Cut off, Cold & Alone in Northern Russia.


Slava eats lunch at home while talking to his parrot Kesha, as snow falls heavily outside.
Slava Korotki is a meteorologist who lives in Khodovarikha, northern Russia, on an Arctic outpost that’s an hour away by helicopter from the nearest town.
4Slava walks to the old lighthouse near Khodovarikha meteorological station to get some firewood for home
Photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva grew up in the Arctic, and happened upon Slava living in the past.
She spent three weeks shooting him as he worked, rowed his homemade boat and built matchstick houses in an Arctic timewarp.
3000Slava on Kotelniy island
All photographs by Evgenia Arbugaeva.
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The farm in India where George Orwell was born.


George Orwell is one of the United Kingdom’s best-known 20th Century authors but he’s also claimed by a town in north-eastern India.
Orwell was born here – and his home is being turned into a museum.
There are farmyard animals everywhere. An iron door lies wide open, as if the rebellious animals have forgotten to bolt it after chasing their human masters away.
Pigs have the run of the place. Two horses, their frames withered with age, stand in one corner, swishing their tails to drive the flies away, and there are many more animals – cows, goats, sheep, hens.
Only the buffaloes would have looked out of place in Animal Farm.
This is where Orwell spent the first year of his life, before he and his mother moved to Henley on Thames.
Close to the bungalow where they lived are the remains of a warehouse which was used to store opium.
via BBC News – The Indian Animal Farm where Orwell was born.

Mark Bustos, hairdresser to the Homeless.

Uncle Chen was living under a bridge in Guangzhou, China.
This photo is from the moment he was able to see his new look.
Shortly after meeting Uncle Chen, I was contacted by friends from China who said that he was recently killed in a car accident.

‘This girl was living with her brother and mother under the same bridge as Uncle Chen.
The innocence of this beautiful little girl, who was at first afraid of the water dripping into her eyes, showed me that trust is granted, not given.
Source: Mark Bustos: the hairdresser to the homeless – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian