African Wildlife in Black and White.


Laurent Baheux is a French photographer known for high contrast black and white photographs of nature and wildlife.
His work is often associated with that of portraitists such as the famous French photography Studio Harcourt.
Baheux’s work on Africa and wildlife is also featured in various awareness campaigns for conservation and environmental organizations.
He is a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador for the anti-poaching initiative.
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Animals & Owl Portraits by Tim Flach.

Tim Flach, the renowned United Kingdom photographer, is exhibiting a series of animal portraits at the Retina Scottish International Photography Festival, Edinburgh.
His work, which often examines the anthropomorphism of creatures in an abstract way, is often on display.
A snow white Bengal tiger. Shot against a black background, the animal’s gaze penetrates through you, compelling you to stare back.
Grace, a great grey owl
0A group portrait of Siberian huskies.
1024Ya Yun, meaning elegant, is a giant panda from the Chengdu panda research base in western China. The centre has successfully bred 120 giant pandas from just six that were rescued in 1987
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Fred Levy’s Black Dogs Project.

Fred Levy first heard about ‘black dog syndrome’” in 2013 in a conversation at a dog park.
It’ is a disputed theory that states that black dogs are last to get adopted at shelters, perhaps because of superstition or a perception that they a’re aggressive.
Max A 7-year-old black labrador that was surrendered to a local shelter to be euthanised. The shelter refused to put him down and reached out to Hounds Town USA and trainer Michael Gould, who worked to rehabilitate and train him
The idea inspired Levy’s Black Dogs Project. The dogs Levy photographed came from owners he recruited through his Facebook page.
He had also started working with abandoned dogs referred to him by shelters – sharing their photos online in search of permanent homes.
Kenai ‘One of my first black dogs for the project. She is a beautiful German Shepherd. I’m very happy to find out that she is expecting puppies soon. She’s a beautiful dog who is very attached to the son of the owner.
I find that GSD’s can be wonderful companions to the children (of all ages) of the family. I’m looking forward to seeing the puppies’
They are difficult to photograph well. A book of the project is due out soon.
1200Bing ‘What a great dog. You’re going to love Bing’s story. He found his perfect home and has made a great life for him and his family’
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Wild Obsession with Sasha the Cougar.


Sasha, a cougar, is “the love of my life,” says Mario Infanti, who underwent more than a thousand hours of training before he acquired his first wild cats.
The Florida musician had Sasha declawed when she was a month old, but “she can still bite.”
via Wild Obsession | National Geographic Magazine.

‘I’m Ugly but very Cute’.

s_w13_RTR3UY78The Annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest was held during the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. 
Prior to arriving for the contest, all the dogs in the contest must provide a veterinarian’s paperwork asserting that they are healthy.
The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest follows up with a vet check on-site just prior to the contest.
The Sonoma Humane Society is also on site with information showcasing adoptable pets.
Contestants were judged for their “natural ugliness.

Black & White Animals by Holas.

Czech Republic-based photographer Lukas Holas captures stunning portraits of exotic animals in his series titled Portraits of Animals II.
The detail and poise of each monochromatic image is impressive, and what’s also notable is that all of his work was shot in a zoo.
He didn’t have any sort of special access, either. Holas was working with smudged glass, steel bars, and heaps of tourists passing him by.
Despite these challenges, the photographer created a portfolio that brilliantly showcases texture.
His up-close pictures feature fine hairs, long whiskers, and the leathery-skin of an elephant.
They highlight beautiful markings on each animal, and the zebra’s stripes give Holas the liberty to play with abstraction as the subject and background are intertwined.
Holas states that his images have no specific message, but he believes that the dark background is appropriate for the animals.
This format portrays them in a more dignified environment than the normal zoo enclosures do – in his photographs, they are free.
via Stunning Monochromatic Portraits of Animals by Lukas Holas – My Modern Metropolis.