Afternoon Gold, Barraba.

Afternoon gold:
Image Credit: Photograph by Martin Unwin.
I walked out into our street in Barraba, New South Wales and took about 60 photos, from grey clouds over golden hills to golden, then purple clouds as the panorama unfolded.
This photo is from about the middle of the ‘show’.
No photoshopping involved!
via ABC OPEN: Afternoon gold || From Project: Snapped: My town.

Why do Fly Swatters have Holes?

il_570xn-411650431_5aw6If you try hitting a horrible fly with something like a swatter without the tiny holes, air doesn’t pass through it, so the fly can feel the air current changing and can fly out of the way.


Pictured: Louie the Fly became a bit of media star when television came to Australia in the late 1950s. He advertised Mortein Fly Spray of course.
The holes on a fly swatter reduce air resistance so you can swing it faster, and it doesn’t press an air current towards the fly, so hopefully he can’t feel it coming.
Therefore you should kill that fly, if you’re quick enough.
Source: Why do fly swatters have holes

Light at the end of a Empty Railway Tunnel.

Photograph by lifecatchme · · From Pic of the Week
What do you do when visiting an abandoned railway tunnel?
If you decided on a Picnic, yes, you’d be almost right, we always travel with a car loaded with food. On this day we had triple cream Brie, crackers, cider and chocolate.
When it comes to Photography we are giving Paul an 8.5 for a first attempt in a unknown location.
The steam of history past clings to the dark roof. The tannin water, orange, runs silently along the rails.
A ribbon of light illuminates the track. Leading to a light at the end of the tunnel.
Source: ABC OPEN: Tunnel at Tunnel || From Project: Pic of the Week

Fog gives a Ghostly Glow to Old Gums.

Image Credit: Photograph by Wayne Clancy · · From Pic of the Week
I woke up early on the weekend and went for a drive along the gravel roads where the black top ends and into the fog.
The beautiful life-giving cold air flowing through my lungs as I take in the views of ducks flying off the dams and the grey roos fleeing through the short green fields as I approach in my old troopy with my camera laying beside me.
Looking out the driver’s side open window I saw the sun break through a small hole in the fog giving a golden ghostly glow behind some old gums.I stopped the old girl and grabbed my camera for a fantastic photo opportunity.
Times like these don’t come along twice and last only a few seconds.
I pointed the camera in the direction of the gums, took one shot and the sun was gone, leaving the bush a spooky grey colour.
I jumped back into my troopy and enjoyed another few hours of driving before returning home with a happy memory and a smile.
Kulin WA 6365
Source: ABC OPEN: Fields of gold || From Project: Pic of the Week

Church of Hard Time, Fremantle Prison.

Church of Hard Time
Image Credit: Photograph by Christopher Farmer · · From Pic of the Week
I spent a couple of hours touring around The Fremantle Prison in Western Australia recently.
It was a sobering experience.
While I was there I snapped this shot within the Fremantle prison chapel.
Fremantle WA 6160
Source: ABC OPEN: Church of Hard Time || From Project: Pic of the Week