Kookaburra gives a friendly peck to Martin Jacka.

A kookaburra bites the nose of photographer Martin Jacka as he sets up to take a photo at at Rocky Creek Dam, near Dunoon, in New South Wales.
The bird is one of a family of five who regularly watch Mr Jacka put his camera on tripods, and the photo was taken by another camera set up by Mr Jacka.
The very same kookaburra also sat on Mr Jacka’s head another time he was taking a photo.
Photograph: Audience submitted: Martin Jacka
Source: Kookaburra gets close – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

End of the Day at Esperance.

115186by Whitefella Walkabout · · From Pic of the week
I took this shot on the farm of some good friends in Esperance, Western Australia.
These good folk have rehabilitated the land their farm sits on, planting thousands of trees to help the soil.
Much of their time is spent working with young people who need special support in their lives.
They provide a place where they can pull their lives together and spend time in a healthy environment.
Part of their farm is given over to accommodation and a youth camp.
Around the farm are the remains of a few old farm vehicles. This truck caught the light of the setting sun and I had to rush to get the shot.
Esperance WA 6450
via ABC OPEN: End of the day || From Project: Pic of the week.

A Simple Structure, Nullaki.


Photographer: Lex Porebski
By GasgasLex · · From Snapped: Lines and curves
My predawn photo forays are often planned the evening before with specific ideas and desires of how and what I want to photograph in the predawn darkness and the objects that I want to capture in digital glory.
As seems to be the case the best of these images come unplanned and unexpected. The sort of thing you find while you were looking elsewhere.
This image I captured on the way home just a few minutes after sunrise as a complete afterthought but this shot and its many permutations have been the most rewarding.
Nullaki WA 6330
via ABC OPEN: A simple structure || From Project: Snapped: Lines and curves.

Shelf Cloud over Darwin.

Shelf-Cloud-over-DarwinShelf cloud over Darwin. (Credit: Nolan Caldwell)
A shelf cloud over Darwin is this week’s AG Flickr shot from contributor Nolan Caldwell. “Each evening my wife and I head to a spot around Darwin for sundown and a refreshing beverage,” Nolan says.
“The location is usually determined by the tide and what’s going on with the weather.
This night there was a small weather cell that came out of nowhere and had a lot of potential.
Quickly this shelf cloud formed and came across Fannie Bay towards us.
As I took this shot, a couple said to me they hoped that the camera was waterproof, and I replied that it wasn’t but I could run fast.
Well, I needed to as we got absolutely got drenched by this storm: even nuts from the casuarina trees hit the car like hail. It was very intense.
Source: AG Flickr photo of the week: shelf cloud – Australian Geographic