‘The Monster Engine’ Images for Children.

monster-engine4[6]Dave Devries takes sketches of monsters drawn by children purely from their imagination and renders them realistically giving them a truly devilish look. His collection of drawings and paintings form a 48-page book “The Monster Engine”.
Devries would project a child’s drawing with an opaque projector, and then faithfully trace each line.
Applying a combination of logic and instinct, he then paint the image as realistically as he can using primarily acrylic, airbrush, and colored pencil.
monster-engine20[3]Says Dave Devries:
It began at the Jersey Shore in 1998, where my niece Jessica often filled my sketchbook with doodles.
While I stared at them, I wondered if color, texture and shading could be applied for a 3D effect.
As a painter, I made cartoons look three dimensional every day for the likes of Marvel and DC comics, so why couldn’t I apply those same techniques to a kid’s drawing?
That was it… no research, no years of toil, just the curiosity of seeing Jessica’s drawings come to life.
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Hand Made Mice Dolls.

Portland-based artist Maggie Rudy creates cute little rodents from wool and pipe cleaners, dresses them in fancy clothing and poses them in elaborate sets.
A collection of her creations, shot by photographer Bruce Wolf, became her first children’s picture book “The House that Mouse Built”, a story about a pair of mice who live in a fabulously turned-out loaf of bread.
Maggie Rudy inherited her artistic trait from her mother and grandmother, and had always enjoyed making and collecting things.
Smitten by an exhibit of E. J. Taylor’s dolls at the Brandywine Museum in Delaware in 1982, she started making dolls. For the next several years, Rudy made a number of commissioned portrait dolls, with polymer clay heads and jointed cloth bodies.
She made her first mice doll in 1992 as a gift for her son’s kindergarten friend who had a recurring dream about mice.
Soon she was helping kindergarten teachers and the kids make their own mice, a project that is now in its 17th year.
The idea for a picture book came during Christmas when she was making mouse photos for Christmas cards.
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Black & White Watercolors of Children and Animals.

Warriors__880Art and Article by Elicia Edijanto
I am an Indonesia based artist. For me, making art is my cathartic release where I can share my feelings or moods.
Everyday you watch the news and it’s so horrifying that so many bad things happen. They make you angry, they make you cry.
Wandererslores__880Everyday, consciously or unconsciously, we feed on these negative vibes.
Sometimes I just feel like I can’t breathe and I really have to find a way out.
Nature is always the best remedy, it can always brings tranquility and reassures my mind.
So, by using watercolour, I try to capture this beautiful innate relationship between human, nature, and animals.
I leave out all the colors and only use black and white to focus on the mood and atmosphere of the painting.
I really hope that my art can serve its purpose. I wish it will bring such positive vibes to people.
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The Magic of Treehouses in Fall City, Washington.

Many children are enthralled by the magic of a tree house, and at Treehouse Point in Fall City, Washington, visitors can indulge in that whimsical fantasy as an adult.
Only 20 miles from Seattle, the small eco resort is home to six unique treehouses located near plenty of hiking and winter activities. The first treehouse built on the property, the Temple of the Blue Moon, was designed using lines from the Parthenon.

Situated on a lush chunk of land, Treehouse Point feels like a world away from the city. Set in a quintessential Pacific Northwest forest scene, large moss-covered spruce and cedar trees dominate the landscape as the rushing river below provides the soundtrack.
The retreat was opened in 2006 by Pete Nelson and his family, whose construction company has built tree houses around the world.
The hosts are friendly and informative and offer tours of the structures by appointment. And, if you’re inspired by the trip, Nelson offers workshops on building treehouses.
via Treehouse Point – Issaquah, Washington – Atlas Obscura

The Iconic ‘Candy Cigarette’ 1989.

Sally Mann’s Candy Cigarette is one of the most iconic photographs of the 20th century.
Featuring a young pre-teen girl gazing directly into the camera, cigarette in hand, the image is striking and resonates with the viewer in its drastic colour contrasts.
Through her clever use of background images and subtle body language, Mann is perhaps telling the story of a defiant young woman straying from the straight and narrow path.
Source: “Candy Cigarette” (1989) by Sally Mann ~ vintage everyday