An African Landscape, Namibia.

Image Credit: Photograph by Jirawat Plekhongthu
A beautiful African landscape.
A stunning image of morning with sand blowing through the dunes and nature of the Namib desert, Sossusvlei, Namibia, Africa
Source: Great dune in sand blows Photo by Jirawat Plekhongthu — National Geographic Your Shot

Camel Caravan at Sunset, Merzouga Dunes, Morocco.

Image Credit: Photograph by Moussa Idrissi
In the Merzouga sand dunes in the south of the kingdom of Morocco, around sunset.
It was my chance meeting with a caravan of camels guided by a nomad of the region, and which magically caught my eye.
So as I admired the beautiful sunset, I found myself in good company and I could not miss the opportunity to take some pictures because all the elements were well set.
So, I clicked the trigger to immortalize this hypnotic moment in the Merzouga sand dunes
Source: Hypnotic desert II Photo by Moussa Idrissi — National Geographic Your Shot

High Sands and High Seas, Namibia.


Image Credit: Photograph by Julian Walter, National Geographic Your Shot
Namibia, on Africa’s southwest coast, is a large country with a harsh landscape.
The towering and constantly shifting dunes of the Namib Desert, shown here in this aerial photo submitted by Your Shot member Julian Walter, run right to the Atlantic Ocean and can reach up to a thousand feet high.
Source: Photo of the Day: Best of April – PROOF

Maasai Warriors help protect Lions in Kenya.

Maasai warrior Kamunu Saitoti scans the Kenyan rangelands for a signal from a number of lions that have been fitted with radio collars.
Saitoti is part of an organisation called Lion Guardians, a conservation initiative started in 2007 to find ways for the Maasai and lions to coexist.
Scientists estimate that lion populations in Africa have fallen by more than 40% in the past 20 years and the 20,000 or so wild lions that remain occupy just 8% of the species’ historical range.
Image Credit: Photograph by Marcus Westberg/Life Through A Lens.
Source: Travel photo of the week: the warriors helping to protect lions in Kenya | Travel | The Guardian

Walking the Camel at Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi.

A solitary man walks his camel across the Liwa Oasis, southwest of the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi.
Image Credit: Photograph by AFP: Karim Sahib
Source: Walking the camel – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Children play on Abandoned Merry-Go-Round, Nigeria.

Maiduguri, Nigeria
A young girl watches other children playing on a merry-go-round in an abandoned amusement park in Maiduguri, Nigeria where the population has doubled to more than two million people as a result of the Boko Haram insurgency.
Image Credit: Photograph: Florian Plaucheur/AFP/Getty Images.
Source: The 20 photographs of the week | Art and design | The Guardian