Treating Coulrophobia: The fear of Clowns.

Clowns line up during the 22nd Latin American clown convention at Revolución monument, Mexico. Image Credit: Photograph by Edgard Garrido/Reuters. In order to be able to treat coulrophobia, one needs to analyze what is the origin of clown phobia: • Is it the fear of unknown? • The fact that behind the smiley face there […]

“Why are Clowns so Scary?”

by Finlo Rohrer Children are frightened by clown-themed decor in hospitals, a survey suggests. How did the smiley circus entertainers become a horror staple? Anyone who has read Stephen King’s “It” would probably never choose to decorate a children’s ward with clowns. And it probably comes as no surprise to horror fans that a University […]

‘My Coulrophobia’.

What is “Coulrophobia”? It is the irrational fear of Clowns. Since it is not an old phobia, but one that has increased in recent decades, little is known about coulrophobia. Scientists and doctors now agree that it is a result of not knowing who lies behind the excessive makeup, red nose and hair color. Some […]

Dan Rice, Famous Circus Clown of the 1860s.

A clown ran for public office – and no, that’s not the beginning of a joke. On Sept. 15, 1864, America’s most famous circus clown, Dan Rice, accepted the Democratic nomination for the Pennsylvania State Senate. And it was just his first foray into politics: Even while continuing his career as a clown, a state […]

Clownville by Eolo Perfidio.

The frightening Clownville series, created by photographer Eolo Perfido in collaboration with the make-up artist Valeria Orlando, featuring strange and disturbing clowns straight out of a horror movie or a Stephen King book. Perfect to add some fuel to your darkest nightmares!  Read and See more via Clownville – Portraits of scary clowns by photographer […]

Clowns gather to Remember ‘Joey’ Grimaldi.

London Clowns and entertainers gather to attend an annual service of remembrance in honour of British clown Joseph Grimaldi at the All Saints church in Haggerston. Joseph Grimaldi (18 December 1778 – 31 May 1837) was an English actor, comedian and dancer, who became the most popular English entertainer of the Regency era. In the early […]

‘Why Clowns will never Die’.

It’s no secret that clowns make people uncomfortable. Believe it or not, that’s the point: Clowns were created to test social conventions and speak truth to power, wagging their gloved fingers at institutional tomfoolery. When they’re right, we cheer them on—and when they’re wrong, usually in the most familiar, human way possible, they get their […]

The Clown Motel, Nevada.

While Nevada’s Clown Motel may seem like the product of a horror writer’s fevered imagination with its army of glassy-eyed clown dolls and convenient proximity to a Wild West cemetery that holds the (possibly unquiet) remains of local miners, but the dusty little lodging is just a fan of merriment. Catering to bikers, truckers, and […]