Well, it’s Goodbye Pensioners…

To Help Save the Australian Economy the Morrison Government is considering deporting Old Age Pensioners who the Dept. of Deportation and Transport, feels don’t serve any useful purpose living in Australia. “They have been a burden on all of us for far too long, they just cost the Government so much” said the Prime Minister. […]

The mysterious Greenland Shark.

They can be as big as great white sharks, but that’s about as far as the comparison goes. Their maximum speed is a lethargic 1.7 miles per hour, many are almost blind, and they are happy to eat rotting carcasses. They may be common throughout the ocean, but you’ve probably never heard of them. Meet […]

The Small Turnspit Dogs of the 16th Century.

In an old hunting lodge on the grounds of an ancient Norman castle in Abergavenny, Wales, a small, extinct dog peers out of a handmade wooden display case. “Whiskey is the last surviving specimen of a turnspit dog, albeit stuffed,” says Sally Davis, longtime custodian at the lodge. The Canis vertigus, or turnspit, was an […]

The Deadly Dance Marathons of the 1920s -1930s.

On 31 March, 1923, the first U.S. dance marathon ended in New York City but began a strange fad with sometimes fatal consequences! Less than a decade later, in 1932, a young woman dropped dead after dancing non-stop for 48 hours in a dance marathon! And when the people raided a ballroom during a Marathon […]

‘Pole Sitting’ in Adelaide, circa 1950s.

When I was 12 years old my Dad would regularly take me down to the Henley Beach Square at Henley Beach (a seaside suburb of Adelaide). There I would stand open mouthed, staring upwards at the grown up adults sitting on top of poles. They were crazy, but why did they do it? Evidently, pole […]

Truly Terrible Book Covers.

We might want to revise that age-old saying about judging books by their covers. The TerribleBookCovers subreddit has a few recommendations for you. Highlighting the best of the worst in book design, title choice and overall presentation, the subreddit features a stunning collection of bad photoshop, creepy models and — err — niche hobbies. From […]

“DDT is good for me-e-e!” 1947.

What is DDT: DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) is a pesticide once widely used to control insects in agriculture and insects that carry diseases such as malaria. DDT is a white, crystalline solid with no odour or taste. Its use in the U.S. was banned in 1972 because of damage to wildlife, but is still used in some […]

‘Hells Bells’ or ‘I’ll be dipped’: Notes on Swearing.

In 1904, Roland D. Sawyer launched a crusade against obscenity. No one ever heard my grandmother, in all her eighty-three years, utter a bad word. I can only once remember her even raising her voice. “It’s all fouled up!” she cried then, shaking a broken TV set. She said it with such frustration and despair […]

Micrograph of a Nit and Human Hair.

 Image via Wellcome Images. by Kevin Mackenzie. Scanning electron micrograph of a nit or head louse egg (coloured green) attached to a strand of human hair (coloured brown). Head lice feed on human blood and live in close proximity to the scalp. Female lice lay eggs in sacs that attach firmly to individual strands of […]