Mendenhall Caves.

photograph by AER Wilmington DE The receding Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska has been gradually melting away, revealing an ancient forest, as well as these gorgeous ice caves. On the interior, water pools in alien-like grottoes and drips over the curved overhangs to create rippling effects like stained glass. It’s just 12 miles from downtown Juneau, […]

Glaciers, Fjords & Wildlife.

Harbor seals bask on an iceberg as the fog rolls in near Bear Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park. Photo credit: Jonathan Irish A lot of people ask us what has been our favorite park so far this year and that question is practically impossible to answer because each park is so special in its […]

Hoarfrost in Anchorage.

Hoarfrost The hoarfrost this past winter in Anchorage was epic! I took that afternoon off and drove around town looking for the light. We had almost three weeks of this great effect. I had been working everyday until I couldn’t take it anymore and left my office and this is the result. Image Credit: Photograph […]

Daydreaming by Heather Genovese.

Photo By Heather Genovese “In July 2017, I had a fantastic opportunity to spend a week in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, for an exciting photography adventure,” says Heather Genovese. “It was my first time visiting Alaska, and I immediately fell in love with the lush, pristine landscape. One of the many highlights of the […]

Naknek Alaska Eagle.

Image Credit: Photograph by Cindy Upchurch Congratulations to Cindy Upchurch for winning the recent Discovery Landscape Photography Assignment with the image, “Naknek Alaska Eagle. ”This was taken in Naknek, Alaska, on Bristol Bay during the salmon run of July 2018,” says Upchurch. “This was a new location for me as I had never seen so […]

The American Black Bear.

An American black bear salmon fishing While on an Alaskan cruise my wife chose an excursion where we flew by float plane from Ketchikan to Neets Bay in the Tongas National Forest to hopefully see some ‘wild’ black bears in their natural habitat salmon fishing. We were not disappointed Image Credit: Photograp by JennerTaylor/GuardianWitness Source: […]

Ruth Glacier, Central Alaska.

Photo Credit: The Ruth Glacier, in Denali National Park and Preserve in the U.S. state of Alaska, covers an enormous area in the heart of the central Alaska Range. Located about 3 miles vertically below the summit of Mt. McKinley, it catches all the snow that falls on the southeast side of the mountain, […]

White Bears at the Kaktovic Islands.

Polar bears congregate on the barrier islands of Kaktovik in northern Alaska every fall to partake in leftovers from Inupiat (northern Eskimo community) whaling before the Beaufort Sea freezes and they move on to hunt seal. ”It was a surreal experience,” says photographer Laura Keene, ”to be in the presence of these magnificent creatures.” Image […]

Alaskan Sunset by Becky Bohrer.

Residents of Juneau, Alaska, were treated to a stunning and brilliant sunset, glimpsed here from Douglas Island during the month of June 2018. Image Credit: Photograph by Becky Bohrer / AP Source: Photos of the Week: Smoggy Santiago, Miniature Taipei, Mermaid Parade – The Atlantic