Diving with Steller Sea Lions.


Photo and Story by Richard Salas.
Brawny Sea Pups
Diving with Steller sea lions is like playing rugby with a 500-pound, 7-foot animal that just doesn’t have any respect for one’s personal boundaries.
Their ability to slam their massive bodies against yours while checking out your head with their canine teeth can be a bit unnerving.
But being with these Steller sea lions, Eumetopias jubatus, is one of the most enjoyable interactions between me and any sea life I have ever had.
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Foxes and Owls in Finland .

Twenty-one year-old Finnish photographer Konsta Punkka takes breathtaking pictures of nature and lifestyle.
We’ve written about him previously, but just can’t seem to get enough of his photos of wild animals.
Punkka manages to capture the animals from so close, it’s unbelievable. His secret?
He brings snacks to the photoshoots and feeds them to the animals.


“The feeding thing in my photographs is more like a thing I want to show to the people, that the animals trust me and they allow me to get really close to them.
I don’t feed these guys much, just a few peanuts to get them stay close to me to take the shots”, Punkka told Bored Panda.


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Markham’s Masterpiece, 1644.


A foldout found in the 1644 edition of Markham’s Maister-peece [Masterpiece], Containing all Knowledge Belonging to Smith, Farrier, or Horse=Leech, Touching on Curing All Diseases in Horses.
Michael J. North, Head of Rare Books and Early Manuscripts in NLM’s History of Medicine Division, takes a look at one of the most important books in the history of veterinary medicine – a seminal 17th-century work dedicated to the care of horses.
One of the most important and enduring books in the English language about the care of horses is by Gervase Markham (1586?-1637), an author of poetry and practical guides, including books on horsemanship and home economics.
His most famous work, however, was Markham’s Maister-peece [Masterpiece], Containing all Knowledge Belonging to Smith, Farrier, or Horse=Leech, Touching on Curing All Diseases in Horses, which was first printed in London in 1610 and came out in dozens of editions under a number of titles for over 200 years.
This edition of Markham’s Maister-peece printed in London in 1644 and held in NLM’s collection is divided into two parts focusing on “physical cures” and “surgical cures,” the former handling mainly internal physiology and pathology with herbal or dietary remedies, and the latter covering external illnesses which required hands-on treatments like bloodletting, purging, and bandaging.
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Livestock Market, Jalalabad.

Jalalabad, Afghanistan
People shop for livestock at a market before Eid al-Adha.
Muslims around the world are preparing to celebrate the annual ‘festival of the sacrifice’, which marks the end of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.
Image Credit: Photograph: Noorullah Shirzada/AFP/Getty
Source: Gravy wrestling and the Burning Man festival: today’s top photos | News | The Guardian

Whales Visit Paddle Boarder off west coast.

Jaimen Hudson became quadriplegic after a motorcycle accident, but can control his drone with his thumbs and shoulder movements and here captures his friend Dave Price paddle boarding with whales off the west coast of Australia.
“It just so happened that he was out at the time, and a few people let me know there were whales on the beach and it all just went from there,” Hudson said in an online interview.
“They were really curious and came over to meet [Dave]…
Just very inquisitive about him, I don’t think it was really that dangerous at all.”
Source: Drone Catches Whales Visiting a Standup Paddleboarder — 5 things I learned today