Light at the end of an Abandoned Railway Tunnel.

Photograph by lifecatchme · · From Pic of the Week
What do you do when visiting an abandoned railway tunnel?
If you decided on a Picnic, yes, you’d be almost right, we always travel with a car loaded with food. On this day we had triple cream Brie, crackers, cider and chocolate.
When it comes to Photography we are giving Paul an 8.5 for a first attempt in a unknown location.
The steam of history past clings to the dark roof. The tannin water, orange, runs silently along the rails.
A ribbon of light illuminates the track. Leading to a light at the end of the tunnel.
Source: ABC OPEN: Tunnel at Tunnel || From Project: Pic of the Week

Abandoned: Perch Rock Lighthouse, New Brighton.

New Brighton, United Kingdom.
Storm clouds gather above Perch Rock lighthouse.
Perch Rock Lighthouse, is a decommissioned lighthouse situated at the confluence of the River Mersey and Liverpool Bay on an outcrop off New Brighton known locally as Perch Rock.
Image Credit: Photograph by Phil Noble/Reuters
Source: Best photos of the day: Athens protests and a clever cockatoo | News | The Guardian

“A sign of the Times” Abandoned School near Swan Hill.

Photograph by Jo Rovere · · From Snapped: My town
The sound of children’s voices reciting their times table carrying over the wheat paddocks are long gone.
The abandoned Nyrraby school west of Swan Hill.
Swan Hill VIC 3585
Source: ABC OPEN: A sign of the times || From Project: Snapped: My town

“Abandoned Buildings” by Andy Lee.

andy-lee-03Photos of abandoned buildings reclaimed by nature by British photographer Andy Lee.
The ongoing series uses infrared and long-exposure which gives the images a dramatic and mystical feel.
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Swedish Forest reveals derelict VW Camper.

Image Credit: Photograph by Stefan Bergstrom.
Stefan Bergstrom, a photographer and rural explorer from Sweden, was walking one day when he discovered this long-abandoned VW camper in the clearing of a dense forest.
The derelict vehicle’s once-vibrant blue paint contrasted nicely with the earthy tones of rust and corrosion, helping it stand out amid the sea which was slowly consuming it.
Perhaps not a Volkswagen fanatic’s ideal image, but one that made for an effective photographic subject.
It’s amazing what can be found in the forests of Europe
Source: Nature Overcomes a Derelict VW Camper – Urban Ghosts

Abandoned in the Snow, former Soviet Union.

The world’s largest diesel submarine. All photographs: Danila Tkachenko.
The photographer Danila Tkachenko is drawn to places that were once at the forefront of technological progress, but now lie in ruin.
An antenna built for interplanetary connection. The Soviet Union was planning to build bases on other planets, and prepared facilities for connection which were never used and now lie dormant.
Imposing hulks of metal and granite built under the Soviet Union appear otherwordly against blank snowscapes.
The relics are alien – more like something out of Star Wars, than modern-day Russia
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