hat-fashion-shot-by-philippe-pottier-7They were worn in a variety of colors to match every outfit.Hats added the final touch of 1950s glamour to a woman or girl’s outfit, particularly in the early 1950s.
These beautiful black and white shots of 1950s hat styles were taken by photographer Philippe Pottier.


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“Why Fashion is obsessed with Ugly Shoes.”

Christopher Kane sent Crocs down the runway of his spring/summer 2017 collection.
(“Crocs” are quite possibly the ugliest but most comfortable shoes ever. everyone wears them from babies to old farts and rich kids to poorish kids. they are very heinous looking). via Urban Dictionary.
From pool slides to Crocs, it seems that every season there’s a new “ugly” shoe to be coveted by the more adventurous fashion crowd. And despite, everything they go against, for some reason stiletto-clad editors and style gurus everywhere are favouring the acrimonious trend for garish footwear.
Vogue revealed 2017’s wardrobe ‘essentials’ and they are bizarre.
But, not any ugly shoe will do. Oh no, it has to be just the right kind.


Chunky, clinical and vaguely orthopaedic-looking. Podiatrists everywhere are cheering for joy, we’re sure.
For a few seasons now, gross fugly shoes have been creeping and quietly elevating themselves from fashion taboo to street-style staple.
When the Scottish designer Christophrt Kane decided to send Crocs down the runway of his spring/summer 2017 collection the fashion world divided but alas, months later, Vogue have hailed the rise of the controversial shoe as this season’s must-have trend.
Source: Why the fashion industry is obsessed with ugly shoes | The Independent

“The Women of Woodstock”.

girls-of-woodstock-1969-41 The 1969 event was undoubtedly one of the most formative moments in music history, but as we’ve learned with most music festivals, they lend themselves to some pretty awesome style-spotting.
girls-of-woodstock-1969-40Long before the concept of street style or even festival style existed, Woodstock showcased inspiring women wearing sweet bell bottoms, crop tops and knit dresses.


girls-of-woodstock-1969-18Source: vintage everyday: Girls of Woodstock – The Best Beauty and Style Moments from 1969

“1920s Fashion Outbreak”.

Female Fashion in the 1920s (1)1920s: The Period of The Female Fashion Outbreak Over 90 Years Ago
The 1920s is the decade in which fashion entered the modern era.
Female Fashion in the 1920s (6)
It was the decade in which women first abandoned the more restricting fashions of past years and began to wear more comfortable clothes, especially dresses.
Female Fashion in the 1920s (5)

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“Three Candles of Halloween.”

This photo is from 1930 and it is “The Hon Mrs Roland Cubitt dressed as ‘Three Candles’ in a costume made by L & H Nathan Ltd, for the Pageant Of The Superstitions, a feature of the ‘All Halloween Ball’.
Keep your sexy pizza rats, your sexy Snow Whites, your sexy hashtags.
The best Halloween costume ever belonged to this woman in 1930, who is clearly going as “a candleholder who’s sick of your goddamn bullshit.”
Apparently, Mrs. Cubitt was Camilla Parker Bowles’s grandmother.
The longer you look at it, the better this photo gets.
Source: The Greatest Halloween Costume in History: Pissy Candelabra

“Female Fashion of the 1930s.”

The 1930s was the Most Powerful Flaring Period of Modern Female Fashion.
The 1920s was considered subversive period of discreet female fashion, and the 1930s was a period of the most powerful flare.
A lot of modern and fashionable designs were born in this era.
Here below are beautiful actresses who defined women fashion in the 1930s.

Actresses in the 1930s (1)

Greta Garbo.

Actresses in the 1930s (14)

Marlene Dietrich.
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