SA versus the Vics: The Croweaters make it Three in a Row, 1985.

Pictured: Russell Wight sticks it up the Vics in a kindly and dignified manner  after the Game.
This will bring back a few memories for the South Aussies who entertained the Vics in 1985.
Once again our Victorian GPD Cricket Club friends visited us on the January long weekend, one of the best weekends that has ever been. As usual, credit goes to that small band of people who worked tirelessly to make it the great success that it was.
The match: Victoria’s 8 for 140 after its 40 overs seemed like a reasonable score, but was made to look like kids’ stuff by Darryl Platten, 71, and Ross Amiguet, 58 not out, passing the required score with 7 overs and 8 wickets in hand, giving the S.A. boys their third win in a row.
The Saturday Night cabaret was a joyous affair, with the beautiful Tina St Clair and Lew Murray’s band for entertainment.
Even the involvement by members of both clubs in a talent contest brought a spontaneous reception by the audience, although one of the contestants “spat the dummy” and threw away his rattle!
Does anyone know who this person was, all these years down the track?
Come Monday, arguably THE best day of the weekend, and members and partners boarded the Show Boat for a trip down the Port River. Kevin Lindblom provided the bawdy entertainment and a great feed was on offer.
Awards won:
Darryl Platten – Man of the Match Pewter.
Lew Morrison – Jeff Morey Trophy for idiotic performances OFF the field and $35 worth of diesel fuel
Bob Allen and his committee were congratulated for giving everyone “a weekend that will live in our hearts forever and ever”.


‘Dickheads’ Boof and his Mate.

Albanese-1Boof is on the left in this photo taken at the Unley Oval, probably back in the 1980s.
It was at the Annual Cricket match between the South Australian Government Printer and our Victorian counterpart. These stirring encounters took place on the Australia Day Weekend in January and started in the early 1950s.
Were they a chance to have a wild time, get pissed and watch others sweat it out in the middle of a cricket field in the sweltering heat of an Aussie Summer? Most definitely, YES!
Anyway, here we have Boof, Boofhead, Scooter Boots, Colsa or Molsa (alias Colin Rawlings) with his little toady mate Dave Barber.
I think they were imitating (very poorly) some skit that Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) had done on his weekly show in the Oz.
Boof had been an apprentice in the comp room at the Griffin Press in the 1960s and had graduated to the Old Guv in the 1970s.
Big timer, done everything, knew everything sort of bloke who could be a mate one second and then….

“The Leaking Loo”.

ganja_resurrection_1-scaled5001Nick Penn and Ashley (Mork) Williams were the two most jealous and envious men ever to “work” at Netley.
These two henpecked home hubbies were not allowed to join the Cricket Club and they were green with envy when a trip was coming up.
So they both decided to Sabotage one of our trips to Victoria.
Leading up to the Friday departure John Freebairn and I put three large 20 litre Plastic Bottles by our work tables.
They would be used for p****ng into during the Bus Trip to Melbourne.
During the afternoon shift our two jealous cretins put holes in the bottom of the three large bottles.
Now Nick has always claimed that he didn’t do it, he just watched! 
Nick will always be seen as an accessory to this fiendish and loathsome act of two very envious men.
By the time we arrived at Bordertown it was obvious what had happened.
Stinking piss was running down the bus aisle and causing absolute chaos amongst our senior members.
We dumped the foul bottles in a rubbish bin on the side of the Highway.
When we arrived back at work on the Wednesday, all Nick would say was, “It wasn’t Me!” “It wasn’t Me!”.
The Cricket Trip wasn’t spoilt by these two malicious cretins.
Did I get them back? “Of course!”
For the next six months Mork’s morning tea or lunch would sometimes mysteriously disappear from the Tea Room fridge whilst Nick accused someone else for his unfortunate bit of “bad luck”.

Melbourne’s “Catcher.”


On a Sunday Night on an Australia Day Long Weekend, in the late 1960s, a young half pissed Russell Wight and an even younger pissed Warren Pietsch left their “Prince of Wales” Hotel rooms to journey into the deep dark heart of Melbourne.
It was about Midnight and they were going to “The Catcher” Disco, a well known notorious haunt that raged on into the early hours of the morning.
They got off their tram in Swanston street and walked to Flinders Lane. The big Question was whether they should go up or down Flinders Lane. They went Up!
After about 45 minutes of huffing and puffing it became obvious to our two desperadoes that they were going in the wrong direction. Turning around it was downhill all the way, crossing Swanston Street and continuing on down the Lane.
At about 2 a.m. a heavy blues sound could now be heard in the distance by our now sober heroes. Another quarter mile and there it was!
No. 471 Flinders Lane, the dirtiest, black, creepiest shit hole they had ever confronted…
At the door great big bouncers (see above picture) stood menacingly.
Abo turned to Russell and said. “I’m not going in there”. “What about you?” Russell who by now was shaking his head said, “I’m game”.
But, and lucky for them they both turned on their heels and went back to the “Prince of Wales” Hotel.
“The most notorious club at the time was the Catcher, in the dark deserted & desolate end of Flinders Lane, an austere painted black disused warehouse that you could hear from blocks away before you could even find it.
It was a walk on the wildside, the surly sociopathic end of the rock music crowd slouched around a bare room listening to the harder and wilder end of the music scene. Bands like The Purple Hearts, Running Jumping Standing Still & The Wild Cherries raged until the early hours.
There was a totally dark, mattress filled room called The Gobble Room and everyone had an edge that may have come from raiding their mother’s diet pills”.

“1972: The Best Ever Trip.”

r-cricket-outta-compton-large570-scaled500The best ever Trip so they said!
The GPD Cricket Club went to Melbourne that year by train, plane and bus.
One got left behind but was recaptured by the bus.
Someone went to sleep in the train’s toilet and another relieved himself into Warren Pietsch’s Esky. A bit like Porky and the Milk.
They arrived in Melbourne and were welcomed by Charlie Rixon, the Victorian Government Printer.
The afternoon was a free time and at night they gathered at the North Melbourne Footy Club for a highly successful Cabaret.
Let’s Not talk about the Cricket.
Sunday was a wipeout for the Croweaters with the Vics. racking up a score of 182. J. Swanson topscored with 100 not out. Big Reg Handke took 3/75 for South Oz.
In reply, we could only muster 131 with Adrian Chennell getting a creditable 36 runs. D. Stewart took 3/34 for the Vics.
And you guessed it! Ron Hamence and Merv “Nobby” Clark were not amused!
The Vics. hadn’t won for some four years and so we gobbled up as many snags as possible at their after match Barby.
On the Monday we travelled via Dandenong Road to Springvale, then Frankston and stopped for Lunch at Somerville.
Coming home was a sad affair but we cheered up thinking about the next trip!
Who split his trousers on the Bus Trip – buses are very unstable you know.
Who tried to have a shave using Colgate Toothpaste?
Who fell from the stage on the night of the Cabaret, struck a chair on the way down and hit the floor still clutching a Full glass of beer?
Who was the biggest Romeo of the whole Trip?
Who dropped a vital catch and felt very terrible about it?

Old Guv Cricket Club, Part II.

bob_parker_001_1-scaled500One local trip, Bob Parker volunteered to play his piano accordion. Poor bloke got booed off both buses and never volunteered his services again.
Wayne Vitnell on his first and only cricket trip, got on the bus bragging how he could outdrink everyone. He was pissed by Bordertown and spent the whole trip, sick as a dog.
The plane trip when a young playing member took his own bat with him on the plane. Whilst distracted his cherished bat was borrowed and passed around the whole plane, only returning when signed by most of the passengers on the flight. Never touch his bat!
The show in the canteen when Bob Allen coerced Rod Parham to perform on stage with that delightful blonde entertainer. Who cared whether she could sing or not.
I recall the contribution made by Fred Godson. Fred was a cricket umpire who had officiated in many State games. He was befriended by Ron Hamence and was asked to officiate in our home matches. He enjoyed the weekends so much he and his wife became a member of the club for decades.
For many years the cricket club ran “The Golden Circle” draws. There was a weekly draw during the year with a final big draw. This was well supported by all GPD members and the proceeds were used to offset the cost of the cricket weekends, which were not paltry.
Unfortunately, with the division of the Melbourne Printing Office into smaller units the quality of cricketers and number of members steadily declined.
Our own Cricket club began to face similar problems.
To try to keep the weekends going it was decided to amalgamate the two clubs and we visited Mildura and played as a composite side in 1995 and 1996 against Mildura West Cricket Club.
Bruce Lockier provided the off field entertainment.
Unfortunately in 1997 the decision was made to “declare our innings closed” and an “Auld Langsyne” was held in Melbourne.
A great finale was held with the cost to all participating members being subsidised from the remaining club funds. We stayed at the Travel Inn Motel where we held a Welcome Dinner on Saturday night and a Farewell Luncheon at the Cuckoo Restaurant.
Thanks to all those who helped create the Institution.
The Memories will last “For Ever and Ever”.