China’s Neon-Lit Alleyways by Marilyn Mugot.

Cinematic images of some of China’s neon-lit back alleys by Paris-based graphic designer and photographer Marilyn Mugot inspired by the films of David Cronenberg, Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick.
She visited China in November and spent six weeks exploring Chongqing, Guilin and Hong Kong, setting out for a different neighborhood as the sun went down to spend several hours wandering and shooting.


As part of her Night Project series, she tells Wired in an interview: “I prefer to work at night because it’s exciting. The lights and the elements take on mystical and secret dimensions which are not always real but a result of my imagination.”
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Source: Photos of China’s Neon-Lit Alleyways by Marilyn Mugot

Pikachu’s Everywhere, Seoul, South Korea.


If you’re a fan of Pokemon then you’re going to be really excited to hear that Pikachus invaded  Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza after their recent success at the Pikachu festival in Japan’s second-largest city, Yokohama.

Kazakh’s Eagle Hunters, north-western China.


Chinese Kazakh eagle hunters sit on horseback as they travel to a local competition in the mountains of Qinghe County, northwestern China
Image Credit: Photographs by John Hutchinson for MailOnline
The festival, organised by the local hunting community, is part of an effort to promote and grow traditional hunting practices for new generations in the mountainous region of western China that borders Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia.
The training and handling of the large birds of prey follows a strict set of ancient rules that Kazakh eagle hunters are preserving for future generations.
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Stum brings 3D to Kolkata Streets, India

The 3D painting of a Kolkata street at Vivekananda Park Athletic Club, Haridevpur. Artist Tracy Lee Stum also seen. ( Source: Express photo by Partha paul )
Written by Arshad Ali
Those who have seen 3D street art in films and e-mail forwards, here is an opportunity to witness one in Kolkata.
The puja organised by Vivekananda Park Athletic Club at Haridevpur has put this form of art on display for visitors.
They roped in Tracy Lee Stum, an artist globally known for her street paintings, all the way from South California to help create the painting.
The theme has been called Tilottama which signifies both Goddess Durga and Kolkata. Different forms of arts have been blended in to depict the city and its transition over the years.
While the 3D painting, which has a bird’s eye view, is spread on a giant plywood canvas of 25 feet by 20 feet on the floor, the ceiling has paintings of an ant’s eye view of different areas of the city.
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Up in the Clouds at Zhangjiajie National Park, China.

This glass-bottomed bridge in China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park almost a mile up a mountain.
The vertiginous glass walkways provide a dizzying affect and a possible feeling of vertigo and are becoming increasingly popular among thrill-seeking tourists.
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The Starry, Starry Night and Solitary Tree, Indonesia.

Kelly Grovier describes the image as “an arresting distortion of what the eye actually observes in the universe around it”, comparing it with Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night.
Now one of the world’s most famous paintings, it was dismissed by the artist months after it was painted for being too abstract. “I allowed myself to be led astray”, the Dutch post-Impressionist wrote in a letter in November 1889, “into reaching for stars that are too big”.
Many would disagree with his verdict; Grovier concludes with a quote from Calvin and Hobbes: “If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently”.
Source: BBC – Culture – The most striking photos of the year