Magical Mushrooms, by Martin Pfister, Bavaria.


Martin Pfister is a talented nature photographer based in Bavaria, Germany.
Martin specialises in botanical photography and landscapes.
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“Before and After” Street Art in Athens, Greece.


Knowledge Speaks – Wisdom Listens, Street Art In Athens, Greece
by Šarūnė Mac
Look around you. The world is full of empty canvases. Everywhere you turn are empty walls where beautiful pieces of art could be, but often these spaces are overlooked in favor of boring blank nothingness.
But fortunately for us there are artists out there who are determined to transform our world into the vibrant public art gallery that it deserves to be.
Take a look at these before and after pictures of spectacular street art to see what we mean.
Compiled by Bored Panda, the gallery serves to remind us of what our towns and cities could look like if only we used our imagination.
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Sparkling Night Trams, Budapest, Hungary.

trams03-610x436Photographers have had  fun with long exposure photography in Budapest.
And the object of their photography are the amazing Budapest city trams decorated with 30 thousand LED light bulbs.
Trams have become one of the latest additions to the fashionable streets in Budapest.
Check out the twinkling…
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Ice Caves in Iceland by Mikael Buck.

Ice-Caves-Iceland-6Mikael Buck’s photographs of Iceland’s caves are truly awe-inspiring © Mikael Buck/Sony
Iceland is on many travellers’ wish lists as a must-see destination and this dazzling new photography series will only strengthen your desire for a frosty holiday.
Exciting new sensor technology from Sony has enabled a sharper, low-light look at incredible natural sights and British photographer Mikael Buck has made powerful use of it to capture the majestic icy wonder of the Vatnajokull caves.
Local Icelandic guides Einar Runar Sigurdsson and Helen Maria accompanied Buck around one of the largest glaciers in Europe, with all images taken without a tripod.
No Photoshop stitching techniques were involved either.
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Johan Carolus & the Birth of the Newspaper, 1605.

w640A young man from Strasbourg, Johan Carolus, had his Gutenberg moment in 1605.
The proprietor of a successful news agency, each week he would scrutinise the letters, news reports and despatches that passed through this busy city and produce from them a hand-written digest of news, which he copied for subscribing clients.
Struggling to keep up with demand, he had recently bought a printing press and put a proposition to the city council. He would turn his weekly newsletters into print if the council would grant him a monopoly.
To Carolus this probably seemed a relatively routine legal transaction. Like Johannes Gutenberg 150 years before, Carolus was seeking to deal with a situation where demand had outstripped supply by mechanising an existing process.
In Gutenberg’s case this involved replacing manuscript books, copied one by one, with a technique for producing several hundred copies. Carolus proposed to do the same for news.
Since the invention of printing in Europe in the 15th century, publishers had gradually broadened the market by experimenting with new forms of books.
Among them were an increasing number of pamphlets dealing with current affairs: wars, battles and natural disasters.
But these news pamphlets were occasional publications, printed when great events caused a spike in public interest.
Those who required a regular digest of news – diplomats, merchants or officials, such as members of Strasbourg’s town council – turned to news agencies like that of Carolus, which offered a weekly subscription service.
These newsletters, which originated in the great Italian news hubs of Rome and Venice, were highly regarded but expensive. Carolus now proposed to broaden their appeal and lower their cost by having them printed.
Unbeknown to him, he had invented the newspaper.
Rod Parham

Out Of This World, Kvalvika, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

After a long hike from his small cabin to Kvalvika, Lofoten Islands in Norway, the photographer arrived at the slopes above the beach around midnight.
During the hike the auroral display was relatively weak, but when he made it to the beach the sky ignited in a colourful spectacle of greens and purples framed by the mossy, green landscape.
The image is stacked from six different exposures to combat high ISO and thermal noise in the foreground.
The sky was added from one of these exposures.
Image Credit: Photograph by Nicolas Alexander Otto/National Maritime Museum/The Guardian)
Source: Out Of This World: Magnificent Entries For The UK Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2017