The Dragon’s Blood Trees of Socotra Island.

Dragon’s Blood trees, known locally as Dam al-Akhawain, or blood of the two brothers, on Socotra island. Prized for its red medicinal sap, the Dragon’s Blood is the most striking of 900 plant species on the Socotra islands in the Arabian Sea, 380 km (238 miles) south of mainland Yemen. Image Credit: Photograph by Khaled […]

Stars Shine over Night of Embers.

by Jo Blason Stars shine over a landscape of embers burning in the wake of the North Fire, which has burned across 1,400 hectares (3,500 acres) of land. Image Credit: Photograph: David McNew/Getty Images See more Images via The weekend in pictures | News | The Guardian.

Venice Minus the Water.

For the second year in a row, low tides in Venice have sunk to such record levels that it has left the city almost entirely without water. Visitors who came to the city expecting to ride gondolas through the city’s famous blue-green canals have found their plans foiled, as without water many of the city’s […]

Pine Trees in Wolcheon, South Korea.

Kenna’s 2007 photo of a group of pine trees in Wolcheon, South Korea was used in an environmental campaign, leading to the protection of the trees (Credit: Michael Kenna) Some landscape photographers now keep their locations secret. Many, like Kenna, also donate prints and help raise funds for conservation projects, disaster relief and other charities. […]

Beached Boat on Lake Urmia is an image of Environmental disaster.

The Iranian photographer Saeed Mohammadzadeh has been named Ciwem’s environmental photographer of the year. His haunting image of a beached boat on the solidified salty remains of Urmia Lake, illustrates how climate change, water mismanagement and drought have decimated the landscape. This stunning image shows a ship sitting in salt in the Urmia Lake in […]

‘The Watchman’ by Douglas Croft

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “The Watchman” by Douglas Croft. Location: Zion National Park, Utah. “It looked as though sunset was going to be washed out by clouds, but then the sun sank below the overcast and still above the horizon,” says Croft. “The face of The Watchman was lit for a few short […]

Danish Lighthouse will disappear by 2023.

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Northern Jutland, Denmark. This lighthouse was built on the top of a cliff in 1900 and ceased operating in 1968. With coastal erosion and continually shifting sands a major problem in the area, it is anticipated that by 2023 the cliff will have been eroded so far that the lighthouse will fall […]

La Tuna Canyon Fire, Los Angeles.

California, United States. The La Tuna Canyon fire, one of the largest wildfires ever in the history of the  City of Los Angeles’ history. Image Credit: Photograph by Kyle Grillot/Reuters. Source: A two-headed turtle and Andrew Flintoff as Elvis: today’s unmissable photos | World news | The Guardian

American Dust Bowl – 1930s.

The American Dust Bowl of the 1930s lasted about a decade. Its primary area of impact was on the southern Plains. The northern Plains were not so badly affected, but nonetheless, the drought, windblown dust and agricultural decline were no strangers to the north. In fact the agricultural devastation helped to lengthen the Depression whose […]

‘Drought in Gunnedah.’

Australian Farmer Ash Whitney stands in the middle of a dried-up dam in a drought-effected paddock on his property located west of the town of Gunnedah. ‘I have been here all my life, and this drought is feeling like it will be around a while,’ said Whitney. Image Credit: Photograph by David Gray/Reuters Source: The […]