The weird Little “Zeta” motor car, 1963.

Launched by the Lightburn Washing Machine Company from Camden Park in South Australia in 1963, the Zeta was an unusual vehicle to say the least. It was manufactured of Fibre Glass in three body styles, the 2 door sedan, 2 door roadster and utility – each clearly targeting the “cheap and cheerful” market segment. On […]

The Early Days of the Holden, Woodville Plant.

1856 – Holden Saddlery opens. James Alexander Holden opened his Holden saddlery in Adelaide and quickly became a reputable manufacturer of horse saddles, harnesses and equipment. The company supplied equestrian equipment in the Boer War. It gradually began to change its focus to manufacturing vehicle hardware. In 1887 James’s son Henry James Holden took over […]

Traveling through Cuba – in a 1950 Chevrolet.

Image Credit: Photograph and caption by Lorraine Yip / National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest Traveling through Cuba in a vintage 1950 Chevrolet with a speedometer which no longer works. We were passing by the city of Camagey known for its winding streets. The modern American Hawaiian hula figure and yellow taxi cab […]

The Rileys.

The Riley cousins are meeting up on Big Bash Day to celebrate years of friendship and fun. The Riley below is Wayne who I think might be from Darwin. Alex doesn’t tell me much although I notice that Wayne is wearing a Jaguar T-shirt. Knowing that our Alex would not give it away (T-shirt) I […]

Delahaye Type 165: Beautiful French Car of the 1930s.

Delahaye Type 165: The Most Beautiful French Car of the 1930s The Delahaye Type 165 is viewed by many as the most beautiful French car of the 1930s, only 5 of them were ever made with this one having been fatefully chosen by the French government to represent France at the 1939 New York World’s […]

Last Man Standing, Nebraska.

Last man standing The winner of a demolition derby in Nebraska stands on the wreck of his car. Photograph: Gregory Halpern “It’s a bizarre phenomenon,” says the US photographer Gregory Halpern. “People take these junkyard cars and fix them up so that the engine works, even though the shell is a total wreck. Then the […]

Volkswagen’s Beetle is rolling off the factory floor for the last time.

Volkswagen is bringing an end to its much-loved Beetle car this week at its plant in Puebla, Mexico. Volkswagen’s Beetle was conceived by the Nazis in 1938. Production of the car under Nazi rule never happened, but was restarted with the British. The marque produced over 21 million versions, and was embraced around the world […]

The Morgan 4/4, 1936.

Photos of the Morgan 4/4, the Morgan Motor Company’s First Car With Four Wheels. The Morgan 4/4 is an automobile which has been produced by the Morgan Motor Company since 1936. It was Morgan’s first car with four wheels, the name indicating that the model has four wheels and four cylinders (earlier Morgans had been […]

Peaceful dog is perfect Companion for Old Car.

Image Credit: Photograph by Myriam Beatriz Mahiques. The perfect companion. When I came back to my car at this parking lot, I found this fancy old car with a serene beautiful dog looking straight back at me. It let me take lots of pictures. I have selected this one because the dog looks so human […]

Why We Still Use the term ‘Horsepower.’

Whatever Happened to Horses? They were once an integral part of daily life. Visitors to Tudor and Stuart England called it the kingdom of the horse because of the preeminence of the horse in the “economy, social and political life, in learned and agronomic discussions and as an object of both aesthetic and utilitarian concern” […]