Will Little Carlos remember meeting Santa Claus in 2017?

Nine-month-old Carlos Ramos cries as he is held by Santa Claus (David Prados Fernandez) at La Casa de Papa Noel (Santa Claus Home) at the Real Casa de Postas in central Madrid, Spain, on December 20, 2017.
Prados Fernandez, who never got the Santa Claus experience as a boy, has been working as Santa Claus in different venues for the past seven years.
Image Credit: Photograph by Susana Vera / Reuters
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Christmas at Selfridges in Oxford Street, Then 1935 & Now 2017.

Selfridges in Oxford Street is illuminated by Christmas decorations on 6 December 1935.
The department store sparkles decades later, on 23 November 2017
Image Credit: Photograph by Topical Press/Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images.
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Residents of Mosman in Sydney commence their Christmas Light Shows.

Residents of the Lower North Shore suburb of Mosman decorate their homes with lights and elaborate decorations in celebration of Christmas in Sydney, Australia, on December 18, 2017.
Thousands of dollars are spent by individual homeowners to decorate their homes, which are then visited by hundreds of visitors each evening in the run-up to the big day.
The lights and inflatables are getting more and more elaborate each year and machines dispensing bubbles are now being used to simulate snow in a city that never sees it.
Image Credit: Photograph by James D. Morgan / Getty
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Anuko the very serious Husky poses for a Christmas card.

Here is Anuko, probably the most serious Siberian Husky in the world.
If the idea of making an adorable Christmas card with her beloved dog seemed like a good idea, her owner Jasmine had to admit that the hilarious result did not really reflect the joyful magic of Christmas.
In line with Garfi the most angriest cat in the world and Albert the always angry sheep cat, Anuko is a Husky with a devastating look, which despite its softness and kindness gives you the impression that he’s always judging you in silence.
The new Grumpy Dog?
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