Retro Ride through Cuba in a vintage 1950 Chevrolet.

Image Credit: Photograph and caption by Lorraine Yip / National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest
Traveling through Cuba in a vintage 1950 Chevrolet with a speedometer which no longer works.
We were passing by the city of Camagey known for its winding streets.
The modern American Hawaiian hula figure and yellow taxi cab sign on the dashboard adds to the time travel-esque element of the classic Chevrolet, set against the backdrop of an old and perhaps dilapidated , but not forgotten, Cuba.
Source: 10 Stunning Portraits from the 2017 Nat Geo Travel Photographer of the Year Contest «TwistedSifter

The Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium.

chatillon-car-graveyard-35-640x424Photo by Theo van Vliet.
The Chatillon Car Graveyard is a neatly arrayed collection of vintage cars abandoned in the woods near Chatillon, Belgium.
The cars, originally some 500 in number, were supposedly left there by American soldiers who were stationed in Belgium after World War II.
When the soldiers returned to the United States, they were unable to ship the cars, so they left them neatly parked in the woods.
Over the years the cars have dwindled due to cleanup efforts and scavenging collectors.
The cars are faintly visible on Google Maps.
For more photos see these photo sets by Rosanne de Lange and Stefaan Beernaert.
photo by Marcel Wiegerinck.
photo by Marcel Wiegerinck.
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The weird Little “Zeta” motor car, 1963.

zeta_300_01Launched by the Lightburn Washing Machine Company from Camden Park in South Australia in 1963, the Zeta was an unusual vehicle to say the least.
It was manufactured of Fibre Glass in three body styles, the 2 door sedan, 2 door roadster and utility – each clearly targeting the “cheap and cheerful” market segment.
On paper at least, the Zeta put forward a compelling argument to augment the Aussie family with a second car, the $595 asking price was low?
It had some neat tricks like you reversed the car by turning the ignition key anti-clockwise and the fuel gauge looked like a fat thermometer.
But the execution was poor, build quality and insipid engines combining to wipe the smile off any new owners face in seconds, rather than minutes.
And with the release of vastly superior vehicles such as the Mini Minor few were tempted to give the little Zeta a try.
The Sydney City Council did purchase a handful of the utility body styled Zeta’s to supplement it’s Hyde Park fleet, but these rarely ventured onto the bitumen.
As a result only 363 vehicles were sold from 1963 to 1966, including only 28 of the sports model.
But I did have a mate who used to drive his Mum’s little Zeta and as young blokes we couldn’t be too fussy about our rides in those days.
The little Zeta disappeared off the Aussie scene in a short time.
via Lightburn Zeta : 1963

A Dog is the Perfect Companion for a Fancy Old Car.

Image Credit: Photograph by Myriam Beatriz Mahiques.
The perfect companion.
When I came back to my car at this parking lot, I found this fancy old car with a serene beautiful dog looking straight back at me.
It let me take lots of pictures. I have selected this one because the dog looks so human and the perfect companion for his master, who must adore him or her.
The sun was blinding me, and this is the result, a little Surrealist quick pic.
Source: The perfect companion Photo by Myriam Beatriz Mahiques — National Geographic Your Shot

The Power of the Sun: World Solar Challenge 2017, Australia.

Image Credit: Photograph by Mark Kolbe / Getty Images
The University Tokai Challenger vehicle from Japan races on Day 2 of the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Elliott, Australia.
Teams from across the globe are competing in the 2017 World Solar Challenge — a 3,000-kilometre solar-powered vehicle race between Darwin, Northern Territory  and Adelaide, South Australia.
Source: 22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Vintage photos of America’s Car Culture in the 1920s-1930s.

Pictured: A Washington DC filling station in 1924. I get the feeling that a number of the onlookers were invited along for the photograph.
Image Credit: Shorpy.

Pictured: A Car Crash in Washington DC, circa 1921.

Pictured: A wonderful photograph of life around a country store and filling station in Gordonton, North Carolina, circa 1939.
Image Credit: Shorpy