Old Guv Cricket Club, Part II.

One local trip, Bob Parker volunteered to play his piano accordion. Poor bloke got booed off both buses and never volunteered his services again. Wayne Vitnell on his first and only cricket trip, got on the bus bragging how he could outdrink everyone. He was pissed by Bordertown and spent the whole trip, sick as […]

Old Guv Cricket Club, Part I.

The Cricket Club was a major institution of the Printing Office. It began in 1951 and continued for nearly fifty years before our final visit to Melbourne in 1997. The main organisers over the years were Jack Findlay, Ron Hamence, Les Hawes, Ted Burkert, Bob Allen and Bruce Brown. The Victorian GPO first visited us […]

Geoff Morey.

In the front on the Left we have Geoff Morey with beard (who was a loud mouthed Victorian or was it New South Welshman and great bloke). I think Geoff was a sort of honorary member of the South Australian Cricket Club. Sadly, Geoff died quite young. The Morey Family kindly donated a Pewter Mug […]

The Cricket Team in 1992.

Photo courtesy Tony Fitzsimmons But what Team? And, who’s playing in the side? What year is it? Many questions that need answering… Thanks Rod P.S. I can see Hooley-Dooley or is it Dooley-Hooley there!

‘We Love Cricket and grog’ 1975.

Photo: It’s a great picture of some members of the Cricket Club on a Government Printing Office Cricket Club Weekend in 1975. South AustralIa would play the Victorian GPO each year either in Adelaide or Melbourne. From Left to Right: Graham Braybrook (Seated), the late Ron Hamence (member of the 1948 Australian Test side) and […]

‘Casino Bob’.

 Photo: (from left to Right) Bob Allen, Keith Oxley and Coralie Hills. Sadly our little Aussie battler Bob passed away quietly on 1 February, 2017, aged 83. Bob was born in Belfast in Northern Ireland and emigrated to Australia in the late 1950s. Within two days of his arrival he was working at the Old […]

‘The Casino Raid’ by the Flash.

I thought that I could add a little more to the story about the police raid on the Cricket Club’s Casino Night held at the Netley Canteen in the 1970s. As far as I can remember I was contacted on the Saturday morning by the Advertiser and the Sunday Mail for comments on the raid […]

“The Casino Raid” Part 1.

Timeline: 1970s. Place: Canteen, Netley, South Australia. Activity: Fundraiser that went Arse Up. The Coppers crashed through the entrance to the Netley Canteen at midnight wearing white overalls and swinging their sledgehammers and smashing pool tables. They took the Chocolate Wheel and the pinball machine The South Australian Flying Vice Squad had raided the GPO […]

SA versus the Vics: The Croweaters make it Three in a Row, 1985.

Pictured: Russell Wight sticks it up the Vics in a kindly and dignified manner  after the Game. This will bring back a few memories for the South Aussies who entertained the Vics in 1985. Once again our Victorian GPD Cricket Club friends visited us on the January long weekend, one of the best weekends that […]

‘Dickheads’ Boof and his Mate.

Boof is on the left in this photo taken at the Unley Oval, probably back in the 1980s. It was at the Annual Cricket match between the South Australian Government Printer and our Victorian counterpart. These stirring encounters took place on the Australia Day Weekend in January and started in the early 1950s. Were they […]