No Wall off Limits to Martyn Reed in Norway.


Martyn Reed is sitting in his office overlooking the harbour in the Norwegian city of Stavanger.
He’s a long way from his Yorkshire roots and his home city of Leeds, but he has never felt more at home in this oil-rich rainy city of some 120,000 souls in the country’s third largest conurbation.


It’s not the likeliest location for someone who is art mad, but for the past 14 years Reed has been involved in, and has run, what is now known as the Nuart festival where the city is opened up to one of the biggest street art and music festivals in the world.
It seems no wall is off limits.
In the past the control tower at the airport has been hit and this year an oil tanker supply boat was painted by Polish artist M-City.

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Medieval Bridge of Shops in Florence.

Photo: Jason Mier on Flickr.
Many centuries ago, bridges served many purposes.
Aside from getting you over water, it was common for medieval bridges to have chapels and shops built over them, and many were fortified with towers and ramparts because bridges served important entry points to the cities.
The Ponte Vecchio or the “Old Bridge” over the Arno River, in Florence, Italy, is a medieval stone bridge noted for still having shops built along it.
The first bridge over the Arno River was probably built by the Romans in stone and wood and is mentioned in a document that dates from 996.
The bridge was swept away in a flood in 1117 and was rebuilt in stone only to be destroyed again by another flood in 1333, save for its two central piers.
Consequently, the bridge was rebuilt again, twelve years later, designed by the Italian painter and architect Giotto’s most talented pupil Taddeo Gaddi, who was a painter and architect in his own right.
via Ponte Vecchio: A Medieval Bridge of Shops | Amusing Planet.

Elephant in the Cliff, Heimaey, Iceland.

ele-1Photograph by Diego Delso. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Here’s a few photos of a natural rock formation off the coast of Iceland that looks like an imposing elephant with its trunk dipped in the Atlantic.
Located on the island of Heimaey, the mountainous shape appears to be formed mostly from basalt rock that has the uncanny appearance of wrinkled elephant skin.
You can see few more shots over on Flickr. (thnx, Amber!)
Source: An Elephant Appears to Emerge from a Cliff Face in Iceland | Colossal

‘Alone’ by Mikko Lagerstedt.

Alone by Mikko Lagerstedt

Published by in Photography
Mikko Lagerstedt is a talented self taught fine art photographer from Finland.
He loves to capture night, and atmospheric photography and Mikko enjoy capturing simplistic landscapes.
Enjoy also his night landscapes.
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Posters of the Folies Bergère, c. 1890s.

Advertising posters for music-hall cabaret shows in Paris in the late 19th century.
19th cent. french music-hall poster called: Tous les soirs, Thaumaturgie humoristique. Title: Folies-Bergère, tous les soirs, Thaumaturgie humoristique par le Comte Patrizio de Castiglione. Artist: Jules Chéret. Date: 1875.
19th cent. french music-hall poster of chimney sweeps. Title: Folies-Bergère…Les Prices, ramoneurs musicaux…Artist: F Appel (lithographer). Date: 1890.
Title: Folies Bergère : le Spectre de Paganini. Artist: F Appel (lithographer). Date: 1880
via BibliOdyssey: Folies Bergère.