‘Showstopper,’ Historic Theatre in Bar-de-Lac, Northern France.

The Showstopper by Linda van Slobbe – Bar-du-Lac, France
‘This historic theatre is built in a typical oval shape which has the stage at one end and multiple floors and balconies all around.
This one has beautiful decorations’
Image Credit: Photograph by Linda van Slobbe.
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‘The Blue Room’ (Odalisque) 1923 by Suzanne Valadon.

1 Suzanne Valadon (1867-1938) The Blue Room 1923

Suzanne Valadon (1867-1938) The Blue Room (Odalisque) 1923
Valadon was interested in shaking up preconceived ideas.
Here is a tough odalisque, perhaps more interested in smoking cigarettes and reading than in luring a male companion.
Odalisque comes from a Turkish suffix expressing a function, sort of as English “er” or “ary” might when added to a noun. And oda is a room, here a chamber in a harem.
The odalisque traditionally refers to the female slave or servant in the harem of a Turkish sultan. The term was adopted during the 19th century by academic Europe as a form of artistic eroticism in orientalism.
Photo: Suzanne Valadon
In an interesting twist, Turkish writer Melek Hanum (Hanim) [1814-1873] used the word odalisque referring to a slave as she wrote: “If any lady possesses a pretty-looking slave, the fact soon gets known.
The gentlemen who wish to buy an odalisque for a wife, make their offers. Many Turks, indeed, prefer to take a slave as a wife, as, in such case, there is no need to dread fathers, mothers, or brothers-in-law, and other undesirable relations.”
So much for troublesome in-laws.
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Northern Lights reflect off Kerid Volcanic Crater Lake.

Photographer Sigurdur William camped out at the edge of the Kerid volcanic crater lake in Iceland where he captured this unusual view of the Northern lights and stars reflected on the water’s surface.
Located in southern Iceland the Kerid is one of many crater lakes in the area that are frequented by locals and tourists alike, some of who visit through Sigurdur William’s photography tour business Arctic Shots.
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Source: A Stunning View of the Northern Lights over Iceland Reflected in a Volcanic Crater Lake | Colossal

The Underwater Steampunk inspired Submarine Pub, Romania.

b5c1dea3ee1bc99d479ff5336d1014f0c2d9245e_660Do you love the idea of enjoying a refreshing drink, several hundred feet under the surface of the ocean?
But without the hassle of actually embarking on a real submarine? Of course you do.
And now, thanks to 6th-Sense Interiors, you can visit The Romanian Sub pub in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca6a405d464bd7954ad5189cb8791e1d017f9dd23c_660
You’ll find torpedoes, radar systems, control panels, periscopes, nautical navigation charts and curved ceilings – everything you’d expect at this submarine-themed bar that lets you enjoy a night out that’s 20,000 leagues under the sea.
It’s all steam punk inspired decor and fun. Make sure you put this spot on your wish list, next time you visit Romania’s second largest city.
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800 y.o. Lime Tree found in Lipka, Czech Republic.

An 800-year-old small-leaved lime tree found in Lipka in the Czech Republic.
The tree is one of the entries in the European Tree of the Year competition 2017.
Image Credit: Photograph by: Nada Gutzerova/Environmental Partnership Association
Source: The week in wildlife – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian

Surfer in Silhouette, Biarritz, France by Michael Steele.

Biarritz, France
Guillermo Satt of Chile in action whilst competing in the Men’s Qualifying Round Two during day five of the ISA World Surfing Games 2017.
Image Credit: Photograph by Michael Steele/Getty Images.
Source: Best photos of the day: violin playing protester and dragon boat races | News | The Guardian