Abandoned School in the Vanishing West, Fresno.

Abandoned School in Fresno.
Image Credit: Photograph by Robert Cassway – Montana, USA
‘This photo shows the ravages of time and weather on a building that was left to decay after the families that lived in Fresno moved away.
It is part a larger series of photographs titled The Vanishing West’
via The walls have eyes: the best urban photography | Cities | The Guardian

Abandoned Cossacks Barracks, Russia.


A photo of an old cossacks barracks. These buildings were quite magnificent at time they were built.
After the Russian Revolution the building was used first by the Soviet army and then the Russian army up until 2003.
Now it’s going to be demolished and residential houses are planned to be built in its place.
Source: An Old Abandoned Cossacks Barracks | English Russia

If only these Walls could talk, Rocky Point Hall.

If these walls could talk … but all is now quiet at the Rocky Point Hall situated at Moyston in Western Victoria.
Image Credit: Photograph by ABC Open contributor cinarto
Source: Pic of the week Rocky Point Hall – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Eerie Scenes of Decay and Abandonment.

Image Credit: Photograph by John Hult.
In addition to creating in-depth features, we’re committed to trawling the web to uncover the most haunting modern ruins across the world.

Abandoned Union Pacific Railroad Car in Rhyolite, USA. Photograph by Ryan Hafey.
In this article, we’ve featured a series of compelling images of decay, from derelict places well know to the urban exploration community to more obscure abandonments, artfully captured.

Abandoned House Beneath the Fells. Photograph by Jan Erik Waider.
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Ghost Towns of Australia: Cook and Silverton.

Photo: Disused building in the self-proclaimed ghost town of Cook, South Australia. (Image: John Darrington/Wikimedia)
Connected to Eyre Highway by 100km of dirt road, Cook’s current population can be counted on one hand.
The town was established in 1917 along with the Trans-Australian Railway, the longest stretch of straight railway in the world.
Cook was once home to a bush hospital which advertised itself with a sign at the station saying, “If you’re crook, come to Cook.”
Previously relying on an underground artesian aquifer, the town’s water supply is now carried in by train.
It has become a pit-stop for those traveling in luxury on the Indian-Pacific, where passengers can alight and wander through.
Photo: Old railway platform for the defunct Silverton Tramway. (Image: Conollyb/Wikimedia)
The small town of Silverton was once a silver-ore mining hub and home to around 3000 people.
It wasn’t until 1875, when two men drilling a well on a station just south of the area hit a deposit of silver, that the town was officially established some 10 years later.
But it was with the discovery of an even richer ore body in Broken Hill that led to the abandonment of the town.
Today it has a permanent population of around 50 people.
The Silverton Hotel remains standing and has been featured in a number of Australian film productions.
Source: Australia’s top 10 ghost towns – Australian Geographic

The Lady in the Lake, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska.

Contributor: debthomson
The Lady of the Lake is what they call the ghostly remains of a WB-29 Superfortress, a weather reconnaissance aircraft retired in 1955 that sits partially submerged in an Alaskan lake at Eielson AFB.
Once used for open water extrication training until it became too dangerous to serve even that purpose, the Lady of the Lake was once a recon craft that flew over the North Pole.
Stripped of all parts and placed in the lake on the Eielson Air Force Base, she was used for training for several years, interrupted only by the winter weather.
One spring, the water in the lake rose too high to reach her, so there she sits, until someone decides to rescue her, or at least continue to pretend to rescue her, over and over.
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