Rainforest destruction threatens Sumatran Tiger.

A Sumatran tiger. New analysis has found that rainforest destruction caused by rampant palm oil plantations damage threatens more than 190 threatened species, including orangutans and tigers like the sumatran tiger. Image Credit: Photograph by Bernard Spragg/IUC Source: The week in wildlife – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian

Life in the Frozen State of Transnistria.

Life in the frozen state has taken its toll on the population and numbers are declining rapidly. Officially from 750,000 to 500,000 since independence, and unofficially to 300,000. Image Credit: Photograph: Anton Polyakov. Transnistrian-born photographer Anton Polyakov captures daily life in the pro-Russian territory that declared independence from Moldova in 1990, but remains unrecognised by […]

Ao Phang-Nga Marine National Park.

Established in 1981 and covering an area of 400 sq km, Ao Phang-Nga Marine National Park, Thailand is noted for its classic karst scenery. Karst: an area of limestone terrain characterised by sinks, ravines, and underground streams. Image Credit: Photograph by Catherine Sutherland. See more beautiful images via 22 of the world’s most breathtaking places

The Coldest Village On Earth, Oymyakon.

by Julija K. If you think that winter has already come to your city, pictures from Oymyakon, the coldest village on Earth, might change your mind. With the lowest temperature of -67.7°C (-90°F), recorded in 1933, and the average for January being -50°C (-60°F), this village is the coldest permanently inhabited place on this planet. […]

Morning Cloud over Huangshan Falls.

Image Credit: Photograph by thierry bornier. I captured this image in the early morning in the Yellow Mountains, China. Behind this image there is a story. I was climbing at 3 am to reach the waterfall, when as I arrived I could see in the dark the cloudy image surrounding the Huangshan Falls. My hope […]

Struggle of the Working Poor, China & India.

Above: Second Place Winner — “Fishing with a Net” by Liming Cao of China; Fishermen fish with nets early in the morning. They sell fish at the market to make a living. by Kristine Mitchell. The annual Photography Competition hosted by CGAP (the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor) aims to draw attention to the […]

The Invisible Men of Mount Everest.

These are times of crucial change for Sherpa culture, and in particular for the subculture of the Sherpa climbing community. Since Sherpas first were hired away from their potato farms to carry loads for an expedition in 1907, Sherpa culture has arguably been more influenced by the Western passion for mountaineering than by any other […]

Circles of Blue, Thailand.

While in Krabi, Thailand, Philadelphia-based photographer Will Strathmann captured an astonishing image of how bioluminescent phytoplankton surrounds swimmers in circles of blue light. He posted the photo to Your Shot with the caption: “Sometimes you get lucky and stumble upon an experience that truly rocks your world… [I] heard that the bioluminescence were beginning to […]

‘Splashed Watercolors.’

Watercolor paints have a fantastic way of capturing vital energy and ghostly shades of color that no other medium can, and Tilen Ti, an artist in Singapore, has become an expert at using watercolor paints to their fullest potential. The animals in his vibrantly colorful works seem to come to life on the page. Ti […]

‘Losing the Fight’ by Aaron Gekoski.

Losing the Fight by Aaron Gekoski (UK) Orangutans have been used in degrading performances at Safari World, Bangkok, and many other locations for decades. Such shows were temporarily stopped in 2004 amid international pressure but they have since resumed – taking place twice a day, every day – with hundreds of people paying to watch […]