“Have a Happy and Safe Christmas.”


The Old Guv Legends are a group of  past employees who worked at the former Government Printing Office in Adelaide, South Australia.
We are united in our love of printing, the graphic arts and Comradeship.
Wherever you may be in the World, we wish you and your families all the Best at this Festive time of the Year.
Whether you Celebrate Christmas or not take time out to think of others on this planet who are less fortunate.
That includes women, men and children of  whatever color, age, language or faith.
And Keep Safe over the Holiday Period!
from the Old Guv Legends

“SantaCon NY City.”

The Empire State Building is seen in the background as Santa revelers take part in the Annual SantaCon event held in New York City on 10 December. 2016.
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“One Christmas my in-laws threw out my treasured Books.”

2823‘I found out a couple of days later that they’d given my books to a Boys’ Brigade jumble sale.’
Photograph: Robert Harding/Alamy
by Carol Birch
Newly arrived in England after eight years in the south-west of Ireland, we dumped our stuff in Kennington, south London, and went to my then husband’s parents’ house for Christmas.
It was the late 1980s, and our marriage was heading for the rocks.
There’d been some idea that a complete change would do us good, though quite how the flat in Kennington was supposed to energise us I have no idea.
It was bleak and damp, three flights up on an estate with stinky stairwells and rubbish overflowing in the yards. Still, it was a change from cabin fever.
I was looking forward to furnishing it with my books, which had been stored in a large wardrobe at my in-law’s all the time we’d been away.
I never wanted to leave them there, but was persuaded to. The argument ran: we are going to live in a cowshed, a tent and a derelict cottage for the foreseeable future. It will be damp.
You don’t want your books getting ruined by damp. Let’s store them with my folks and bring them over later. So we did. And over the years a few found their way over, in dribs and drabs.
But every time I insisted on getting the lot, there was some reason or other why I couldn’t. It’s still too damp. They’re safer over there. Oh, they’re fine. My folks don’t mind – they’ve got loads of room.
There’s not enough space in the car. There’s just no time.
His mum said she thought they were in the shed. I found a cardboard box among the gardening tools and odds and ends.
Unless it had Tardis-like qualities, my books could not be there.
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“Giant blazing Christmas Bauble, Moscow.

Moscow, Russia
A giant and brilliant Christmas bauble lies in wait for you near the Park Pobedy Metro station in Moscow.
Photograph: TASS/Barcroft Image
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“Christmas Tigger.”

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of photo highlights from around the world, including colourful ice in China and the Aquabike World Championships.

Roger Tooth and Mark Wohlwender.


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Livingstone Christmas Collection “is in the bag.”

b88488187z1_20161214061733_000gqlegm452-0-8gpivpqypd2w9hz7en2_t620MORE than 200 bags full of bathroom essentials, cosmetic products and sanitary items have been collected for women doing it tough in our community.
This Christmas, the Livingstone Shire Council and the local Share the Dignity representative, Tammi Hallowell, have spearheaded this year’s ‘It’s in the bag’ Christmas campaign throughout the region.
Donations flooded in throughout the local drop off points.
With about 90,000 bags collected Australia-wide, this week more than 200 bags will be delivered to local women in Livingstone.
For more information head to sharethe dignity.com.au
Source: Capricorn Coast has got Christmas collections in the bag | Rockhampton Morning Bulletin