Edwardian Women & their Gigantic Hats.

Looking at the favourite Fashion Style of Women From the early Years of the 20th Century one feels that women from the Edwardian era favoured very weighty looking-fashion styles, from big gowns to giant hats.
Although diverse in shapes, it’s really hard to wear these hats now.
Beautiful? Take a look…edwardian-giant-hats-1900s-10s-25edwardian-giant-hats-1900s-10s-13


Source: vintage everyday: Giant Hats: The Favorite Fashion Style of Women From the early Years of the 20th Century

The Ziegfeld Girls circa 1910-1940.

Alfred Cheney Johnston (known as “Cheney” to his friends and associates) (April 8, 1885 – April 17, 1971) was a New York City-based photographer known for his portraits of Ziegfeld Follies showgirls as well as of 1920s-30s actors and actresses.
Featuring the photographs of lovely, anonymous Ziegfeld Girls by Alfred Cheney Johnston, taken from the 1910s thru the 1940s.

See more images via vintage everyday: Ziegfeld Girls from 1910-40s by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Modeling a Prada dress in a sinking boat.

In the gloaming … Amber Valletta on the Tiber. Photograph: Glen Luchford
by Nell Frizzell
We had to shut the river Tiber in Rome for this picture. It’s expensive to shut down a whole river, but this was for the Prada 1997 autumn/winter campaign, so we had the budget for it.
You can’t see them, but there are about 10 people in the water, setting fire to bales of hay covered in kerosene to try and make it look misty. We had to shoot it in the last 10 minutes of daylight, so that the colours would be just right.
I wanted it to be more than dusk – you could call it the gloaming.We’d painted the boat the right colour. Everyone was lined up, ready to go, about four hours before we were due to shoot. But right at the last minute, the stylist decided to change the dress to a red one. That proved too vibrant.
Then the boat started to sink and one of the guys throwing the bales of hay in the river forgot to let go and disappeared into the water after it.
I’d been planning it for three months but in the last five minutes of daylight, the entire scene descended into utter chaos.
Mr Bertelli, the boss of Prada, was standing there on the riverbank shouting at everyone. When he asked me if I’d got the shot I said, “No!” and stormed off in a huff.
We went back the next day. We closed the river again and worked on everything we’d done wrong to get it right the second time around. When the film was developed it was exactly what I had wanted to achieve.
Source: Glen Luchford’s best photograph: Amber Valletta modelling Prada in a sinking boat | Art and design | The Guardian

Vintage Pics of Food Queens.

Miss Lemon, 1920
Queen for a year!
Guess this is what we call #foodporn nowadays.Take a gander at a whole contingent of vintage beauty pageant queens– healthy young ladies who snapped up long coveted titles.
Gosh, where are these pageants today?

Orange Queen, c.1930

Miss Idaho Potato, 1935

Donut Week Queen, 1948
Source: Donut, Meat and Fruity: 20 Strange Beauty Pageant Queens of Food Industry From the Mid-20th Century ~ vintage everyday

Miss Fisher’s 1920s Fashion.

3d181871-5dc5-41c6-a9a3-c57ee3a6c21a-1530x2040In the ABC TV series “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” costume designer Marion Boyce shares her favourite new looks for the stylish lady detective.
Based on Kerry Greenwood’s bestselling novels and set in 1920s Melbourne, the series stars Essie Davis.
21bdf295-81d8-43df-ab71-0aa28a0fa5fa-1530x2040Known as a stickler for historical accuracy, Boyce and her team take up to eight weeks creating costumes, designing Miss Fisher’s hats and dresses and seeking out the perfect accessories – including a pearl-handled pistol
via Game, set and murder: Miss Fisher’s finest 1920s fashion – in pictures | Television & radio | The Guardian.