The Ice Bear Hotel.

Photograph by Brad Josephs (all images courtesy Natural Habitat Adventures) The Arctic tundra is one of those places that evokes pure awe with its vast sparkling landscapes and wildlife unlike any other on earth. Amid the frozen wonderland is the town of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada, where every fall the mouth of the Hudson Bay […]

Train through Morant’s Curve, Banff National Park.

Train Through the Mountains. Finalist, Travel. Photographers will wait for hours for a train to go through the popular Morant’s Curve, Banff National Park in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. My friend and I were lucky enough to catch a train within about 20 minutes. Once the train had gone by, we did some long exposures to […]

Niagara Falls goes Icy.

Masses of ice form in the lower Niagara River and around the American Falls as seen from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Aaron Lynett/AP Photo/The Canadian Press) Masses of ice form in the lower Niagara River and around the American Falls as seen from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, Thursday, February 19, 2015. (Photo by […]

Owl on a Mission in Boundary Bay.

A wild short-eared owl completes a shoulder check in case something was missed. Image Credit: Photograph by Henrik Nilsson Northern harriers were also hunting in the field and these raptors will often steal a kill from the owls. Location: Boundary Bay, British Columbia, Canada. Photo and caption by Henrik Nilsson/National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest

Strange Fishing Ice Huts.

As with any fishing trip, trolling the Great White North for char, smelt and salmon requires a pole, bait and enough beer to keep your buddies in good spirits. But given the potential for -40° temperatures and howling winds, Canadian anglers insist on shelter, too. Not that it has to be sophisticated. The basic requirements […]

‘Reaper of Death’ found by farming couple in Canada.

New tyrannosaurus species named ‘Reaper of Death’ found by farming couple. by Tracey Shelton, An illustration shows the head of a dinosaur with ridges around it’s mouth and long sharp teeth. The dinosaur lived in the late Cretaceous Period, making it the oldest known tyrannosaur from North America. (Illustration Supplied: Julius Csotonyi) The new species […]

Neon Noir – Vancouver.

In the mid 20th century, the streets of Vancouver boasted about 19,000 neon signs. The company Neon Products Ltd., located in the city, estimated that Vancouver had the second-most neon signs per capita on the globe, after Shanghai. A Flickr set by the Vancouver Public Library collects black-and-white images of some of the city’s signage […]

The Ice Hotel of Quebec.

Hôtel de Glace. Photo by | Copyright: Creative Commons Contributor: atimian (Editor) Comprised of 15,000 tons of snow and 500,000 tons of ice, the Hôtel de Glace, Canada is a massive undertaking, yet each spring it completely disappears. With only a four-month lifespan, the Ice Hotel takes a month and a half and 60 full-time […]

Frozen Trees Lake Ontario

Christopher Jobson Landscape photographer Timothy Corbin recently captured some stunning photos of ice-laden tress on the shore of Lake Ontario. It’s amazing is to see the evidence of what must have been hours of violent waves creating layers of ice that now hover over water or ice that’s now perfectly serene.  You can see a […]

‘Spirit Island’, Jasper National Park.

Text & Photography By Christopher Hawkins Spirit Island is one of the most iconic locations in Alberta despite its small size. Emerald waters, pristine conifers and rugged snow-capped peaks surround the island. The box canyon where Maligne Lake resides was named the “Hall of the Gods” by Mary Schaffer, the first European to discover the […]