The Ice Monster.

The Ice Monster by Laurent Ballesta, France.
Laurent and his expedition team were working out of the Dumont d’Urville scientific base in east Antarctica.
Ice shelves in the East Antarctic ice sheet are melting faster than scientists assumed.
When Laurent spotted this small iceberg, he saw the chance to show for the first time the underwater part. I
t took three days to check the location, install a grid of lines from the seabed to buoys (so that Laurent could maintain a definite distance) and take the series of pictures to capture the scene.
Source: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 – the winners | Environment | The Guardian

Stand Out from the Crowd.

The BES photography contest features images by ecologists and students and captures rare flora and fauna from around the world.
Overall winner: Stand Out From the Crowd
Photographed on Marion Island (Prince Edward Islands).
An adult king penguin is surrounded by chicks at a large breeding colony.
Populations of the species inhabiting Sub-antarctic islands face an uncertain future, as climate change threatens to shift oceanic fronts where the animals feed, pushing them further away from breeding sites
Photograph: Chris Oosthuizen/University of Pretoria/British Ecological Society
Source: Capturing Ecology: British Ecological Society photo competition – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian

Cavern, Adelie Land, c.1913.

Photograph: On the Frozen Sea in a Cavern Eaten Out by the Waves Under the Coastal Ice-cliffs, Adelie Land, Australian Antarctic Expedition c.1913
by Frank Hurley.
In 1911, Australian explorer Douglas Mawson left Sydney on a three-year Antarctic expedition.
On board was Australian photographer Frank Hurley.
Here, along the shore of Antarctica’s Adelie Land, Hurley captures a long cave hollowed out by waves.
Source: Gallery: The underground Australia

Adelie Penguins ride an Ice floe, Antartica.

Adélie penguins on an ice floe in Hope Bay, Trinity Peninsula, Antarctica.
Just outside Hope Bay, the Antarctic Sound connects the Bransfield Strait to the Weddell Sea where Greenpeace is conducting scientific research to strengthen the proposal to create an Antarctic ocean sanctuary, the largest protected area on the planet.
Image Credit: Photograph by Christian Aslund/Greenpeace/2018 Earth Photo
Source: Earth Photo 2018 shortlist – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian